Mr. Zi: From the perseverance is true -Hanwa pot | Help you quickly understand the purple sandware series

On my tea platform, there is a pot of pots, that is, Hanwa. Today, this article is about Hanwa in my heart.

Hanya Guo Jiagui


An ordinary large tile cylinder

This is the first time I have seen Hanwa Time. Although I ca n’t talk about it, I do n’t like it.

The purple sand in the impression is a elegant temperament that gives people a beautiful enjoyment; but the pot of Hanwa, at a glance, has nothing to do, without looking at the pot mouth and pot, it is like my hometown, just like my hometown The large tile tank.

However, with the deepening of Zisha, the “high -level sense” of Zisha is increasingly felt that it is not the surface. It is a high -level aesthetic that requires us to discover it attentively.

It is also the feeling that I walked into Hanwa again and tried to use and understand it.

Hanwa Chengqingqing

Once used, love since then

After using Hanwa, I really couldn’t help but amazed! This is the pot I want

It is estimated that many friends who have used Hanwa will have such a voice like me.

With a huge mouth, the mouth is huge, making the tea cast very convenient, and it is even more fast and comfortable when cleaning; the water out of the water is smooth and the water conservancy is used, and it is too easy to use.

Why is Hanwa so good?

Open Hanwa, you will find that the outlet holes inside are three rows, a lot! Can the water out of such water out of water be good? Tea is not easy to block.

Another point is the time when used. This is actually very critical, because the pot buttons and pots are the most connected to the pot when we make tea; if it is not very convenient to hold these two places, it will be uncomfortable.

Hanwa pot is a bridge button. Regardless of the capacity of Hanwa pot, you will find that it is very convenient for it anymore.

Looking at the pot, the inner circle of the pot of Hanwa is very large. No matter how thick your fingers are, you can easily control it.

If you want to give a good degree of use of a pot, I will give Hanwa


Divided, who knows if you use it!

It’s like a good friend Golden Aurea, under my recommendation, after trying Hanwa, it is out of control. I have already figured out my own first


紫先生:从从容容才是真——汉瓦壶 | 帮你快速了解紫砂器型系列

It’s a Hanwa pot!

Hanya Pan Hanjiao

Hanya pot appreciation: simple and calm in the simple

This pot of Hanwa is simple to the extreme and simple, but when you walk into it, play it, and taste it carefully, the simplicity of the pot is “culminated by simple and thick, and the wind is elegant than usual. “The temperament is naturally born.

The more tasteful, the more love it is Hanwa.

Hanwa He Renqun

The Hanyu pot is a classic in the Mansheng pot. The most powerful part of the Mansheng pot is here. They are ordinary objects in life, but Mansheng thinks of the soul with ingenuity and inheriting the soul in purple sand. , Let countless people reward and love.

紫先生:从从容容才是真——汉瓦壶 | 帮你快速了解紫砂器型系列

Hanwa, it feels like a transparent wise man. It looks simple and ordinary, but this ordinary is extraordinary.

紫先生:从从容容才是真——汉瓦壶 | 帮你快速了解紫砂器型系列

The affairs are complicated and unreasonable, and the color is hard and the color is endless.

I once asked repeatedly in the dark and secretly

Only then did you know that it is true from ingenuity

Looking back, it is like a dream

Looking back, my heart is still

Only the endless long road is accompanied by me

This is the Hanya in my mind, I hope you like it too.




紫先生:从从容容才是真——汉瓦壶 | 帮你快速了解紫砂器型系列

紫先生:从从容容才是真——汉瓦壶 | 帮你快速了解紫砂器型系列