16 new red drink, fat content, sugar content test results announced! Some eat a box, get five kilometers

Hot summer, frozen drinks is one of people who are indispensable for heat-building foods, the most popular of the ice cream and ice cream, some products are even hot. In order to help consumers avoid “sweet traps” while purchasing and consumer, the Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee has carried out comparative experiments on the net red drinks sold in the city.

This comparative trial has purchased 16 cold drink samples, including 12 ice cream and 4 ice creams, all of which are popular and highly popular net red products, and the brands involved in Zhong Xue Gao, Qiao Lez, and road snow, ha Senas, Meiji, etc., consumers should pay particular attention to the problem of fat content and sugar content in cold drinks.


A sample with a sample-nominal “Sophia Practimentary Vanilla Taste Chocolate Crispy Ice Cream” was 23.3 g / 100g, which is 1.86 times the marked value, and does not conform to the national standard allowed error range requirements. If the consumer is consumed by the indicator content, it is easy to excessively. Yang Qing, Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee, who participated in this comparative trial, told CCTV financial reporters, high fat content, consumers will affect health if excessive consumption will affect health.

16 net red drinking sample fat content test results

From a healthy diet perspective, over-intake of adding sugar, will increase the risk of dental caries, while it may also bring obesity or weight increase. The samples with the highest glucose content in this test result are “small seven ice box original cow cream ice cream”, because there is more net content, if a box is eaten, the total sugar intake is close to the recommended amount of recommended. Eat a cold drink often requires jogging 3-5 kilometers to consume the heat of intake.

16 net red drink sample single / box total sugar content (unit: g)

In addition, the vast majority of 16 cold drink samples detects trans fatty acids and sodium content.

Reporter: AP


Source: CCTV Finance