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Recently, a doctor posted a news that Hongmao medicine was arrested for poison. He pushed Hongmao medicine to the cusp, and then involved many problems such as the suspected Hongmao medicinal wine arrested and tucked the Tucao doctor and the advertisement violations. Let’s take a brief look at the ins and outs of the “Hongmao Medicine Wine”.


On December 22, a doctor in Guangzhou posted that Hongmao medicine wine was poison

On January 10, the doctor was detained

On January 25, the doctor was arrested

On March 23, Liangcheng Prosecutor asked the police to supplement the investigation and has not sued so far

On April 13, in the vortex of public opinion, Bao Hongsheng, the head of Hongmao medicinal wine, was selected as an annual economic figure in Inner Mongolia

On April 15th, Liangcheng County Police reported: “Hongmao Medicine Wine” reputation has been transferred to the prosecution for review and prosecution

On April 15th, the doctor’s defense lawyer said that he would be innocent defense

On April 16, the media reported that Hongmao Medicine Wine Advertising 2600 times

On April 16th, the State Drug Administration: Organized the transformation of Hongmao medicine from non -prescription medicine to prescription drugs

(The following is a detailed version)

Family member Liu received the arrest notice.

Doctors in Guangzhou posted that Hongmao medicine wine was poisonous



According to the news on April 13, Red Star News, on the evening of January 10 this year, several plainclothes policemen in Liangcheng County, Inner Mongolia rushed to Xujing Jiayuan District, Zhongshan Avenue, Zhonghe District, Guangzhou, and took away a doctor named Tan Qindong. The reason why he was arrested was a titled “Chinese Divine Wine” Hongmao Medicine Wine “, which was published on December 19 last year, from the poison from heaven” (Note: The original post is “Hongmao Medicine Wine”) Post.

In this post, the content written by Tan Qindong is divided into three parts. The beginning: Chinese magic wine, as long as one bottle is one day, closer to heaven. When people reach the old age, the heart and blood vessels have undergone obvious changes … (88 words in total); the text: the elderly, many pastime projects after retirement are TV, Hongmao medicine wine … Words); end: Chinese magic wine, Hongmao medicine wine, gift from heaven. In the end, the article indicates that “part of the content is transferred from Dr. Si Qian.”

As of January 16, the reading volume of this article was 2241.

“Poison” web post article screenshot

Hongmao Guo Pharmaceutical reported that it was affected by web posts

The company loses more than 1.4 million profits

Tan Qindong’s suspected crime of “damage to the reputation of the product”, Inner Mongolia Hongmao Guo Medicine Co., Ltd. said that Tan Qindong’s article caused more than 1.4 million returns to lose, seriously damaging the company’s reputation.

The registration form of the Economic Crime Investigation Brigade of the Liangcheng County Public Security Bureau showed that on December 22, 2017, a employee of Inner Mongolia Hongmao Guo Medicine Co., Ltd. was commissioned by the company to report the case. The employee said that many public accounts recently maliciously discredited “Hongmao Medicine Wine”, and even declared that Hongmao medicine wine was “poison”, spreading false remarks, spreading false information, misleading readers and patients, causing multiple dealers to return the goods The refund, the total amount reached 827712 yuan, which caused the company to decline sharply, the market economy loss was difficult to estimate, and the company’s business reputation was seriously damaged.


According to relevant questions, affected by the article “poison”, in Shenzhen, Hangzhou, and Changchun, two pharmaceutical companies and 7 citizens requested the return. The “Accounting Appraisal” of Xingfeng Accounting Firm, Fengzhen, Inner Mongolia, concluded that if the two pharmaceutical companies fulfill their contracts, Hongmao Pharmaceuticals can win a net profit of 1425375.04 yuan.

On January 10, Tan Qindong was detained by the Liangcheng County Public Security Bureau; on the 25th, Tan Qindong was arrested by the People’s Procuratorate of Liangcheng County.

The prosecutor asked the police to supplement the investigation, but it has not yet sued

The “Yangcheng School” client news on the 15th, on March 23, the Liangcheng County People’s Procuratorate issued a “supplementary investigation decision”, asking Liangcheng County Public Security Bureau to supplement Tan Qindong’s suspected crime.

It is reported that Liangcheng Public Security has submitted new supplementary evidence, but the People’s Procuratorate of Liangcheng County has not decided to sue.

Liangcheng County Police: “Hongmao Medicine Wine” reputation has been transferred to the prosecution for review and prosecution

@Liangcheng County Public Security Bureau reported on April 15 that the commercial reputation and product reputation of Hongmao Guo Medicine Co., Ltd. in Inner Mongolia have been transferred to the review and prosecution.

A company claims to have no return


Among the two companies, Jilin Haishan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. stated that it did return the goods to Hongmao Popularity Company because of this article, but the company is still selling Hongmao Medicine wine, the business is normal; Finance staff said that they did not return the goods to Hongmao.

