Opening self -made sports pants female summer thin high waist high -waisted loose shorts, thin straight pants


Summer shorts are really needed, and 4 -color sports shorts are recommended.

OPENING自制 运动裤女夏季薄款高腰宽松短裤显瘦直筒百搭裤子

Not only is the thin sister who needs TA, fat girls can also easily control the drip!

OPENING自制 运动裤女夏季薄款高腰宽松短裤显瘦直筒百搭裤子

The version is a loose design, and the casual and fried chicken is comfortable. It is not restrained to put on the body.

The skinny effect is very good. The high waist loose design does not pick people to wear without DI and the versatile is it!IntersectionIntersection

OPENING自制 运动裤女夏季薄款高腰宽松短裤显瘦直筒百搭裤子

It can be paired with various T -shirts, shirts or shorts, suitable for all in summer ~

OPENING自制 运动裤女夏季薄款高腰宽松短裤显瘦直筒百搭裤子

There are classic black, hemp -gray colors are more basic for girls with various skin tones.

The low -key gray blue, the more beautiful the more beautiful, the color is popular this year.

OPENING自制 运动裤女夏季薄款高腰宽松短裤显瘦直筒百搭裤子

Cantaloupe green with summer macaron is really summer ~ it is in line with summer this season

The light color system, when I put on it, I feel tender and take you into the cool summer ~~~

No matter what style it is, you can easily hold it.

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