The guy purchased China Gold 3D Hard Golden Bad Pending for 3 months and deformation and water in water

Recently, Shanghai netizen Xiao Li broke the news that he bought a 3D hard gold pendant who bought three months in China Golden Vajrayana, which was flat …

“On January 30, I bought a puppet at” China Gold “Shanghai Jiujin Plaza store, and two gold beads to make a bracelet. On April 21, I wanted to tighten the bracelet and go to the store to go to the store. In the future, the manager said that he was flat. “This situation made Xiao Li feel hard to touch. Isn’t 3D hard gold” hard gold “? Why is there such a situation?

□ Oriental Journal · Mengye News Profile Reporter Zhang Li/Wen Tu

3D hard gold selling a price is much higher than ordinary gold prices

“The three are all priced products, with a total of about 6G gold, which cost more than 3,800 yuan. Because the price is serious and inconsistent with the gold weight, the store said that the cost of 3D hard gold workmanship is high, but as long as the damage is not serious, the original price can be the original price. Exchange of other products. “Xiao Li said that because the modeling style of 3D hard gold is more avant -garde than ordinary gold jewelry, he purchased” China Gold “3D hard gold products.

小伙购买中国黄金3D硬金貔貅挂件 3个月后变形又进水

I did not think about the trouble in the later period. After buying a few days after buying, Xiao Li found that the pendant was in the water. “After taking a bath, I found that the discs above the 貔貅 (with a decorative fish inside) had water in, and the steam situation occurred.” On April 21, Xiao Li reflected the question. (Decorative fish in the disc) Isn’t it needed water? “This answer made Xiao Li very angry. He believed that the attitude of the jewelry shop was too perfunctory.

“Because I found that I was flat that day, the manager asked if he needed to change the new, and you could exchange 20 % off (20 % at a discount). And you can only redeem the price of the price. “In the face of this result, Xiao Li was very angry. “If I am alone, I recognize it, but I checked it online and found that many people have the same situation as me. The 3D hard gold is simply the industry.”

Consumer complaints to the platform have reached an agreement

According to Xiao Li, he once called the customer service phone of “China Gold”, and the attitude of the other party made him very dissatisfied. He published his situation on the online complaint platform that day. The next day, the person in charge of “China Gold” in Shanghai contacted Xiao Li and negotiated the deal. “At present, we can go to the store manager to change the price.” Xiao Li said.

Later, the reporter contacted the “China Gold” Shanghai Jiujin Plaza store to ask the other party’s 3D hard gold dispute. The staff told reporters on the phone: “The quality is full gold 999, if the gold is full, the hardness is not very high, all jewelry You need to pay attention to the jewelry wearing, otherwise it is easy to flatter. “Regarding the situation of the disk, the other party said that it is necessary to consult the manager in the later stage.

“The standard for depreciation is to replace the old and newly replace the newly -to -8 % off according to the real price of the buying. If it is less gold, the depreciation situation should be viewed according to how much is less. These are the company’s standard.” The standard explains.

■ Expert interpretation: The sales process needs to be informed in advance, not “text games”

In this incident, the reporter interviewed Mu Qiang, the executive vice president of the Central Plains Jewelry Innovation Research Institute, and comprehensively interpreted the 3D hard gold. “The sales point of 3D hard gold is not gold, but a process, and the number of grams is small. It is more costly in terms of technology. The price is much higher than the price of ordinary gold, which is mainly reflected in the effect of wearing.”

Regarding the problem of depreciation costs of 3D hard gold, Mu Qiang does not agree with it. “For the old replacement of 3D hard gold, it cannot be compared with the depreciation of ordinary gold. It is mainly due to the loss of crafts. More costs. This is a current contradiction. In the current transition period of consumers, manufacturers still need to explore the treatment of 3D hard gold depreciation issues. “

“During the sales process, the salesperson did not talk about things, and wanted to obtain more profits, and did not talk about the possible loss of the product later. The fuzzy concept has not explicitly said that in the later period of damage. “Mu Qiang admits that a large number of salespersons in the industry are covered during sale. Many marketing activities are creating traps and” text games “for consumers. Fundamental.

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