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I almost finished writing about Qiaohu Moon Edition. Because I subscribe to Xiao Q clever tiger, the monthly age version only wrote 19 months, 20 months, 21 months, 22 months, 23 months, 24 months, these 6 months. (Click on the monthly age to view the article directly)

Under normal circumstances, Qiaoshu’s system settings are described as 24 months old, and the next month is automatically upgraded to a young version. If parents’ requirements, they can not be upgraded, and continue to subscribe to 25-34 months of monthly teaching materials.

Some mothers also subscribe to the two sets of textbooks: “Baby Edition Supplementary Series (25-34 months)” and “Young Edition (2-3)”. However, I personally feel that it doesn’t make much significance, and it is enough to look at the young version.

Today I want to talk to you about Qiaohu’s classification rules, essences, chicken ribs, and the best subscription age.

Classification rules


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Qiaohu’s main products in China are “Lezhi Xiaodiandi” and “Qiaohu Happy Growth Park”. In addition, it is also supplemented by other media forms that “Qiaohu” as a brand logo, such as stage dramas, TV show “Qiaohu is here”, and early education courses.

“Le Zhi Xiaodiandi”

“Lezhi Xiaodiandi” is the main product. Using the age -layer family education model introduced by Japan, through children’s reading, DVD image textbooks, teaching aids, (parental books), from plane, three -dimensional, vision, hearing and other diversified movements continuously to carry out continuous movement in connection. Learn transmission.

Mainly for infants aged 0-8, they are divided into 7 versions according to their age, and formulated appropriate learning plans and content based on the cognitive ability and psychological characteristics of children of each age group.

Based on the age characteristics of the child: divided into:

Moon age version: (7-34 months)

Young version: 2-3 years old

Happy version: 3-4 years old


Growth version: 4-5 years old

Learning version: 5-6 years old

Rainbow Edition: 6-7 years old

Starry Edition: 7-8 years old

Among them, the moon age version is subdivided into:

Baby version: July-December age

Baby Edition Advanced Series: 13-12 April Age

Baby version supplementary series: 25-34 months old

Each version is classified by age. Usually, if parents do not have special requirements, Qiaohu will automatically upgrade according to the age of the child.

For example: the automatic upgrade of the monthly age is automatically upgraded to the young version; the automatic upgrade of 37 months of the month is a happy version.

Special Note

Among the 7 versions, the monthly age version is divided by “actual monthly age”; the other versions are divided according to “actual age”, and they are not subdivided into the age of the month.

Raise a chestnut:

Some children are upgraded to the young version in January, then they first come into contact with the contents of the January of January; while some children are upgraded to the young version in July, then the content of the July journal is first exposed to the July journal.

Whether it is January or July, their difference is that they have changed the theme, and their difficulty coefficients are the same.

Take another chestnut:

The two children born in the same year, one born in January and the other in July. If they subscribe to the monthly age version at the same time, the textbooks they receive are different, and they will send the same textbooks according to the child’s actual monthly age;

However, if they subscribe to the young version (or happy version, growth version …) at the same time, the content of the textbook received by the two children is completely consistent, all of which are the theme of the month of subscription.

In other words, only the “monthly age version” is divided by accurate to the monthly age. One month, 2 years old, may see the same period as the 7 -year -old 7 months.

“Qiaohu Happy Growth Park”

“Qiaohu Happy Growth Park” is a surrounding product, which is mainly divided into three commodity series: “Puzzle Toys Series”, “Cognitive Learning Series” and “Improvement Field”. According to different ages, learning products developed from English, mathematics, Chinese, natural sciences, and lifestyle. If the purchase method is purchased at one time, the specific composition of each set of goods is configured according to different product themes, which usually contains a book, DVD, books, and parental books.


At the age of 0-3 years old, the development of children’s cognitive ability, fine movements, and big exercise capabilities has different development, but the gap between individuals is not obvious. Children in this stage have many commonality.

The “ingenious tiger” at this stage is obviously in line with children’s growth and development. Based on the professional education team, based on the child’s cognitive ability and psychological characteristics, start with the aspects of cognitive ability, emotional ability, and self -care ability, to lay a good foundation for the development of children, and play a good enlightenment.

Therefore, I personally think that Qiaohu’s content design is more in line with the psychological/intelligent development characteristics of infants 0-4 years old. The essence is the monthly age version (7-24 months), the young version (2-3 years old), and happy Edition (3-4 years old).

1. Toys

Just like I first wrote “The topic 初 I have a cheat for Qiaohu, do you want to see it? “Speaking, the domestic version of Qiaohu is more focused on toys, so the toys are more brilliant.

