The most amazing actress of the Spring Festival Gala: Li Sisi velvet swan neck, Li Yuchun sexy, Eriyuan’s luxurious and graceful

The annual Spring Festival Gala is here again. After the Spring Festival Gala each year, the audience is facing the love and vomiting of the audience.


CCTV Spring Festival Gala, CCTV, which crushes other stations

, It’s not just a party as simple as a party.

It is the biggest topic in the Spring Festival and the New Year

The hottest flow pool


Essence Everyone on the Spring Festival Gala is “reviewed” by billions of viewers across the country.


Especially those or

Young and mature and intellectual actresses

For them, the Spring Festival Gala is the most important show in the whole year.


So how do the actresses wear in the Spring Festival Gala?


How do you dress up, do you have any missing performance?



After watching the Spring Festival Gala Pi Ge, this set of this set for everyone, the 20 actresses of the Spring Festival Gala wears and show the inventory. According to the order of appearance, everyone looks down:


01. Liu Tao: The shape of a suit red skirt is full of changes

A “Star Sea” made Liu Tao suddenly fire at the end of the year. This time, he also successfully boarded the CCTV Spring Festival Gala.


In the opening song of the Spring Festival Gala, Liu Tao’s shape is amazing. Her red reporter’s formal dress, with a white shirt inside, and a large white butterfly -like decoration on her chest, looks very dignified.

After that, this red trench coat has the taste of the Spring Festival.


In the magic show behind. Liu Tao also changed his dress. This dark red skirt was really beautiful, which not only showed Liu Tao’s figure, but also set off her temperament.

That is, she has a “career” level without silver. It is too bad.

02. Xie Na: The sweater is young

Subsequently, Xie Na at home wore a red sweater and fair skin and looked very young.

Seeing Xie Na’s figure on the CCTV Spring Festival Gala, Pi Ge was also very happy.


03, Li Sisi: dignified and elegant


As the “old man” and the host of the Spring Festival Gala, Li Sisi wore a long -texture dress with a national style decoration in the middle.

In the later show, Li Sisi changed a lot. Pice’s favorite set is the blue dress with this silk and velvet.

The skirt’s shoulder design is clever, which can not only set off Li Sisi’s swan neck, but also a bit of a sense of technology. It is especially stylish on the body. It is very formal and quite beautiful.


04, Ma Fanshu: The princess skirt is eye -catching


The sports channel female, known as “CCTV Lin Zhiling”, hosted Ma Fanshu, who suddenly took off the Spring Festival Gala, which surprised many people.

However, as the only post -90s host on the Spring Festival Gala, Ma Fanshu is in a good state, and a princess skirt is cute.

Set out the small temperament of the small soil next to it.

After that, this white cheongsam dress also has a sense of national style, gentle and exquisite.

At the end, Ma Fanshu’s white with green decorative silk skirt is also very immortal to wear on his body. It feels like the Spring Festival Gala through the game is also Ma Fanshu’s personal fashion show.

05. Li Yuchun: Pink bag hip skirt is sexy

In recent years, Chunchun has forgotten his previous neutral style. The dresses are all worn by tigers and wolves. The pink sequins bag hip skirt of the Spring Festival Gala is very eye -catching.


In particular, the guide teacher, this ranging lens, took Chunchun’s legs longer than Deng Chao.

In addition to this, Li Yuchun’s skirt is all decorated with pearls, and looks like a set of pearl armor.

It is worthy of Chun brother, the phrase “Xinchun Brother has eternal life”, it seems that it is not barking in vain.

06. Yinger: It is not easy to show a face

Because of the restrictions on the plot, Yinger can’t choose a more fashionable dress, but this small red jeans with small white shoes still looks very pure.

However, I finally went to the Spring Festival Gala. Yinger seemed to be “lost” because many netizens talked about her face in the whole process.

Later, the deity also intercepted Zhang Tu’s response: “I’m here here.”

But indeed, most of the lenses in sketches are like this.

There is this …

07. Yin Xiumei: Da Kaida Dajie Domineering

As the older generation of singers, Yin Xiumei has a lot of atmosphere.

The pink large skirt looks very formal. The wide bracelets on the arms and the pendant on the ears are large. With the eyes of all sentient beings, it is really domineering.


08. Jia Ling: The mother’s shape should be changed


Jia Ling is cheap again. Except for a daughter in “Li Huanying”, in the Spring Festival Gala, either plays a mother -in -law or a mother.


Not only that, if you look closely, you will find that when Jia Ling plays his mother, the dress is almost the same.


In 2019, Red sweater.


In 2020, a single discharge red sweater.


In 2021, deep V red sweater.

By 2022, it was like the “blessing” on the 2021 sweater moved to the cuffs.

You thought it was Zhang Xiaofei’s leading fashion, but Jia Ling fixed the trend.

In the Spring Festival of middle -aged and elderly women, Jia Ling can be said to be dead.

09, Zhang Xiaofei: Come and bring the goods again

I don’t know when Zhang Xiaofei’s clothes on the Spring Festival Gala have become a sought -after goods for Taobao merchants to compete for replication.


Last Spring Festival Gala, a set of fluorescent coats were all over the entire network.

Someone seeks link online.

This year’s Spring Festival Gala, this dark green velvet coat has become an explosion,

The program is not over, and the link will be on.


He also directly rushed to the first place in the online store collection list, and there was an amazing sales of ten minutes on the shelves.

On this hot search, Pice couldn’t figure out for a while, whether the clothes were red or Zhang Xiaofei.

10. Wang Xi: Stunning


Dancers and actors born in 1994 were stunning, and a white skirt was like a sky elf.

