Wearing “black leggings” in winter, how to match tops and boots?

Fresh blood flows in the fashion industry, and old things are easily eliminated. Perhaps in the eyes of many people, leggings are still synonymous with rustic and old -fashioned, but in the shape of the street tide, the bottom pants have become trendy items, and they will “turn red” again, full of fashion.


What is really old -fashioned is not leggings, the key is whether it will match. So how should we wear “black leggings” in winter, how should we match the top and boots?


When we wear “black leggings”, how do we match tops and boots? As long as you can match it, a pair of black leggings can also wear a sense of fashion. Therefore, this issue of cat sister will analyze the bottom pants in detail, as well as the combination with tops and boots.


1. The advantages of black leggings and disadvantages

The advantages of black leggings are very obvious. Black as the basic color itself is a very tolerant color. It is not only friendly to the body, but also to a large extent to avoid errors.

The leggings have a tight version and have elastic and comfortable fabrics. In winter, everyone is very thick, and leggings take care of warmth and slimness, and they can avoid bloating when they are used with down jackets.


The disadvantages of leggings also mentioned earlier that the leggings have been outdated in the impression of many people, and the trend and rustic are only between the front line.

The key is that the coats and boots are used to wear a variety of new tricks. With the powerful tolerance of black leggings, it creates a variety of fashionable shapes.

Second, the matching of black leggings and tops


①: Add bright color to the shape, light and vibrant

Black leggings are restrained and low -key in color, combined with the lonely atmosphere of winter depression, it is easy to make it dull. However, you can start with matching, adding highlights to give the shape light and vitality, and help more.


Black tolerance is very strong. Even if the color is slightly beautiful, it is better to enhance the eye -catching and fashionable sense of shape. If you are afraid of errors, you can start with accessories such as socks and bags. If you add a small area, you do n’t have to worry about it.

②: With a loose top, loose tightly combined with figure

Winter clothes are thick and loose. Many girls are afraid that wearing looseness will be bloated, and choosing black leggings can obviously solve a lot of worries and outline the slenderness of the legs. Bloated.

And under the comparison of loose tops, the legs that will be set off are more slender, combined with black visual contraction effects, even in winter can show long legs to fully meet the needs of girls for beauty. How to wear.


③: Choose a mid -length jacket in the pear shape, hide the shortcomings of the figure

The tight -fitting version of the black leggings has certain requirements for the legs, showing the slender legs and easy to expose the shortcomings of the body. Therefore, girls who are not perfect enough to know how to use matching to modify their figure.

For example, girls with pear -shaped figures will have a large buttocks and thick thighs, while the calf part is slender. Then you can cover the thick part of the thicker thigh with the medium -length jacket, expose the slender part of the legs, and perfectly avoid the strengths.

Third, the combination of black leggings and pants

①: The small man choose short boots to avoid short legs


Black leggings fully fit the legs, and it will not look procrastinating with the boots. It is a common combination in winter, and it is easy to wear retro and high -level temperament. However, when choosing a specific choice, choose according to your height.

Especially the small man, the height does not have the advantage of the height, you need to be more cautious. Cat Sister suggested that according to the idea of ​​”choosing short and not long”, you can choose short boots. Because the longer the boots, the more the legs are shortened, the more the effects of the legs are “eating legs”.

Take the Martin boots, for example, from 6 to 20 holes, the more the number of holes, the longer the boots, and the shortest 6 holes for the small man.

After the feet, the height of the ankle will not shorten the leg lines too much. The leather boots combined with the boots will be stiff and stylish. It also has a modified effect on the leg shape, which is thin and high.


②: Choose the same color with pants and boots, high -level legs long

Black leggings are very versatile, and they are not picky about shoes. The most common thing in boots is black, which is undoubtedly the simplest match among all matches. The consistency of the same color continues the high -level sense of black, and it will not make an error in wearing it.

More importantly, it will not produce a “interception” due to different colors. Instead, it can be extended to the leg lines. It also has the effect of showing long legs. Combined with the thick bottom and rear heels of Martin boots, the effect of showing long legs is very obvious.


Alright, this issue of the content of black leggings is introduced here. Do you know how to match the top and boots?

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