Mother’s cotton

Taking advantage of double eleven, I can’t help but drink, I bought a single bed silk, 99 yuan, estimated to have a semi-hair relationship with silk. In front of the cheap, I always reduce IQ. Speaking of some words, buy things for your mother, I always buy cheap, and cheaper with my mother love.

I will pay attention to the travel line of express delivery every day. The weather forecast says that Wuhan is about to cool down, thinking that the mother has received the silk to use silk, and I am as secretly bought.

On the weekend, I used to dialed the mother’s phone, asked the quilt received no, the quality of hand, try it today.

The phone just turned on, the mother was dragging the long voice in the end of the sky.

“Oh, you can’t spend money, which cover is it?”

“Give you, the weather is cold, soft and comfortable.” I used the merchant to answer.

“You have been bought for me last time, I have been stacked in the cabinet. I bought it in the cabinet. You buy a bed again. This is not a waste, you are like someone who has made a big fortune, It’s really bought, hey. “Although the mother blamed for a while, the tone was still very happy, I am used to the mother who hides the love in” knife “is a heart.

“I bought it, when is it last time?” I am a little doubt.

“You have forgotten, you bought it five or six years ago.”

I remembered it, that is, I first bought silk for my mother, the price is only one hundred yuan.


In the eyes of the mother, the best quilt is not the so-called silk quilt on the market, but she is looking for a cotton in the street.

When I was young, I like my mother’s mother. At that time, the quilt is three floors, the top is a beautiful red green flower, the following is a large coarse cloth, and the plug is mixed with a large and small patch, the middle is a thick and soft cotton. The spacious and flat light line on the grain scene is good, spread the mat or sun, I and my mother stand on both sides, first put the neckline and pick it up in the mat, put on the cotton shot and the side, pull it over again, then put it again It is folded and folded, folded into a triangle in four angles, wrapped the cotton and the side, then along the edge of the hatred with the surface, and pulled the needle line with a white thick cotton line. Sewing, from the starting point back to the starting point, the row of clouds is sewn by a bed.

I like to roll the head on the quilt, my mother is in this head, I am in that head, harm the mother keeps flat. I am happy to bury my face into the warm cotton, just washed the quilt, there is a cotton fragrance and laundry powder, the fluffy powder, the taste of the sun, and the taste of the mother.

After marriage, my mother accumulated some good cotton early, according to the rules in the village, I prepared a six-bed lid, four pounds, six pounds, and eight pounds, this is covered, that is the pad, and Differentiated with the red line to distinguish, the thick one is high, and the new home’s storage room is full.

At that time, there were not many money at home for me as a dowry, but the mother was unambiguous, big hand in the pavement configuration, with her words, was homophysi, the quilt is a lifetime, I can’t be can’t live in my life. Have a beautiful meaning. There are nearly half of the time to spend the bed, ready-made cotton, you can treat yourself. It is the basic pursuit of rural people to sleep. Every time she is cold, she always asks that the cotton is not warm enough. The mother believes that as long as the cotton is so thick, it can resist everything in winter.

Mother gave me cotton, warmly didn’t say, then young fire, winter was parked in the nest, wrapped inside, such as spring warmth and warm heart.

After the daughter was born, the mother specially gave the granddaughter to sew the two bed small cotton, whenever I was a child for my daughter, I found that my mother’s small cotton was true.

very nice

. I used it for a long time, my daughter grows rapidly, and the small cotton is also plagued to the legs on the sofa to continue its role.


There are new varieties such as space cotton, duvet, wool, silk quilted, and gradually add new quilt. The cotton in the family has begun to be displaced. It seems that the old earth does not say, the key is too thick, clumsy, people are It has a stunned feeling, and the breathing is not smooth. Unconsciously, the cotton is used, or it is pressed in the bottom of the cabinet, or the holy, or throw away.

Mother’s memory is accurately like a calculator, how many years have I have used, when I have changed, she remembers clear. She worried that I couldn’t buy a suitable quilt in Jingzhou. I was happy to tell me a day, she told me on the phone. She bounced a few beds for me, brought over a few days.

