How important is a person’s strong aesthetic power?

In the contemporary, what can a person have a strong aesthetic power?


Is the change level of high -US businessmen become beautiful?

Can it evolve from a bland style into a phenomenon -level style?

Or can I understand the self -aesthetic characteristics of a picture under my own understanding and aesthetics?


Or does the creativity and wonderful thoughts in your mind be figurative into art masterpieces?


It is undeniable that the above is a manifestation of a person’s aesthetic power, and it can even be said that the aesthetic power above is very “bright”.

Except for them,


Uncle Oxygen believes that there is also a kind of aesthetic power, the artistic beauty of the bone marrow.

It’s not so bright,

It seems to be profitable, but it exists in the lives of most people.

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A picture taken by a Russian bookstore clerk has different backgrounds.

These photos seem to be ordinary and simple, but if you look closely, it is not difficult to see that the photos of these books with people are all artistic works of fine products.

The composition is rigorous and solemn.

Although the beauty is in life, the aesthetic power and display of the aesthetic power in life are much more aura and surprise than the latter.

Speaking of this, you can’t help wondering?


Why is someone inadvertently aesthetic? Of course, the influence of cultural literacy.

Take the clerk of the Russian bookstore as an example,

Russians actually have a classic spirit.


They are deeply influenced by classical painting, and they are also very classic in daily aesthetic expression. Over time, the corner of life is also such aesthetic form.


We can also compare the photography habits of Russians and Koreans, and we can also see the differences in the aesthetic performance of different people due to the influence of different art genres.

The photos of Russians are more solemn and tranquil, and the taste of classical painting is strong;

Korean people are exquisite and pale, and they have the meaning of abstract expressionism.

Because since the 1960s, it is mainly abstractism to guide Korean painting. It can further be divided into abstract expressionism, geometric graphic programming later color abstract paintings, and abstract monochrome paintings.

Look at some of our country’s life aesthetic direction, some pictures of Douban useless aesthetic group.


Maybe our daily aesthetic power is not so prominent, but it is unique to the Buddha, Tao, and Confucianism.


“Poetic and Zen”.

The influence of culture allows a nation to have his unique aesthetics. On the other side,


You can learn more about the art school and literary faction that you are interested in. In fact, we can also comprehensively cultivate our aesthetic power.


Let’s talk about how to use classicalism to enhance their aesthetics? The content will be taken from taking pictures

(Record the aesthetics), wearing (expression aesthetics), atmosphere (comprehensive understanding of beauty).

Follow the classicist record beauty

The Russians are deeply influenced by classical painting, and we simply have some characteristics of classical painting.

The first characteristic of classical painting is the kind of ancient charm that art brings to people very much.

Secondly, the composition is also pursuing uniform and complete composition. Reduce the performance of color and strokes,

Pursuing the balance and integrity of the composition, and strive to make the work a kind of ancient quiet and severe beauty.

Love the soft and dark tone.

Classical painting emphasizes accurate sketching technology and subtle light and dark tones, and pays attention to make the image and shapes show sculpture -like simplicity and generalization, pursuing a magnificent composition method and solemn style and spirit.

The artistic sense of oil painting and photos is extremely similar


After understanding the characteristics of classical painting, it is easy to follow the expression of classical painting beauty. Intersection


Following taking pictures of classicalism, it is essentially the rigor of the contour and composition.

(For the focus, for those who cultivate aesthetics, the cultivation of the sensitivity to the outline and composition is greatly beneficial)

Classicalism’s solemn composition.


Highlighting the composition of the face is more inclined to the personal composition, and the temperament is relatively personal and living; the composition of coordination and the scenery is more inclined to the solemn composition method.


For example, the golden segmentation and coordination of people and the scenery, and the relationship between people and the picture shows a square, triangle, and rectangle.

Dark color mixing.

The use of lightness and dark parts is to highlight the tranquility and staying of the hustle and bustle of the picture with bright and dark.

Increase grayscale, darkness, and use some unsaturated colors

In fact, it will feel classicism.


Classicalism of scene -story sense.

After the composition and color and darkness are used, the main content to be conveyed by the photo itself is also very important. How does daily life make a sense of classicism? Very simple, story sense.

If a single person thinks about, many people seem to be talking. A observation, photos with storytelling and interactiveness are pretty beautiful regardless of structural shooting.


Classical dressing

The color of classical painting is a high -saturation of calmness and low brightness. In the sense of wearing,

Except for traditional retro elements, its main theme is quiet or mysterious. (Color and strokes are very hazy)


How to use ancient rhyme colors?

From the perspective of showing whiteness and essence, classicalism is really advantageous.

Brick red, dark green, reddish brown.

The color is deep enough, because the brightness is not high, so it looks very calm and restrained. These colors are very friendly to Asian skin. It is too suitable in autumn and winter. Classic is beautiful and white.

The use of light and dark contrast is the use of color.

Brick red and black and white, white blue and gray, dark green and ivory white.

There are many very classic classic classic wearing references in “Burning Women Portrait”.


Recently, Kleinlan, who has recently been hot, Uncle Oxygen thinks it is also very classic.

Single colors are not easy to control, you may wish to try such a bright and dark contrast color mixing and match. Claine blue and yellow are lively. Claine blue and gray are solemn texture, and Clain blue and ivory white are mild and light.

The second point, the source of many wearing and photo oil paintings is mixed with high saturation but lower color and lower colors.

When reading the painting, I learned the color of the painter’s painting with my experience.

In addition to color, the accessories of some retro elements are also fun.

Flower collar, court skirts, lazy skirts and coats.


There is a shop that sells separately on a certain treasure, a flat skirt plus flower collar, and classical Nafelin.




Classic design can also bring classic sense.

The longer the design, the stronger the texture of the design and the beauty of the ancient charm. For example, Chelsea boots, high -heeled high -heeled high -heeled shoes.


Follow the classicism atmosphere


First declare that it is not a beautiful inner volume,


Start finding some styles that are suitable for you from your favorite art genres, and then enhance the aesthetics.

This is better than seeing a lot of beauty tutorials, but it is highly cost -effective.

So how to create a corresponding atmosphere in classical art?

The newly released movie “Sand Dunes” is also a typical classic style movie.

Regardless of narrative or lens language, the classic atmosphere of this movie is pulled to the extreme.


There are quiet and magnificent scenes, magnificent soundtracks, and narrative techniques. In summary, it can have the beauty and heritage of classicalism.


Then, the classic atmosphere is applicable.


Classicalism itself is ancient rhyme and solemn, so the applicable person is also the same.

People with young and long -looking are also meaningless to concave classicism. On the contrary

The daily atmosphere also hopes to convey professional and credible information, which is more suitable for classical atmosphere.

The color is quiet and restrained, the composition is simple but focused on the structure, and the whole atmosphere is soft.

The color can be worn from wearing, and the composition can be used to share with the daily photos with the circle of friends.

Even a person’s personality and speaking logic can be classic.

The gentle tone says that if the conditioning is clear, I will have some calmness when I meet a major event.

Use your favorite art school to improve the aesthetic power. The change is from the inside, and the kernel driver gradually becomes an extraordinary display.

The head of the head and the tenth -level filter is the atmosphere, and it is also an technique on the road of growth. The cognition and changes extended from appreciating hobbies are Tao.


Picture source network invading deletion

Picture source network invading deletion

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