The biggest feature of Qiaohu Toy is: Fewer, very suitable for enlightenment

Taking the toy as an example, when the child first came into contact with the construction of toys, he did not need a large barrel and large barrel, but a small number of building blocks could change a variety of shapes. This is suitable for them.


Qiaohu toys are the most exciting, concentrated in the moon age version, young version and happy version

Many of these versions have almost no alternative products in the domestic market. They have the shadow of Japanese award -winning toys and excellent toys. These toys have not entered the Chinese market. It is difficult to buy in China. It is a lucky thing for domestic children after being introduced by Qiaohu.

Second, picture book

Although Qiaohu’s picture book is weak, the purpose of parent -child reading is to guide and cultivate reading habits during the low childhood. Therefore, the fancy layout design and flexible typesetting form of Qiaohu picture book can effectively attract the attention of low children.


The age of 0-3 is the foundation of the child’s growth and development. Children’s intelligent level, behavior habits, and living skills need to lay a solid foundation at this stage.

After the kindergarten, benefited from the previous foundation and the study and life of kindergarten, and the child’s ability has been in a step. On the basis of grasping, children start to freely practice these abilities and derive new skills. In other words, the gap between children at this time will gradually be reflected.

Children’s preferences are becoming clearer, and their ability to be more obvious. At this time, if you use a fixed content to move hard on a different child, it will look a bit far -fetched.

Of course, Qiaohu’s product research and development team has a complete set of teaching systems and product planning. When designing products, it must consider commonality. Therefore, it is not ruled out that a considerable number of children can still adapt to the rhythm of Qiaohu and still like Qiaohu’s products; but different voices also appear frequently, children may not be satisfied, or their interests weaken.

Therefore, I personally think that the content of the happiness after the happy version is not significant. I don’t recommend buying peripheral products “Qiaohu and Happy Growth Park”, which is low in price.

1. Picture book

In “The topic ∣ I have a cheat for Qiaohu, do you want to see it? 》 I wrote that the domestic version of Qiaohu picture book is derivative of DVD content. If you look out of the DVD single look at the picture book, the picture book is definitely the weakness of Qiaohu. As the age increases, the weakness of Qiaohu picture book is becoming more and more obvious.

Especially after children enter the park, their psychological and cognition capabilities have taken a step in all aspects. The theme of picture books that can be involved is getting wider. compared to

Leeo. Lei Ai

As well as



Elvi Du Lai


Waiting for the famous picture books, Qiaohu’s picture book content is not “nutrition”. The main line is still to educate children to talk about civilization, understand politeness, abide by the rules, and do good children … Lack of distinctive personality and viewpoints.

Although the content also refers to the excellent picture book abroad, unfortunately, it is not the essence to learn from the content and not understand the spirit. Without the spirit of integration, the story reads stiff and incomplete.

2. Toys

After going to kindergarten, as the children’s fine movements have improved, things that can be played are richer. Board games, constructing toys, and handicrafts will be the main force of the subsequent.

The characteristics of Qiaohu toys are no longer suitable for children’s development needs. At this time, children know their preferences more clearly.

Taking construction as an example, children who like to construct will need a large number of constructive materials to expand their works at this time. The Qiaohu Enlightenment Construction toys can no longer meet their increasingly rich needs.

Best subscription age


From the above, the best age for subscribing Qiaohu is 0-3 years old, which can be extended to 4 years old.

The best product is:

Moon Age-Baby Edition (July-December)

Moon Age-Baby Advanced Edition Series (13-22 April)

Young version (2-3 years old)

Happy Edition (3-4 years old)


The essence of the domestic version of Qiaohu is concentrated in the moon age, the young version and the happy version. If you want to subscribe, the sooner the better.

The younger children can not watch DVDs. After the parents watch the DVD, they learn the games in DVD and cooperate with monthly toys to interact with their children.

Of course, if you have studied picture books and toys itself, you can not subscribe. Look at the decomposition of the moon age I wrote, and refer to the picture books and toys needed for the age of the month.

After the age of 3, or after the happy version of the subscription agency is over, the signal is of little significance. Children should turn to more diversified or targeted content.


1. About Qiaohu Moon Edition, the content I want to write is as follows:

Moon age version July-18, monthly age toy analysis;

Moon-age supplementary version: 25-37 months, analysis

If a mother can share the 7-18 month-old teaching materials, I am also very willing to finish the missing 12-month content supplement.

2. The young version of the young Q is currently studying, and the happy version of the upcoming contact will be focused.

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