What toothpaste to get rid of bad breath and share toothpaste sharing unlimited repurchase

Falling in love will become beautiful. After falling in love, the whole person has become delicate. It feels like he has aroma all over and down, and even his breath is fresh. The guy who is too lazy to use the conditioner is usually carefully selected to choose toothpaste? Yes, yes, that’s me, I have to ask “What toothpaste to remove bad breath?” I have a very good say. After all, my homework is not done in vain.

Japanese ORA2 Haole toothpaste

The Internet celebrity brand on Xiaohongshu has a variety of flavors. Peach flavors, mint, rose, and jasmine flavor have everything. My favorite is peach flavor, full of fruit flavor, the advantage is mild and non -exciting, leaving incense For a long time, it can be fragrant after brushing. At the same time, there is the effect of removing yellow.

Italy Marvis


Hermes, known as the toothpaste industry, is retro and the taste is also a must. All kinds of mint mix and match, more enjoyable than eating green arrows. Purple jasmine mint, silver classic mint, black licorice mint, blue marine mint, orange ginger mint, red cinnamon mint, green mint, I don’t know if 7 can summon the dragon. If you have a fresh tone, you have to be “fierce medicine”. It is easy to use, but expensive is really expensive.

Cao Fang Cherry Enzyme Fresh Specialty Research toothpaste

It has a 600 -year -old Bai Caotang, and the cherry blossoms are very strong, and the packaging is also very Chinese. As a national style enthusiast, its appearance is really amazing to me. and


The difference between the two toothpaste was a Chinese herbal medicine toothpaste with natural and herbal formula. There were no abrasives, coloring agents, and bleaching agents. In addition to the aroma of the toothpaste itself, these three ingredients also have the effect of antibacterial repair, which can deeply absorb harmful bacteria and fundamentally remove bad breath.


Listening to friends say that toothpaste should be used for changing, and you cannot rely too much on a toothpaste, otherwise it will cause destruction of the dental flora. As the light of domestic goods, Cao Fang has grasped the needs of consumers and launched a variety of specialized and effective toothpaste to ensure that it is not repeated for 1 year.

What toothpaste to remove bad breath? I used to choose toothpaste more follow -up international brands. I always feel that the meat in the bowls of others is more fragrant. Now the value of Chinese herbal medicine is discovered by more people. It trusts Chinese herbal medicine toothpaste.

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