Skilldonine DS PH200M 39mm Women’s Watch

It can be said that it is not Snow Titana.

In recent years, Citro has been showing people with the image of turtles symbolizing perseverance and power. No one has thought about it. Once such a tough “strong man” is tender, he will throw off dozens of streets in competitors far away.

姗姗来迟的雪铁纳 DS PH200M 39MM 女装腕表

DS PH200M Lady

In recent years, Snow Titan DS PH200M fire is not without reason.

2018 Snow Tie DS PH200M

2020 Snow Tie DS PH200M

Whether it is the 2018 DS PH200M rigorous seamless inheritance of the prototype model in 1967, or the high -value reprint upgrade of the 2020 DS PH200M micro -arc ceramic ring, Snow Tiener is showing everyone’s long and splendid historical glory and glory and brilliance. The ability to control contemporary aesthetics. Snow Tiener’s actions in recent years can be described as offensive and full of confidence.

Snow Tie DS PH500M

In 2021, Snow Titana still maintained the momentum of the previous years, taking advantage of the momentum, and forging ahead. At the beginning of the year, Citro’s developers innovatively launched an event inviting fans around the world to jointly build new women’s watches.

DS PH200M Lady Conest “Create its own watch” competition poster DS PH200M Lady Conest “Create its own watch” poster

姗姗来迟的雪铁纳 DS PH200M 39MM 女装腕表

This item is DS PH200M Lady Conest

The competition of “Building its own watch” was launched in the form of voting. The event began on March 8, 2021 and ended on March 25, 2021.

Chinese fans can participate in this activity through the links of the official flagship store of Snow Titana. Through the bezel, dial, strap, and pointer, a four -wheeled and two -wheeled voting.

姗姗来迟的雪铁纳 DS PH200M 39MM 女装腕表

DS PH200M women’s watches show existing appearance.

姗姗来迟的雪铁纳 DS PH200M 39MM 女装腕表

Snow Tiener will choose a fan from the fans participating in the voting. The lucky child will have the opportunity to get the DS PH200M women’s watch designed by the final voting result at the end of 2021.

I was fortunate to participate in it, but in the first round of voting, the author chose the white ceramic outer circle, and the second round chose the wave dot dial. Different.

姗姗来迟的雪铁纳 DS PH200M 39MM 女装腕表

In response to the reasonable demands of fans, this new Snow Tiena DS PH200M women’s watch abandon almost all the shortcomings of the previous work. After narrowing the 39mm micro -curved ceramic outer ring, the scale is no longer so dense, and the simple design makes everyone fans fans. Can more clearly appreciate the exquisite and mellow of the ceramic outer ring.

姗姗来迟的雪铁纳 DS PH200M 39MM 女装腕表

The elegant pearl shelter dial is also one of the characteristics of this Citroen DS PH200M women’s watch. Compared with the blue disk and black disk with a single color, this material that can show different colors will make the disc surface more rich.

姗姗来迟的雪铁纳 DS PH200M 39MM 女装腕表

Because it is a naturally formed material, it also makes each pearl shelter dial unique -none of the two pearls of herdship are the same.

This DS PH200M women’s watch with global fans still retains DS Concept (DS Concept), which is proud of Citron. Since its birth in 1959, it has spared no effort to use various measures as wrists as wrists. The watch protection is escorted, and it can keep keeping with the times, so that the Citroen watch has undergone severe tests again and again.

姗姗来迟的雪铁纳 DS PH200M 39MM 女装腕表

Judging from the current photos released on the official website, the words of 25 jewels are clearly printed on the automatic Tuo. Fans’ concerns about plastic movements.

Citon has always been very kind to the ocean in the world. Whether it is participating in underwater research plans, developing advanced diving watches or cooperation with the Turtle Conservation Association, Snow Tiena has always had a deep relationship with water elements.

#Tide Ocean Material® teamwork.

姗姗来迟的雪铁纳 DS PH200M 39MM 女装腕表

The team has developed a award -winning recycling method with scientists from the University of Switzerland Applied Science and Technology. of

DS PH200M women’s watches make Citro play a more active role in the concept of sustainable development.

Summary: Citroner, who has more than 130 years of history, has been continuously upgraded, transformed, improved, and incorporated into contemporary fashion genes. While inheriting the classic design, it has glowed with new vitality.

Today’s Snow Titan DS PH series has become a large family. The family has a more tendency to dive DS PH500M at the same time, and pays tribute to the classic 2018 DS PH200M, more fashionable 2020 DS PH200M, and 39mm created for women. The version of DS PH200M is just like the slogan of its official website -innovation, as ever.

姗姗来迟的雪铁纳 DS PH200M 39MM 女装腕表

Snow Tiena’s diversified design has shown the pattern of large -scale table -making factories. It is expected that Snow Tiener will bring more classic watches in history to the public’s vision in the future, so that everyone will deepen everyone deeper Feels its rich tables.

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