Someone in Hongmao Maojiu arrested a doctor in Guangzhou across the province?

Liangcheng Police: No existence

On the 15th news on the 15th, Tan Qindong’s wife Liu told reporters on the phone that at home in Guangzhou, Tan Qindong took away several plainclothes police officers claiming to be Liangcheng County Police. During the arrest, the police failed to provide valid certification documents such as arrest notice.

According to Liu, in the meeting with the lawyer, Tan told the lawyer that there were people who arrested him with Hongmao medicine. “When the lawyer went to see him, he told the lawyer who had Hongmao medicine because That person took the initiative to say ‘I am Hongmao’s medicine’. “

However, for this, Police Officer Zhang, a police officer in Liangcheng County, told Surging News reporters that there is no situation of Hongmao medicinal and wine staff to take the police to catch people. “,”

In the vortex of public opinion, Bao Hongsheng, the head of Hongmao medicinal wine, was selected as an annual economic figure in Inner Mongolia

According to Zhengbei.com, the “2017 · Eleventh Inner Mongolia Annual Economic List” was jointly sponsored by the Inner Mongolia Entrepreneurs Federation, Inner Mongolia Agricultural and Animal Husbandry Industrialization Leading Enterprise Association, and Inner Mongolia Credit Promotion Association. Hohhot was held.

Among them, Yang Wenjun, chairman of Inner Mongolia Steel Breeding Biotechnology (Group) Co., Ltd., Lu Wenbing, Chairman of Inner Mongolia Minfeng Industry Co., Ltd., Bao Hongsheng, Chairman of Inner Mongolia Hongmao Guo Medicine Co., Ltd. Big economy.

Tan Qindong’s doctor practice certificate

Lawyers will do innocent defense


Hu Dingfeng, an entrusted lawyer of Tan Qindong and a lawyer of Guangdong Shunhua Law Firm, analyzed that Article 221 of the Criminal Law stipulates that the crime of harming the business reputation and the reputation of the product is as follows: If a major loss or other serious circumstances shall be sentenced to imprisonment or detention of less than two years, and shall be fined or single.

He believes that the content of Tan Qindong’s article comes from public reports or administrative punishment announcements from government departments, and there is no prerequisite for “fabrication”; as for “major losses or other serious circumstances”, according to the authenticity and association of evidence, further qualification certificate is further qualified Essence He said he would defend Tan Qindong’s innocence.

“Shenyao” Hongmao medicine: 2600 times of advertising illegal

Health Times reporters have studied the announcement documents in the past ten years. The results of incomplete statistics show that Hongmao medicinal wine advertisements have been reported by 25 provincial and municipal food and drug supervision departments including Jiangsu, Liaoning, Shanxi, and Hubei. It has been suspended for dozens of times. However, the Inner Mongolia Food and Drug Administration, as a regulatory department and an advertising approval department, “turned on the green light” for the advertisement of Hongmao medicinal wine.

State Drug Administration: Organize the transformation of Hongmao medicine wine from non -prescription medicine to prescription medicine

According to the National Drug Administration on the evening of the 16th, a spokesperson for the State Drug Administration said that on November 25, 2003, the former State Food and Drug Administration issued the “Notice on the announcement of the sixth batch Drug Administrative An An [2003] No. 323), announced that Hongmao medicine wine is a category A non -prescription medicine.

From 2004 to the end of 2017, in the national drug adverse reaction monitoring system, 137 cases were retrieved by the adverse reactions of Hongmao Medicine. The adverse reactions were mainly dizziness, itching, rash, vomiting, and abdominal pain.

In accordance with the “Pharmaceutical Management Law of the People’s Republic of China” and its relevant regulations, the State Drug Administration requested the Food and Drug Administration of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Food and Drug Administration to implement the responsibility of territorial regulatory supervision, strictly approval for drug advertising, increase supervision and inspection, and urge enterprises to implement the main responsibility. The first is to instruct the enterprise to explain the causes and problems of the regulatory authorities in the past five years to punish their false advertisements and problems; explain the safety and effectiveness of the drugs concerned about the society; The situation will be disclosed to the society in a timely manner, and a report is submitted to the State Drug Administration at the same time. The second is to express approval of drug advertisements strictly in accordance with the text specified in the instructions (functional governance). It must not exceed the text content of the manual (functional governance) and must not be misleading consumers. Third, the Food and Drug Administration of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region should continue to increase the daily inspection and flight inspection of the enterprise, and urge enterprises to implement the responsibility of drug safety. If it is found that violations of drug -related laws and regulations, it will be dealt with seriously in accordance with the law until the drug approval number is revoked.

The State Drug Administration has organized relevant experts to demonstrate the transformation from non -prescription drugs to prescription drugs from non -prescription drugs.

Source: Hongxing News,@Liangcheng County Public Security Bureau, “Yangcheng School” client, surging news, health Times, National Drug Administration

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