Look at the large size women’s clothing in summer, let us cool a cool summer together

Hao Lei belongs to a full figure, so a strong girl came to see how she matched.

“The Software” is the urban emotional drama directed by Liu Jiacheng, starring Hao Lei, Gao Yalin, Mao Junjie, Zhu Gangriyao, Li Shutong, and Chi Jia. The play mainly tells the inspirational story of the three ex -wives healed and struggle after divorce, and finally recovered happiness. It premiered on the Hunan Entertainment Channel on February 28, 2016.


1. Come and look at large size women’s clothing

Emotional columnists are Lin Duoyu and Jiqin’s girlfriends and big sisters. Personality is fast, regardless of the consequences, it is also very righteous, love and hate; she never complains about the heavens, and she is a three -minute heat for her, and she is willing to defend everything. Women who are funny and emotional.

Striped needle knit cardigan female spring and autumn jacket short top long -sleeved chiffon shirt with casual sunscreen jacket summer 2016 2016

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This cardigan is always the most delicate and charming charm of women. It is matched with a big -name tailoring with a big -name sense, which is very in line with the summer clothing tone. The capable matching is medium -length, which instantly improves the waistline and plays a thin role.

Mymo Langde 2016 spring on the new slim stitching sunding solid color mid -sleeve OL jacket W064e

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White has become a highlight of the office. The chiffon shirt is cleverly combined with the lapel. It is very elegant and romantic. It is very creative and difficult to control. It is easy to match a refreshing and gentle summer commute.

Mymo spring buckle large lapel superstructure short nine -point long -sleeved paddle jacket W563C

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The small black suit becomes light and elegant because of the short -slimming tailoring and romantic palace style bubble sleeves. It will not make people feel stubborn, and it will not add visual burden to the original hot weather, suitable for attending the attendance, suitable for attending attendance Various important occasions are both fashionable and dignified.


2. Summer theme party must wear

“The Soft -Number Ex -Wife” changed the bitter line of marriage failure, and used the family light comedy to easily and humorously tell. At the height of “contemporary female marriage textbooks”, the play teaches the audience how to retreat in the whole body in emotional betrayal, how to take less detours in minutes, and finally win self -esteem and happiness. In this new battle, the intellectuality of the ex -wife should be intellectual, and it should be brutal when it is cruel. It should not be soft when playing means. It demonstrates that the real winner of life does not have anything, but what he finally preserves when facing the crisis.


Langdai mymo spring and summer new female black and white contrasting color chiffon stitching suit sleeveless jacket W054C

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Let MM wear an additional jacket, and it will not cause sweltering heat as expected. The cool and smooth chiffon material is more like adding a layer of breathable heat dissipation skin, which is very comfortable. The unique and thin effect of chiffon also makes the shape look light and refreshing, and can also play a role in sunscreen.

Langdai MyMo Spring and Summer Women’s Dark Striped Mid -length knitted cardigan long -sleeved sweater jacket H420C

Black cuts the slim -fitting cardigan jacket more noble and exquisite. The semi -transparent visual effect is elegant and pleasant, which enhances the breathability. The design of the one -piece buckle has achieved the effect of improving the thin waistline, making the shape simple and not simple.

Mymo spring and summer new lace short outer sleeve women’s hooded shawl seven -sleeved sunscreen air -conditioned shirt thin W521c

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The air -conditioning in the office is too uncomfortable to prevent people who want to prevent air -conditioning diseases. It is extremely important to prepare a suitable coat.

3. Main this one out of the street

Lin Duoyu, Jiqin, and Yan Ying are college classmates. They once had happiness, but they were all the year at the age of thirty. Because of the concept of life, children, and poor values, there were problems with marriage. Faced with the strikes of life, they recovered happiness.

Beautiful dynamic fat sister summer casual top 2016 new large size women’s thin coat 200 catties fat mm cardigan

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The summer cardigan is more inclined to elegant and charming style. It gets rid of the old and old -fashioned pretending. The natural slim style is matched with it, which can cover the fat hips. Dignified and elegant


Beauty dynamic fat MM summer thin coat large size women’s medium long air -conditioned shirt 200 catties of fat sister lace cardigan

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The wear method can instantly raise the dressing grade several degrees, and it does not matter if it is matched with a little bit. It can put a petite figure in the girl with a strong sense of upright. There is a 170 altitude gas field.

Beautiful Dynamic 2016 Fat Sister Summer Summer Character Jacket Mid -length large -size women’s air -conditioned shirt fat mm chiffon cardigan

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The tailoring is between leisure and formal, this kind of non -yin, no -yang, no male or female can just be flexibly and cleverly dealt with between work and off work. When matched with the grinding jeans, the restless pants can bring the false suit to the streets, and the pseudo is also replaced by hearty and free.

4. Summer cardigan shows the Queen Fan


In the play, Han Bin gradually alienated with his own and cold wife, and he himself lost himself. The two were the soul partners who fits their minds, but they had a gap in the rice oil and salt of life and moved towards separation and divorce. It can be seen that marriage and divorce, marriage and family love and men and women are the topic of the show.


Beauty Dynamic 2016 Summer Fat Sister Chiffon Shirt Mid -length European and American large size women’s thin coat fat MM cardigan

There are strong aura that cannot be underestimated in a large area of ​​black and white color matching. The medium -long jacket is added to the shoulder pads. There is a visually comfortable but feeling of strong attack power like a rugby player. The secret of the field.

MS lace top Black 2016 female summer loose large size thin cardigan pure color fashionable sleeveless chiffon shirt mid model

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Black comes with a ladylike temperament. It is full of gentleness in summer. It can naturally present a sense of high -level with white items. It is best to expose the ankle in length.


Nadine commute OL professional ladies small suit pure color, elegant intellectual small incense short jacket

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This suit is very layered in terms of front and side, and it also has great appreciation. The fabric has strong anti -wrinkle ability. Sitting comfortably with the seat without image pressure. The existence of breathable function.

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