As a thickened hooded sweater for age -reducing weapons, autumn and winter are obviously indispensable, and it is comfortable to wear and energetic.


It is very practical and can be tightened.When the hat is made, the hat can be exposed, and the sweaters control the controls ~

The simple and stylish sweater is also suitable for you who like the cool style. In the early autumn season, such a sweater can help you create a fashionable street style at will

The simple and refreshing contrasting design, the loose version is wearing a comfortable and lazy taste on the body ~ with the graffiti printing shape, adding a lot of points for the whole ~

Add a velvet skirt, one piece of matching, wearing strips and pantyhose or leather pants are all OK ~ It is worn in autumn, and it is OK in winter

This sweater is too distinctive. I can’t wait to bring you the design of the two fakes. It is very delicate and huge and detailed.


It will not be monotonous, and the gray is often eye -catching. It is free and easy to have a sense of fashion. The fried chicken has a style of sweater!


The hooded sweater of the age reduction weapon, autumn and winter are obviously indispensable ~ conventional thickness, which is very suitable for wearing now. The cuffs are spirally tattooed, which is not easy to deform.


Winter and vests are standard, and they are comfortable to wear and look young. It is worth starting

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