Where did the clothes cut on the market come from? Why is it so cheap?

Recently, Xiaobian likes cats like cats watching live broadcasts, so many live broadcasts are famous for their special special offers. The anchors say that this is a cut label clothes. So why do you cut the label? Let’s take a look together!

Cut the label, as the name suggests, cut off the trademark or cut a small crescent to deduct the word on the trademark, so that you can see both a little and not sure. This type of commodity price is much cheaper than on the market. Some of the manufacturers are dealt with some tail goods that are not affected by the sales price of the seasonal products. They are generally common styles, but the price is low and quality, and the texture and genuine products are not bad. If it is not pursuing styles It is a very good choice!

So how do we distinguish whether some clothes are genuine? First of all, look at the feet. There are strict regulations on genuine foreign trade clothing needles. The needle feet are fine and uniform.

Secondly, it is difficult for us to distinguish whether it is genuine in the fabric, so at this time, the auxiliary materials are particularly important. Some black -hearted merchants will make profits in these humble small places!

The third depends on whether it has been washed.

Many of the real foreign trade clothing has undergone pre -washing processes. This is not easy to shrink and feels good. Some substances that are harmful to the human body can be cleaned.


When we buy, we must also pay attention to whether the clothes are genuine, so as not to be deceived by some black -hearted manufacturers with rotten charging!

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