eyebrow henna

eyebrow henna

Jan 01,2022

Individuals who want to look amazing can get perfect brows with the all-new eyebrow henna. It’s designed to give just the right amount of color to one’s brows. Women look to match their eyebrow color with their skin tone and apparel for the perfect look, and this product does just the same. At Tradechina.com, one can explore and buy henna for eyebrows in different forms and colors and get the perfect look. 

Be it a bold yet subtle look for a formal meeting or a standout look for a celebratory occasion, there’s eyebrow henna to suit every need. A natural herbal product, it is completely safe and extremely useful in daily life as well. Depending upon its use, it comes in different quantities and forms to cater to diverse needs and to deliver the desired results and looks. One of these forms is an eyebrow pencil that is easy to use and conveniently portable.

This beauty product offers different types of henna, such as temporary, semi-permanent or the eyebrow tattoo pen, making it widely useful. It comes in a powder form for an easy application around the delicate eye area. With only natural henna being used to make the eyebrow henna, it provides a long-lasting and shining effect. 

At Tradechina.com, one can find eyebrow henna in different colors ranging from black to various shades of brown, grey and even blonde. It comes in packaging as small as 5g sachets to as big as 1kg, based upon the frequency of use. For use by individuals and beauty parlors alike, the professional henna brow kit is available at amazing prices and with bulk discounts on Tradechina.com.