Mother can’t see my expression, I am afraid that she said that I didn’t have a conscience, I bowed unfortunately, my expenses I said that there was a quilt in my family, and I didn’t need new cotton.

Don’t, in winter, you are covered, this is the new cotton, good cotton, cotton, and the soft strokes. Even if I have been separated from the two places, I have been living in my eyes, in her eyes, the cotton is not replaced.

I was annoyed by her, I don’t care about my mother’s feelings, I don’t leave love, the cotton is too heavy, the cover is uncomfortable, there is no place to put, I bought a silk quilt, I don’t want to be old. Cotton is being.

The phone is quiet, and the dislike of the cotton is like the dislike of the mother. I imagine that the expression of my mother is disappointed, and the enthusiasm is full of cold water. The more you love, the more it is easily ignored, just like this cotton. Mother is self-speaking, good, since you said this, I will not bring it, the silk is caught in a raising person, but unfortunately, such a good cotton, then stay at home waiting for you to return to the New Year. . The mother is advised, put down the phone. Children kiss me, I reported to the song, this is the mother’s consistent attitude.


I think the silk is gently warm, I can’t help but bought a bed in the past few years. This time, the forward to the mother to give me cold water, the mother obviously does not think that the silk is better than the homemade quilt, one is that the light fluttering is like a cover, which is good, how can it be better than the cotton It can take a cold in winter. Second, she has heard that the silk is very expensive. I have such a expensive quilt is a waste. I have repeatedly explained very cheap. She is not believed. I used to deceive her to say that I bought it is very cheap. I found it. In fact, it is not cheap Dragonfly. Now that the quilt bought it, it will not be returned, and the mother is not as needed to stay as needed.

What are you going to use? Silk is taken for a long time, I scare my mother.

I, I, my mother starts with some knotted tone first, and then become fast. Introduction, wait until I die, do you go back to Penghu Village? Mother 74 this year, more ill, life, and occasionally talk about death. Today, because of this silk quilt, I finally talked about my own things.

Waiting for me, Ye Faded into the roots, I want to go back to Penghu Village, Tiandong, and the silk is left to you. I will be used to sleep.

Mom, you think too early, I want to avoid talking to this topic. Everyone is busy living, and I have never prepared it to your loved ones.

There is always that day, I am more ill, I will spend more sick. If you go, you will go to the benefits. The rural people say death to the benefits, and the mother in the village is more calm.

Are you not afraid at all?

What are you afraid? I didn’t have a mother from a child. I left me as my son. I didn’t have a plug in the winter, and a light cotton trousers was frozen. After marriage, your dad has went to the supply and marketing agency. Agricultural life is still no one to help. I have to be busy in the field. When the women’s captain is going to the brigade, the farm lives will not pull the legs, and the year is advanced.

With your three, you are more tired. You are often sick. The cooperative medical room is far from home, and there is a very deep river. In order to grasp, he often pulls the trousers to the thighs to smash the bones. Medical take medicine. You have to study, the expenses is big, I bite the teeth to let you read. The days are now good, people are old, the disease is more ill, when the emperor is going to go this road, people, the fair in this matter, I am not afraid.

Mother tells the story that has experienced suffering and constant approach. Even in the future, her heart is fitted with children, thinking is the care for the children, do not add but to the children, do not let go home without being covered.

I will refine my mother’s words, I understand that my mother is working hard. I know that I can’t persuade my mother, I will no longer want to convince her change, let the mother save the previous year and just bought silk. When she said that the newly bought silk is left to the grandson, I am no longer surprised, all of her idea is in the same vein.


In the past, the cotton was a way she expressed deeply. Although it was a bit awkward, it was a bit awkward, it was practical, heavy, warm, but it could not replace it.

Now, long-lasting silk is, why still is not her deep hidden, and she can give a “thick” love, and there is still a long time like this.


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