“Bubble sleeves” began to be popular this summer, and age reduction has a high sense of age. Half of the entertainment circle is wearing

Wanting to dress is more fashionable. It is almost the easiest way to understand the trend and sometimes the popular fashion elements in wearing. In the summer, there is always less personality,

If you are tired of the T -shirts on the street with denim, you may wish to try the “bubble sleeves” that have become popular this summer. The age reduction has a high sense of high -level, and half of the entertainment industry is wearing.


How hot the bubble sleeves are, see the airport shape of fashion bloggers and female stars. From the variety show to daily wear, the female stars almost have a bubble sleeve single product.

The bubble sleeves themselves are very old and fresh, and they are also very consistent with summer. Compared to the casual sense of T -shirt, the sweet age reduction of the bubble sleeves is indeed more bright. In addition, it does not pick a body and age

No wonder female stars are all on.

What is “bubble sleeve”? What are the advantages?

“Bubble Sleeve” is this kind of puffy sleeve in the picture,

The round sleeves with a contour of the round sleeves can not only hide the flesh and thinner, but also increase the effect of shoulder width and modify the proportion of head and shoulders.

Don’t have too many advantages. because


With freshness, the effect of reducing age is also very good. You can also adjust the style through the size of the sleeve. You can switch freely in low -key exaggeration.

As long as it is solid color, it is also very versatile, almost all of them.

What are the styles of foam sleeves?

Although they are all advantages, there are places to pay attention to selection.


For example, the design of the outer layer is too exaggerated, and it may seem that the advantages are exaggerated insufficient. In the picture, playing with this type of wood -linger is enough. If the upper body is blessed, the shoulders are thick, and there may be a problem of fat.

When choosing, try to be simple and neat, and the effect of thinness will be better.

How to wear the “Bubble Sleeve” element is more fashionable?


1. Bubble sleeve+dress: sweet and pure

Mentioned the fashionable items of bubble sleeves,

Pure color dresses must not be less. The high -waisted puff skirt and doll skirt, it is very good in the style of the bubble sleeves in itself. If it is pure white freshness, it is even more suitable for young girls or women who want to create a youthful feeling.


Essence Yang Chao’s Fang collars are typical. If you don’t want to be too tender, you can try the small bubble sleeves, which will be lower -key.

The bubble sleeves can be long or short, and the neckline of the skirt can also be adjusted. In short, the smaller the neckline and sleeves, the greater the more temperament.

In the picture, Zhao Lusi this long sleeve+V -neck is even more fairy.


2. Bubble sleeve+short top: versatile, age reduction

Don’t want to be too sweet, the use of bubble sleeves on a short shirt is the lowest -key versatile choice. It can be a solo -collapsed and lapel solid color top. With less large bubble sleeves, the flesh of the arm is thin, and casual jeans are more temperamental than ordinary T -shirts.

Zhao Lusi’s mid -length shorts are more playful.

I like the sweetness of a lower -key temperament, which is very recommended on the knitted sweater. V -neck cardigan is matched with an exaggerated bubble sleeve. It is gentle and younger. It is also beautiful.

Yang Mi’s interpretation uses light colors, brightering the skin color, and it is worth learning.


If the figure is slender enough, you can also try the design of the collar+small bubble sleeves, refreshing the collarbone and a large area of ​​arm, which has the effect of quietly showing the figure. With the length of the stomach and the high -waist shorts, it is easy to wear the flavor of fashion bloggers and female stars

Essence This style is also very suitable for the thin pear -shaped figure, just to wear an advantage.

3. Bubble sleeve+stack: cute and playful

Bubble sleeves can also be stacked, even if it is a more exaggerated sleeve, as long as the waist is not hypertrophic, stacking back pants and suspenders can wear a fashionable layering. This type of stack not only has a sense of girl, but also played cute and playful to the extreme.

In the picture, Yang Chao’s shape is like this.

If the neck is slender, you can also try the shirt with bubble sleeve tops. It is very well -behaved with a small lapel. It is also a loose strap pants and a strap skirt. You can use the color to create a sense of contrast. Essence

Yang Chao loves so much, and is very coincident with her sister’s face.

Fashion summary:


It is easier to wear a sense of fashion in summer to fit the trend in summer. The bubble sleeves that are wearing half of the entertainment industry this summer are definitely classics that cannot be missed. Not only has the effect of thinning and highlighting the head ratio, but different sleeves and styles can also wear different styles and temperament. Most of the age are suitable. It is recommended that classic bubble sleeve dresses, bubble sleeves short tops, and bubble sleeves overlap. They are fashionable and high -level. Try it!


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“Bubble sleeves” began to be popular this summer, and age reduction has a high sense of age. Half of the entertainment circle is wearing

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