After the cold wave, there is a cotton filament cheongsam vest, with its own fireworks, super stable beauty

The real silk cheongsam vest is the most suitable warm clothing in this season after the cold wave. The simple traditional cheongsam version is exquisitely wrapped on the slender oriental women, and it is elegant and calm and beautiful! Moreover, this invisible cheongsam style, which is not long or short, is just like the gentle oriental woman’s gentle temperament, which is just right, and it is impossible to get intoxicated in the beauty of the cheongsam.

The most enviable among Chinese culture! Especially the myths of China, the fluttering fairy in white, or the beautiful beauty of the Yushu Linfeng, mostly related to the pure and white color. But for ordinary and ordinary secular people, it is not just to draw scoops according to gourds, but also based on their own temperament, the white costumes designed by themselves are also printed with some ordinary pictures. , Beautiful just right!


For the noble oriental women, wearing an elegant and elegant cheongsam vest, it does not seem to be exaggerated, nor does it have no charming pose, and it is generous. Furthermore, this cheongsam vest, bland and tender, quite a little bit of fireworks, people can’t help but envy this ordinary and elegant Lingxiu cheongsam.

The stable woman’s quality orchid heart is not just a simple and quiet atmosphere. The design of the cotton grafting makes women wearing this cheongsam vest no longer afraid of the cold wind. Moreover, with the package of silk fabrics, this cheongsam vest is also extremely delicate. The steady cheongsam woman, wearing Su Ya’s cheongsam vest, has a lot of fireworks, beautiful and beautiful!


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