60+ fat grandmother will wear more than young people, fashionable and advanced, what is the secret of her clothes?

After 60 years of age, most of them encounter weakness problems such as skin texture or decline, such as fat, hoarding in arms, waist or thighs, and body forming also lets grandmothers have fallen into clothes. Many people are even more dressed up, no longer paying attention to external image.

However, there are also many trendy grandmothers who don’t have a good body, still keen to dress themselves, whether they are well-comforted dress, or the attitude of confidence, let them pull the distance from ordinary people. For example, foreign grandmother shared for everyone this time. This 60+ fat grandmother will wear more than young people, fashionable and advanced, let’s take a look at what we have!

First, choose no expensive

For 60+ sluggish people, the value of single product is not a key factor in dressing, and even many expensive items do not show your own temperament, but will enlarge the body short board.

Especially in winter, in addition to paying attention to the material, color, more need to focus on the color, more than a thin single product that can be modified to the body.

For example, when picking up jackets, we can try the length of the overhead jacket near the crotch, or the length of the coat near the knee. The former can modify the knob width problem, the latter is very wrapped in the lower body, like the waist and abdomen, the legs, etc. can be exhausted.

There are many waist and abdomen, and the legs of the legs are a lot of more than 60 years old grandmothers. In the winter, in addition to the cover of the jacket, it is also important to choose the next cloth.

The exotic grandma will make a variety of coats and jackets, which is also because she uses nine tapered pants to match it.

Like nine tapered jeans, nine-point small white trousers, nine-point leather pants or nine-point patterns, which are high in their pending. Due to the narrow version of the width, this trousers are installed while the legs are modified, and they will not drag them like a wide legs.


And jeans, small white trousers are both practical, and it can improve the refreshing casualness or brightness of the shape, age-age.

Second, emphasizing women’s taste

Elegant and self-confidence is a beautiful source of women, no matter how old is the old age, when wearing, the micro-fat grandmother must use the match to emphasize the taste of the woman, so that it is more elegant and more charm.


The most common in winter is to use a variety of skirts to enhance elegant breath, but the microvescreen is still needed to pay attention to the skirt version, wear less bags, you can choose the H version of the knit skirt, or pleated skirt, umbrella skirt.


In addition, the skirt material needs to be as thick as possible, and it can strengthen the depth of visual depth in resisting to the cold.

If you really like a step, then the skirt is also tryable to use the wool. Knitting is dominated. With the help of the flexible fabric to increase the package capacity of the dress, with a black or dark brown and other dark lines to visually Slim effect.

On the top, you can consider sweater or knit cardigans, and more lazy combine, and you will be equipped with a thick with boots or knee boots, stylish values ​​and women’s taste.


Third, join the boots of boots for styles

60+ micro-fat women If you don’t want to wear bloated, then you need to pursue your style, like a booties or knee boots, is ideal.

Since these boots are below the knee, it is better to control the knee boots, and the cortical fabric can strengthen the overall dress, quietly dispel, handsome and handsome.

Especially in the black pointers, the knee or black Martin shoes are combined, and the black trousers can also create a long leg.


Ankle boots, Chelsea boots or serpentine boots are relatively more flexible, essentially capable of combining various bottoms. For example, our grandmothers have extended their legs with a speaker to extend their legs, and can further increase the proportion of legs in the whole body with the help of thick with pointed snake stripes.

If it is nine pants, then it can also take care of warm and fashion through combined ankle boots.

Fourth, try the accessories combination wearing


Many times, like coats, sweaters or suits, single-dressing is unable to lack highlights, but to join the accessories, you can convert monotonous dull pairs to hipster.

Winter utilization is the highest scarf, shawl, these single items are flexible while protecting the neck area from cold winds.

In addition to loading the neck, winter can also be used as a foreign set, while pulling the fashion value, it can block the upper body.

If the main color of the outlet is called dark, then the micro-fat grandma can also act as a touch of the eye with a print scarf, a sweater chain or a colored system.


The above is the winter wearing this time for 60+ micro-fat women. If you want to wear comfortable and stylish, then you may wish to learn from it!


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