Don’t wear these three shoes for baby, save money, waste is your feet!

A while ago

The toe of a 3 -year -old girl was “bite” by the elevator

Four small toes are stuck between the elevator and the skirt




After being taken to the hospital, I finally failed to connect to the broken toe

Such news

It sounds painful!


There are always many children who will be recruited

Some crushed can not be connected


In the end, I can only cut off the residual toe

Carefully investigate

Get up the elevator “bite” toe incident

Many times it is the calamity of holes

The cake mom has also been a lot of times

Don’t wear a baby out of the house

Except hole shoes

You may not realize yet

Buy a big size for your child

Let the baby wear a brother and sister’s second -hand shoes

The baby’s little feet must also suffer

The damage is not smaller than the cave shoes

For the health and beauty of the baby

Don’t nostalgia for these shoes, save money

Cave shoes

In a word

Please don’t wear it for your baby! Intersection Intersection

Earlier 315 party was also exposed

This kind of shoes are soft and easy to deform

If you are not careful, you will be rolled into the escalator.

Now, look at

The shoes such as the picture are easy to wear and take off, it can flow water

Careful and bad feet after wearing it for a long time

Most hole shoes

All plastic or rubber

Disposal without sweat absorption

The baby’s young feet have been boring for a long time

Allergies, dermatitis, and athletes are easy to come to the door


This too soft and loose shoes


Can’t fix the child’s little feet

Sliding in the shoes and sliding and it is easy to fall and do not say

It’s not conducive to stabilizing the foot type

In addition, hole shoes are not enough to fix the heel

When your baby walks, he often grasps with his toes

It is easy to cause toe tendinitis


It is likely to cause

Toe deformation, nail problems, calluses



I really can’t love

Then please tolerate

Wait until the baby is 3 years old and then wear

Go to the pool or beach ok

It’s okay to walk out

It’s even more unsuitable to take the elevator

Large -size shoes


I often hear parents say in the shoe store

Children grow fast

It will be small if the shoes are not worn long after we wear


Buy a big yard

Tell the truth

Cake Mom can understand this mood

But so

Regularly buy double -footed shoes for baby

Really can’t save

Large size shoes are too pit baby

The most afraid is

Shoes that have been wore for a long time


It is easy to cause feet to develop deformity

For example, affect the formation of arch

Turned into flat feet

Large -size shoes that are unchanged for a long time

Not only affects the baby’s foot development

Even the body’s body is affected

Wearing large size shoes

Small feet must be grasped hard

Walking is easy to lean forward

Such a walking posture directly affects spinal development

It’s been a long time


Basically, you must have a tall posture

Straight long legs say byebye


Unhealthy spine

After the baby

It will cause



And other issues


Small feet rubbing in the shoes and friction

If you accidentally grind the blisters or fall and sprain


It’s also very distressed


My mother has also seen a crying and laughing operation

Some parents need to wear large size shoes in order to let the baby wear large size shoes

I wore five pairs of socks for the baby

I just want to ask

Is this a mother? Intersection

Generally speaking

Children 1 ~ 3 years old need to change 2 to 3 new shoes a year

Children 3 ~ 10 years old need to change new shoes 1 or 2 times a year

After the age of 18, the feet will be completely shaped

Second -hand shoes


Old shoes sent by my brother or others

Looks more comfortable and not wasted?

As everyone knows, it is money

What is abandoned is the feet!

Every baby’s foot shape and walking posture are different

The focus of walking is also different

So the soles and heels

There will be differences in the wear site

Let the baby wear other people’s “set shoes”


Not only uncomfortable

It will also affect the development of the foot and leg shape

In terms of hygiene

Mom also conflicts

Shoes worn by others

There are some bacteria hidden more or less

If there is something wrong with the previous master’s feet


What should I do if they are transmitted to the baby?

Wide -wide hole shoes

Large size shoes without heels

Old shoes worn by others

After wearing it for a long time affecting the baby’s small feet, it is not safe

Can’t say it in the face value

Although the baby is small, he also has a heart love


promise me

The child’s growth is only once

I buy new shoes for baby for a while

Don’t be suitable for baby shoes, okay?

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