58 years old Zhang Kai Li is exposed, and the face big changes cannot be made, and the super red gem rings on the hand.

On August 13th, 58-year-old Zhang Kai Li came to the video of Fu Fei’s social platform video. The couple said that they were Zhang Kai Li’s fans.

In the video, Zhang Kai Li is wearing a black suit suit, the face is exquisite, and the face is still a smile.


However, there are netizens found that Zhang Kai’s face in the video seems very unnatural, even some change, especially when smiling, her shape of her eyes is curved, and the nose mountain is raised, and Apple muscle packs is strong.


This change attracts many netizens to leave a message in the comment area, calling Zhang Kai Li, and questioning that she is not a needle.

In February of this year, Zhang Kai Li took the CCTV Lantern Festival, and the poetry of the performance made the countless audience. At that time, Zhang Kai Li was naturally natural. At CCTV lens known as “immersing mirror”, Zhang Kai Li’s eyes and mountain roots have no special changes, and there is no obvious medical haul.

As early as possible, Zhang Kai Li has been taken into a few times, and it is very spiritual and not seen.


Recording network short video often has default filters, and the social platform video Zhang Kai Li facial expressions are not natural, perhaps only is affected by beauty filters.


Recently, Zhang Kai Li opened a personal social account, and the first video is recorded for her daughter. Just like many elders who first contact new media, Zhang Kai Li faces the popular social platform, it feels fresh and confused. She tried to shoot a video and constantly asked her daughter how to use it.


In this video, more interesting is that Zhang Kai Li smiled and unintended the gem rings in the right hand, the big ruby ​​is very luxurious, and her teardrop earrings also seem to be worthy.

Earlier, Zhang Kaili debuted the variety “our Master”, she has caused the hot discussion of netizens in the show. This ring will show two kinds of color from different angles, and Zhang Kai Li, who is doing rice, is also specially taken off, and the anti-rings are polluted.


In addition to these wearing jewelry exquisitely, Zhang Kai’s mansion is even more envious.

Previously, Zhang Kai Li went out of his family’s mansion in the programs. She has made a program to record variety in her home, and show her home before the camera, the luxury scenery and countless interesting and small objects are exposed.

Zhang Kai Li is spacious in Beijing’s luxury, and the renovation style is a combination of Chinese and Western, and the details are very living. When they enter the door, they have been placed in the living room. The trophy won. She also introduced these meaningful trophies to the audience.

As an older generation of play bone actors, Zhang Kai Li has such a home is not surprising. However, Zhang Kai Li is not limited to his own comfortable circle. It is willing to take the initiative to try new things, maintain a positive and young attitude, is a “prefang” worth admire.

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