Running socks, skiing socks, mountaineering socks, all kinds of outdoor socks, do you know how to buy it?

The weather is getting colder, and it will soon be established. While everyone adds clothes to themselves, do not ignore the warmth of the feet.


As the saying goes, “The cold starts from the foot, the illness is born from the foot”, the human foot is the farthest from the heart, and the most vulnerable to cold evil invasion. Once invading the disease, it is very important to choose a pair of good warmth socks. Essence

In the last article, we focused on the structure and material of outdoor socks. Today, Ono will continue to talk with you how to buy a pair of professional outdoor socks in daily running and outdoor activities.


1. What are you going to do?


To buy a pair of suitable outdoor socks, you must first clarify the type of participation in outdoor sports. Go to walk, still run, or go mountain climbing, the types of socks selected by different outdoor application scenarios are not the same.

Inner socks

, Most of the half -long tube, the thickness is very thin, the lightest weight, it must be wearing the innermost layer closer to the feet. Such socks usually have good sweats and comfort, which can keep the feet dry often.


Lightweight socks

This kind of socks are made of blended. The texture is thicker. Compared with the inner socks, it is warm, abrasion -resistant, and buffer. It can be worn alone and can be used with the inner socks. Suitable for outdoor activities with simple trail hiking, outing, and mild exercise.

Medium -sized socks


This type of sock is better than lightweight socks. Because the hair ring design is added in the forefoot and heel area, the socks are better isolation and cushioning. , Suitable for cold climate.

Mountaineering socks

It is the thickest and best buffer socks in these types of socks. The design is to meet the long -distance travel, cross -country hiking extension, and various activities in low temperature conditions. Because it is too thick, it is not suitable for usual wear.

According to the length of the socks, it can be divided into socks, middle socks, knee -knee socks, etc. The concept is more understandable. It should be noted that the sailor socks refer to socks that are located to the calf belly instead of the ankle height. In addition to the above types, there are two types of use.


Toe Socks

The biggest advantage is that each toe has an independent space to prevent the toes from squeezing and rubbing each other for a long time, causing blisters and pain.

Compressing socks

The earliest applied to medical treatment, and was introduced to the outdoor field. It can slow down the muscle soreness brought by high -intensity exercise, promote blood circulation and improve muscle recovery speed, and is regarded by off -road running and marathon players.

Second, where are you going?

In addition to considering the type of movement of socks, the outdoor socks must also consider the outdoor environment, that is, whether you want to go warm, cold, or humid and humid. Different environments should choose socks of different structures and textures.

Under snow mountains and skiing, under extreme cold conditions, the socks selected must be mainly warm fiber such as wool. The structure must be long and tight in the wool circle.

In the low -altitude, camping and crossing, you can choose the cooolmax fabric socks with cotton. The road is far, the number of days is large, and the content of Coolmax is more, otherwise the same. These have been described in the previous article, and I won’t go into details.

What needs to be added is that in the material of outdoor socks, there is also a very good material that can be comfortable to adjust.

Outlast fabric is developed and developed for the NASA moon landing plan. It is applied to the astronaut’s moon landing suit, including gloves, socks, underwear, etc. It is widely used in outdoor clothing, including ski shirts, pants, sweaters, etc.


This material uses micro -capsule technology and other materials to blend it, so that it will not become too cold in extremely cold weather, and it will not be overheated in high temperature environments, so that the surface temperature of the skin will always be kept on a comfortable 33 ° C.


Which brand do you like?

Knowing the outdoor application scenarios, the product use environment is clarified, and the brand characteristics must be taken into account. Some brands focus on skiing socks, and some focus on compressed socks. Different brands pay attention to different outdoor fields. At this time, choice must consider these.


Born in California, the founder, the founder realized that the runner needed the second layer of skin, and the five -finger socks came into being in 2004. The unique socks structure and excellent quality are deeply loved by marathon runners. More than 200 million runners in the world choose this brand.

It should be counted as Rolls -Royce in the socks. A pair of thick -tube off -road socks cost more than 1,000 yuan, and the most common pair of socks also cost RMB two hundred. Even if this fans are still rushing, many professional runners choose this brand.



, Italian brands, including socks, underwear, jackets and other categories, covering a variety of sports scenes in cycling, running, fitness, skiing, and hiking. The pursuit of extreme freedom in exercise is its brand philosophy.

Compared with the Injinji socks of thousands of yuan, the price of one or two hundred yuan is very close to the people, especially for skiing thick stockings. If you are skiing and bicycle enthusiasts, you recommend you to choose this brand.



There are many brands of wool socks, such as Corgi, Falke Eagleke, Stance Stance, Tabio, etc., which was founded by American Peter Duck in 1994. With the characteristics of excellent products, after several years of hard work, the outdoor sock market possess The rate is as high as 57%, which is the king of professional wool socks.


This brand of socks use high -quality Melian fine wool, which has fast control and anti -bacterial deodorizing function, which can avoid problems such as skin inflammation and blisters. Hiking, then it is the first choice.


Mado running socks mainly use the towel bottom design suitable for long -distance running. It is very comfortable to wear on the feet. It is more resistant than cotton socks and has high cost performance. It is very suitable for daily training.


Founded in the United States in 1999, professional sports gear brands, the compression socks produced by it use “gradient compression technology”, that is, depending on the heart from the heart and near the legs, strong protection of the body, suitable for insufficient core muscle strength and fear of injury to injury Public, if you like heavy fitness and outdoor running, it is recommended to choose this brand.


In the well -known outdoor brand in China, the brand is inspired by the mountains of spirit and belief -Kailash, Oka Rinpoche. Its slogan is “just for climbing”. Outdoor categories include shoes, clothing, backpacks, etc.

Although it is far from the high brand history and popularity in terms of brand history and popularity, the performance and quality of socks cannot be said. It can meet people’s travel, mountaineering, hiking and other needs. If you love sports, you may wish to support ethnic brands.



, Domestic well -known comprehensive outdoor equipment suppliers, with the largest R & D centers in the domestic outdoor industry, have undertaken the research and development tasks of North and North Polar Sciences, manned space personnel, sleeping bags, and special products, and applied this to the outdoor field Essence

In terms of this brand of socks, they can meet the needs of ordinary outdoor people. The prices of dozens of yuan for outdoor socks are also very close to the people. If it is only daily outdoor sports and short -distance travel, the road visitor is the best choice.

Knowing these purchasing knowledge, I believe that you will live up to the trust of your feet. In the upcoming “Double Eleven” blood combat, you can win out if you love outdoor, and harvest a winter with texture and temperature.

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