The owner suddenly watched, cut the couple’s trousers and put it on the dog, the dog: “fit”

How long is human beings be thirsty for couples? What if you add a dog?

There are many lovers who love to wear lovers to show affection, but in the United States, there is an 87 -year -old couple. After marriage, we only wear couples every day, and it is 68 years when we wear. They have known each other since the ninth grade, have been married at the age of 19, and have been in love until now.


Recently, a couple also liked to wear couples. At the same time, they also had dogs. Recently, they bought a couple dress pajamas. After buying, they suddenly thought about it. Couples have no dogs. So the owner opened his mind, cut off his left leg pants, and then put on a hole to put on the dog.


The effect is as follows

Dog: This dress is quite thin!


Do you also help your dogs buy a set or make a set of clothes? (This is not a couple dress, it should be called parent -child outfit)

It is also not to mention that in fact, dogs generally do not need to wear clothes. If it is just simple decoration, there is no problem. If you wear a lot of clothes, you may make the dog hot and sick.

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