Chenglong New Year’s Eve “Machine Blood” exposure special Luo Zhixiang dress women’s clothing

Luo Zhixiang

成龙贺岁大片《机器之血》曝特辑 罗志祥扮女装

The Dragon New Year’s Action, which will be released on December 22, released the “Family Class” action special after Yesterday, the exposure of Luo Zhixiang’s hilarious features. It turned out that Luo Zhixiang interpretation of “Nethong” image Ji Bi Stone also joined the shooting of “Blood of the machine” Live the bitter water.

Luo Zhixiang played on the body of the body

成龙贺岁大片《机器之血》曝特辑 罗志祥扮女装

Chenglong (Lin Dong) amp; Luo Zhixiang (Li Sen); two people riding a battery car

Since last year, Luo Zhixiang’s anti-string girls, after the image of Ji Bi, this “Zhengmei” is a lot of fire, but also with a gang song “What do you do” causes the full network hot discussion, becoming the most fire in 2016 . Today, Luo Zhixiang returned to the actor stage, and also took the “twin sister” with a big screen. “Zhu Bi Stone is actually my artist”, and the branch of Ji Bi Stone is self-sufficient: “No one is more beautiful than the Jug Stone, she is Goddess.”

In the movie “Blood”, Luo Zhixiang played a mysterious hacker filled with humorous cells. In order to identify the truth that has been seeking, I don’t hesitate to use the “color induce” trick. In order to cooperate with the shooting, Luo Zhixiang, the goddess of the goddess of the goddess, this time, this time, it is delicious. Bright pink wigs, gorgeous red lips, put sexy lace underwear, twisting the waist before the lens, let people fall into the glasses. Luo Zhixiang himself couldn’t help but spit: “It feels a bit difficult.”

成龙贺岁大片《机器之血》曝特辑 罗志祥扮女装

Countdown 3 days pre-sale broke 30 million

成龙贺岁大片《机器之血》曝特辑 罗志祥扮女装

Regarding this heavy taste, Luo Zhixiang revealed that when I saw the script at the beginning, the director said that there was a big challenge to give him. “I said, what is the challenge is that I can’t conquer? Director Give me a girl who wants him to die, or the kind of Europe and the United States. The start makeup model is also very exaggerated, very sexy, but the final presence is not the clothes, this set of convergence, otherwise it is estimated movies. There is no way to release it. “

Luo Zhixiang (Li Sen); throwing eggs in the army to attacked Lin Dong

成龙贺岁大片《机器之血》曝特辑 罗志祥扮女装

Chenglong praised Zhixiang people good dedication Luo Zhixiang said habit women’s clothing

Although this creation seems to be humorous, but in order to shoot a need, wear exaggerated lace underwear big dance, so sacrificed self, if you have to be outside Luo Zhixiang, it will be difficult to others. For such a character character, Luo Zhixiang also said that it is pleased to accept: “I have not refused, because I am used to it.” Although he is a new challenge for Jug Shi, “The dress is so short, on the big screen After coming out, the butt egg swayed, my mother! “So” stimulating “picture, Luo Zhixiang couldn’t help but scream at the scene:” I am doing it! “

Luo Zhixiang (Li Sen); peeking Nancy in the University of Sydney

To overcome mental pressure, the body also endures the discomfort caused by the environment. Due to the shooting of “the blood of the machine”, when people were born in the surrounding people, Luo Zhixiang was not only wearing a single thin, but also in the water to be droughfully frozen, seeing him in the scene, it can be said to be quite dedicated. Dragon Big Brother once publicly praised Luo Zhixiang in the press conference, saying that the pig is a real actor.

Luo Zhixiang (Li Sen); mixed into the streets of Sydney Hemou Cause

It is reported that the film is directed by Jonglong, Zhang Lijia directed, Chenglong, Luo Zhixiang leads, Ouyang Na, Xia Hou Yun, Karand Mulvey, Thaish Haubrich, etc. Statard, December 22, will be landed in all institutes of the country, and the axle is a long.