“Reminder” female teacher stepped on the loose cake shoes and opened Mercedes -Benz, causing 13 injuries

At 8 o’clock on May 21, a white Mercedes -Benz car hit a pedestrian and vehicle at an intersection in Tianhe District, Guangzhou, causing 13 people to be injured.

After the incident, the 45 -year -old female driver Ding was controlled by the police. At present, the police have excluded Ding and Danity Driving and Poisoning. According to Ding Mou,

When she is waiting for the signal light, the vehicle is hung in the D gear, and her sideways take the water cup on the rear row, which causes the vehicle to get out of control

Essence At present, the accident is under investigation.

The place of the incident is located near the intersection of Lin and Middle Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou. This is the prosperous area of ​​Tianhe District, Guangzhou. The traffic and people are very large.

The incident was at 8 am on May 21, and it happened to be peak at work. There were many vehicles and many pedestrians. At noon that day, the reporter saw at the intersection of the incident that the scene had been cleaned up, and blood stains were still visible on the road.

The owner of a nearby merchant is an incident witnesses. He told reporters that at that time, the white Mercedes -Benz car drove from south to north. When he encountered a red light, he stopped in front of the zebra crossing at the intersection. Suddenly, the Mercedes -Benz car started and hit many pedestrians in the zebra crossing.

At noon on May 21, the scene has been cleaned up, and blood stains can still be seen on the road.

Related on -site videos showed that at the intersection, a white Mercedes -Benz car waiting for a red light was launched and rushed to pedestrians who were crossing the zebra crossing. Many people were knocked to the ground. After that, the white Mercedes -Benz car hit another vehicle. Many on -site pictures show that a white -top woman wears a white top,

I was wearing a pair of white thick -bottomed loose cake shoes


The above -mentioned merchant owners said that after the incident, a number of pedestrians were injured and lying on the road. The female driver was calm and stayed in the car to wait for the traffic police to come and deal with it.

After the incident, the five wounded were sent to the 12th Hospital of Guangzhou for treatment. One of the men with a fracture left leg and being hospitalized recalled to reporters that he crossed the road on his way to work and was suddenly hit by a Mercedes -Benz car. Due to the sudden incident, the specific situation of the accident was not clear. At that time, the Mercedes -Benz car stopped in front of the zebra crossing, and then suddenly started to hit the pedestrian.

For the above incident, on the morning of May 21, the official Weibo of the Guangzhou Public Security Bureau@Guangzhou Public Security reported that at 8:50 on May 21, a traffic accident occurred at the Linhe Linle intersection of Tianhe District. The vehicle ran through a red light and hit a pedestrian and two cars. According to a preliminary understanding, the accident caused 13 people to be injured, and two of them were severely injured. After receiving the report, the Guangzhou Traffic Police Association was quickly sent to the scene with the Tianhe District Public Security Branch, Wei Jian and other departments. At present, the injured person has been taken to the hospital for treatment. The driver Ding (female, 45 years old) has been controlled by the police. Further investigation.

Subsequently, the Guangzhou Emergency Administration also reported through its official Weibo that the accident caused a total of 13 injuries. After consultation by experts, the injured staff had no life danger for the time being (preliminary judgment as a moderate injury, 3 mild injuries, no, none of them. Severe injury). Among them, the third hospital affiliated to Sun Yat -sen University was treated with 4 moderate injuries (1 head trauma, 2 limbs trauma, and one of the soft tissues were contulatory). There are many fractures of the lumbar or limbs, two soft tissues are dumbfounded), and the Baiyun District People’s Hospital treats 4 wounded (1 medium injury is a number of soft tissue injuries, and 3 minor injuries).

On the afternoon of the 21st,@Guangzhou Public Security reported again that after the test of breathing alcohol, the driver Ding (quasi -driving model was C1) with zero alcohol content, drug testing was negative, and drunk driving and poisoning were excluded. According to Ding himself, when he was waiting for the signal light, the vehicle was hung in the D file, and it took the water cup on the back row. At present, the accident is under investigation.


The reporter noticed that after the incident, the personal information of the female driver involved was exposed by “human flesh”. The relevant network information showed that the female driver was named Ding, 45 years old, and was a teacher of the Guangzhou Textile and Clothing Vocational School.

The reporter’s search found that Guangzhou Textile and Fashion Vocational School was founded in 1958. It is a national key secondary vocational school in Guangzhou, a national key secondary vocational school, and a demonstration secondary vocational school in Guangdong Province.

On the afternoon of May 21, the staff of the Guangzhou Textile and Fress Vocational School told reporters that the female driver involved was a teacher of the school. This incident was purely personal behavior. At present, the relevant leaders of the school are investigating and dealt with. Make a prevailing.

Source: Surging News (ID: ThePapernews), Reporter: Chen Xuhou; Video Reporter: Xie Yinan, intern: Ruan Meiting


Editor in this issue: Hu Chengyuan, Yang Qiaochu

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