Why is there a rubber on a pencil?

When I was a kid, I had such a question, “Why do I have rubber on the pencil?”

When I was a kid, I just felt that the rubber pencil was beautiful, and it was convenient to correct it. When I grew up, my child also raised the same question, and I used adults to answer to make money to bind.

Today, just now, I saw this passage that I found out how no culture and worldly! This is like this:

Everyone will make mistakes,

So there will be rubber on the other end of the pencil,

If the pencil is not used up,

The rubber is gone,

It shows that you have missed your head.

Then the pencil was replaced with a pen,

It means that you can change the wrong thing when you are a kid,

grown up,

You will be responsible for your fault!

Seeing this words and thinking about playing homework with my friends when I was a kid, no one was allowed to wipe with rubber. In order to prevent cheating, I pulled down the rubber on the pencil and throw it away. So there is no criticism. It turns out that the eradication of rubber is the opportunity to make yourself lose wrong.

At noon, the child came back from school, and I told the child that you must write your homework seriously and try to succeed as much as possible. The rubber is not an forever “death -free gold medal”. The child said that he couldn’t understand what I said, and I said that you can understand it.

Under the care of our parents when we were young, our parents took all the mistakes for us. We can respond to all criticism with a phrase “I am still young”.

After growing up, there is no “free gold medal”. How should we pay for the mistake? The only way is to do everything responsible, because now we have to take on the mistakes that parents may make. The mistakes that children make, and there are too many responsibilities on us. We have no capital in the post -80s.

Work hard, the former teenager, the current main force.

Together with each post 80s!

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