The 4 common shampoo in the supermarket can easily cause itching, like snowflakes to break through the world

The common shampoo in the four supermarkets can easily cause itching after washing. Dandruff is like snowflakes.

Some readers and me left a message to share that after using a shampoo, the scalp that had no dandruff will become dandruff, and even if it was used continuously for a week, this situation still exists.

Maybe this is not only a problem with your scalp, but it should be a problem of shampoo itself, so this article wants to share it with everyone. Some disputes are relatively strong, and it is easy to have shampoo with dandruff and itching. See if you have used the one you have used?

First explain a little bit

The following four shampoo, from the perspective of like water itself, the causes of dandruff are different. We cannot generalize. And everyone’s scalp environment is different from their own skin texture, don’t spray if you don’t like it.

Sassoon repair water

I have shared some of my views on Sassoon Washedon water before. Take the relatively basic Sassoon Repairing Water to raise shampoos. For example, this shampoo is the basic shampoo of Sassoon, and it is often common on many supermarket shelves.


After using this shampoo, the scalp that had no dandruff became more dandruff, and it would cause itching.

After checking the ingredient table, its surfactant uses the S table to activate a complex silicon oil lubricant, so it is a relatively light type in terms of skin sensation. , But the problem is concentrated on the preservatives:

The use of MIT preservatives generally cannot exceed 0.01%, but there are still some stimuli for scalp. After washing, itching and unstable hair root will occur.


Also, most of the shampoo containing silicon oil has some inertia, which is not easy to be washed away by the water, so if the rinse is not clean, it will stay on the scalp, causing the scalp itching and acne.


Aduf Shampoo

Alidov’s evaluation has always been mixed. On the one hand, the smell of Amv is really good. Its incense time is relatively long. On the other hand, most people don’t think it is good to be very good.


The surface active agent used by the Aduf Shampoo is still S, and the ingredient ranking of sodium sulfate (foaming agent) of laurel glycol is very advanced. At that time, you will feel a lot of bubbles, but this foaming agent is very irritating to the scalp.

On the other hand, there are fewer activity ingredients, and most of them create a very dry and fluffy feeling. It is not friendly to the hair, so after washing the hair, you will feel that the hair is dry and dry. After finishing your head, your hair will be stirred together.

Shulei Mountain Camellia Camellia Baked Oil and Bright Wash and Display


I do n’t use Shu Lei’s shampoo, but in the only few models I have used, there is one that makes me feel that it is not only refreshing after washing, but also itching.

Shulei Mountain Camellia Camellia Baked Oil Washwater. This shampoo surface active agent is SLES’s table activity of SLS. Some active substances added in the future are relatively small. The main reason is that soluble collagen can help the skin, especially the scalp moisturize, but the subsequent addition is added. A preservative DMDM ​​is a bit stimulating, which has an impact on the flora of the scalp and may be sensitive.

And this shampoo itself is not refreshing enough, and personally feels more suitable for perm.


Philippine Poems Washwater

The Philippine Shop’s shampoo at the time followed the wind to follow the wind, mainly because the fragrance of this shampoo was more fragrant. Although it was clear that it was the role of flavors, I couldn’t help but buy a bottle.

The surfactant of this shampoo is also a more exciting S table activity, but in order to balance its experience, some emulsifiers are added later, especially the laurel alcohol polyether. There is also a certain inertia. More than 1%is likely to have a certain stimulation of the skin, and it may cause acne and itching of the scalp. Some active ingredients added later can be ignored after the ranking.

So this shampoo gives me the feeling of perfume is very heavy and fragrant, and the time is relatively long, but some of the added emulsifiers are cheaper, and it is not very friendly to the skin.

Well, the above is today’s sharing, mainly personal sharing.

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