She danced smartly, and she was as beautiful as a swan.


Everyone may be unfamiliar with the name of Wang Xi, but everyone should know in the “Galaxy Tutoring Class” and Ruyi in “The Mother of the Family”.


The primitive and quaint costume in the show, coupled with Wang Xi’s good -looking face, has the heritage of the princess during the ancient Shu Kingdom.

11. Jike Junyi: Way hip red skirt hot and sexy

Ji Keyi’s performance suit was really the one she was worn when she was in the row.


As early as the second arrangement of the Spring Festival Gala, Jike Yiyi was photographed wearing this clothes outside.


She shivered in the cold wind in Beijing, and there were still many people who eat melon at the time to comment: sex is moving.

However, with the red high heels of the Spring Festival Gala, Jike’s sexy and domineering is indeed enough to conquer all audiences.

12. Song Qian: Invincible red suit

Song Qian was also photographed many Reuters, but this red wide version of the suit could only be seen under the down jacket.


The refined picture is also very beautiful.

On the Spring Festival Gala stage, when the camera is closer, this suit and black inside match are very good.

Song Qian’s face is small, with a golden hollow and huge earrings with necks, the more delicate faces are.


The only insufficient place is that when the camera is far away, this suit with small foot pants and black high heels are a bit uncomfortable, too ordinary.

13. Zhang Ye: The green long tail skirt is atmospheric


The nail households who often go to the Spring Festival Gala are in line with the main theme.


Zhang Ye’s green long tail skirt has the national style of cheongsam in the upper body, and the lower body looks like a dress. Overall, it looks dignified and matched with songs like “Our Times”.

The lens is closer. The silk texture and exquisite embroidery of the skirt are clearly visible. With the green earrings, it is more and more solemn and aesthetic of singing artists.

14. Zhang Shaohan: The down dwelling skirt is like a princess like an elf


Zhang Shaohan wore a gray down gift skirt, a large skirt, and a feather decoration on his waist.

In particular, the upper body of the skirt also has a silver “BulingBuling” diamond decoration.

Looking closely, the princess looks like an elf, coupled with her cute rabbit ear hairstyle, beautiful.


The only discomfort was that the director of the ghost arranged her and Li Ronghao to sing together. A big eyes were watery, a small eye was squinting, and the two looked at each other, and Zhang Shaohan seemed to have their own mocking skills.


I don’t know if Li Ronghao’s self -esteem will be harmed, but this scene will definitely cause a lot of crit to small eyes and single eyelid groups.


15. Tan Weiwei: The clothing is not enough “spring”


Tan Weiwei’s wear of this Spring Festival Gala is slightly conservative.


The design of this yellow skirt, the design of the shoulder highlights sexy, but there are too many elements on the whole body and look complicated.

Coupled with the hairstyle designed by Tan Weiwei on the scalp, it looks like the head is not washed, and lost a bit of beauty.


Although the overall match is not particularly beautiful, fortunately, she sang “The Bell in Spring” with Sun Nan, and the stunning singing skills pulled back a city.


16. Li Yan: Long lost Chinese style

Li Yan has always been famous for daring to wear, but this Spring Festival Gala, Li Yan’s dresses are full of Chinese style.

The upper body of the skirt is in a suit, with black decorations on the waist. The skirt is large, dragging to the ground, a bit of Hanfu.

The solid color of the upper body and the black of the lower body complete the visual focus conversion, coupled with Li Yan’s domineering twist hairstyle, it looks like an international sister.

17. Zhao Liying: Heart -type dress is too cute


Zhao Liying’s show is in the penultimate one, but many fans are anxious.


However, Zhao Liying’s princess style dress is still very matched with her cute temperament.


The red skirt should be decorated with a huge bow, a red heart on the chest, and the red heart is inlaid in a white down decoration.

With the texture of the gauze skirt, Zhao Liying’s cuteness and agility. No wonder Zhao Liying’s studio is going to send three sets of Zhao Liying’s dress.

The effect of this skirt at the scene was also very good. Weibo used the word “bright” to evaluate. Pice agreed.

In the state of life, I have to say that Zhao Liying is indeed old.

18. Yu Kewei: Candy is super sweet


Yu Kewei’s shape is also cute, but it is not the same as Zhao Liying’s cuteness.


Zhao Liying’s cuteness is a little childish, and Yu Kewei is a cute and cute.

Some people say that Yu Kewei salt is sweet and cool, because her appearance and figure can control a variety of styles, although it is not the top in each style, at least in the cute Zhao Liying compared, but there was still no problem in the temperament of the whole body.

This puffy skirt is indeed full of cuteness.


19. Li Guyi: The trend of grandma

Every Spring Festival Gala, “Unforgettable Tonight” is a reserved program, and this year is no exception.


Grandma Li Gu, a 78 -year -old, dressed in a red dress.

The tight -fitting design of the red skirt has a red veil wrapped in the shoulders.


Some elderly people, listening to “Unforgettable Tonight” in the Spring Festival has become a ritual, and Li Guyi naturally became the finale of the Spring Festival.

20. Eliyuan: The red skirt is luxurious and graceful


Eliyuan, who is also a singer, wears a luxurious and graceful aristocratic style.

The upper body of this pink skirt is decorated with peony, because peony originally gave a sense of grace and luxury.

In addition, the skirt itself and the skirt have a layered gauze design, which looks quite noble.

The wear itself is not good or bad, only on the occasion, and the Spring Festival Gala may not be the master.

Pi Ge took a look at the actresses of the actresses. After all, when the show is boring, appreciation beauty is also a kind of enjoyment.


Finally, I wish you all a happy New Year and a good year!

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