Make clothes by yourself: Girls add velvet leisure autumn and winter trousers, and add the children’s favorite toys by the way

Doing clothes for children has become the most common thing I do in my daily life, and it is also what I like most.

The first thing I think of is to make thick clothes for the children. The style of velvet movement has become my first choice, making the children wear comfortably and warm.


What I will share with you today is this velvet casual trousers, let’s take a look at the pictures first


I do a gray style. Due to the lighting problem, it looks a bit dark. Secondly, these days after doing it, it was just hot again, and there was no way to take pictures of wearing. So I found the same paragraph on the Internet to give you a reference.

In fact, the fabric is not much restricted for the casual style, the loose style, the elasticity of the fabric does not affect the comfort of wearing. Although the style is the same loose version, we can change the original ordinary style from the fabric and accessories to change the original style. Colorful.


Today I will share with you the cuts of 160 and 120

The cutting drawing is not scaled according to the normal code. Because the boss likes to fit, the small ones like loose, so I draw it independently for each version. I do n’t say the detailed push code rules here.

Detailed graphics size, you can use the instructions below to refer to the drawing

160 -yard hips I added 12cm to the version of the body. If it is a thin material, you can add a little more. I use a thick threaded velvet composite fabric. It is too loose and looks bloated and not warm, so I don’t add that much.

This pants are longer than the normal body pants, so you can measure your child’s pants length without referring to my length.

The head of the crotch can be used as a reference, you can also measure your child, or measure the pants that the child usually wear

I add 9cm loose in the knee, and the loose amount of 13.5cm with the mouth of the foot

The waist and foot mouth are made of loose mouth. The length of the loose band is reference: the waist circumference of the waist is reduced by 6C, the net body of the toes plus 4cm loose amount

160 code cutting picture

The 120 -yard tailoring I added 16cm loose amount to make a version on the basis of the hips.


The second child’s height is still close to the national standard. The height of 117 weighs 21kg. You can use it as a reference.

The knee circumference plus 10cm mouth mouth and 16cm, the length can also be measured by itself

The length of the rubber band of the waist can be reduced on the basis of the net body.

120 code cutting picture

The clothes of each child of my three children are drawn independently because I feel that children of different ages are more comfortable to wear different versions. So I draw a separate self -prototype draft for each child. When you usually draw it, you can draw it directly on the prototype. You don’t need to measure it back and forth.

The prototype drawing I have posted videos in my children’s clothing circle. If you need it, you can enter the circle to see it. There are also ways of pushing boards to explain.

(Circle cards have been added here, please check today’s headline client)

Well, it ’s here to share it today. If you like it, you can refer to my tailor drawings for production

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