Short jacket is even more “high and thin”? Make up 3 wearing formulas in autumn and winter, don’t believe you, you still press it

Each girl has her own little troubles in dressing. Girls with pear -shaped figures are afraid of their clothes and thick legs. Girls with large skeletons are afraid of dressing. In the autumn and winter seasons, the most afraid of girls who are most afraid of are their own wear, and they will be pressed!

The height itself does not take advantage of itself, and because of the errors of clothing, it is pressed by a man, but it is really “worse”! Many female friends will recommend small children wearing short clothing to enhance their body proportion visually. So, how can a small girl wears short? Let’s take a look together, the model of the young girls


1. Short coat design of the belt design


Among the various short coats, the most friendly to the young girls is of course a coat with a belt design. This style of coat, as long as the belt on the clothing is tightened, the waistline is reflected, the dress is more energetic, and the proportion of the figure is better!


1. Black short coat+black leggings


The black short coat is the design of the large V -neckline. The version is relatively loose, more comfortable to wear, and there is a sense of casual atmosphere! Although the overall version is relatively loose, the waist of the coat has a small belt design.

After being tied, the waistline is highlighted! Not only are coats, but also tight pants and boots are also black. The black matching method is very thin and high, and in order to avoid too dull, it is also paired with a colorful scarf!

2. Black short coat+tight jeans

The style of this coat is also very simple, which will not make people feel cumbersome and tedious! The outline coat of A -shaped shape is superb!

With the design of a small belt, it shows a more figure. The color of the whole body is very small, very clean.

Second, the short coat of the design model

Of course, it is just a description of height! The small girl may have a little shortcomings in other aspects! At this time, study your own small shortcomings in a targeted manner, and choose a short coat that can hide his shortcomings!

1. Oversize style

There are some small female friends who are thinner and thin, and the skeleton is also small, and there may be a narrow shoulder problem. When wearing a coat, such small female friends often have the trouble of unable to support clothes! In the autumn and winter seasons, when choosing a short coat, you can consciously choose the Oversize coat.


Not only is it comfortable to wear, but also effectively improves the shoulder ratio! An Oversize camel -colored short coat with tight jeans and white thin heel leather boots, it looks very simple and generous!


2. Short front and back style

And if you are a small girl with a slightly fat body, what needs to face is the problem of covering flesh. In the autumn and winter season, when we choose a short coat, we can consider choosing a short -lasting style coat.


It can cover the problems such as big butt! The short coat of camel, with the basic black pants, is very good!

Third, the color matching should be simple and coordinated

In autumn and winter, the young girls are really more suitable for simple, and they do n’t spend a sorrowful way of dressing! Simple color matching, clean and neat way, can avoid the problem of pressing a child more effectively!

1. Short woolen coat+checkered pants

The black woolen coat designed by the stand -up collar is very friendly to the young girls. Don’t worry about the problem that can’t be supported! With a pair of retro checkered pants, and a pair of brown short leather boots.


The colors of the whole body are very calm and restrained, and it will not make people feel very escape!

1. Lamb hair jacket+rice white gauze skirt


The khaki lamb wool jacket has a soft and glutinous feeling. The young girl is playful and cute and sweet!

With a rice white gauze skirt, light and agile! Because the overall color matching is very comfortable and harmonious, it will not feel very complicated to wear!

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