After preparing for the wedding for more than half a year, I decided to write a duplicate of marriage!

The wedding that is prepared for more than half a year is complete. I want to summarize my own wedding experience and give some simple references to the majority of marriages.


1. Please period (choose days)

This day is the most and most important thing. It is best to set it as soon as possible, because only by determining the days can we do everything behind.

2. Too great gift & return gift

In fact, it is the male house to come and give a gift, and the customs in various places are different.

The man is too big gifts as follows:

Two boxes of dragon and phoenix gift cakes, two fruit baskets (fierce), two pairs of coconuts (with grandfathers), dragon and phoenix candle, one -to -one pair, two wines, a box of tea (the woman is firm and trustworthy), One pack of sesame (high), two pairs of betel nuts (respectful as guests), a big gift gold seal (for the use of gold), including all benefits to seal one (replace chicken, fish, pork gift), cypress (auspicious avoidance), Nine apples (Ping Ping An).

Fang Fang returned gifts as follows: lotus root (good couple Tiancheng), pomegranate eight (multi -child and blessing), Timing Jiang, Lianli taro (Timing Dingfa rich), flat cypress (auspicious avoiding bad).

3. Wedding room layout

The purchase of physical stores will be more convenient to buy than the Internet. A store can basically buy completely (including petals, red envelopes, gift guns, tea sets, and red umbrellas on the day. trouble.

Paving bed

When we pave the bed, we must be paved by the good -looking mother -in -law of the woman’s family. It is best to have children and elders.


When paving the bed and the bed, the bride must not enter. After paving the dragon and phoenix, put on the bed pressure doll, spall on the bed cover and the descendants of the bedside with the sputum, peanuts, mung beans, walnuts, red dates, lilies and longan, and Lishi, etc.


While paving the bed while paving the bed, good wives have to say auspicious sentences of rhyme, such as “paving beds and bedding, Ruyi auspicious; bed and bedding, dragon and phoenix are Xiangxiang …”


4. Top (combing your hair)

It was held one night before the wedding. It is necessary to choose a good hour. The man should be half an hour earlier than the woman. Both men and women need to bathe with green pomelo leaves, and then put on a new underwear with pajamas. (A elder in the family of both men and women) Comb her hair, while combing her hair while combing her head, good wives should say the auspicious sentence of rhyme, such as “combing to the head, wealthy and wealthy; two combed to the head, no disease and worry -free. …. “

After eating dumplings, use a clip to clamp the red head rope and cypress on the hair until the next day.

The woman’s auspicious head set (cypress, comb, combed, 篦, needle, thread, dragon and phoenix candle, dragon and phoenix scissors, mirrors, red head ropes, descendants, etc.)

5. Clothing


Mainly, the groom and bride’s clothing, brothers and sisters, brothers and sisters, wedding sugar, and photo game props.

Buying things on the streets of the second palace wedding dress, the roadside is more expensive. It is better to go to buy brand goods. It will be very cheap to walk into the alley. I basically find the cheapest one than the whole network. If the budget can be solved in a store.

Groom: Chinese -style relatives, belts, tie clips, cufflinks, suits, leather shoes, hanger.


Beauty eggs, morning robes, slippers, Chinese -style skirts (also people choose to go out of the door), red wedding shoes, handbags, wedding dresses (consider welcome and the main ceremony, the welcoming gauze is convenient, before testing the yarn Determine the height of wedding shoes), welcome slippers (recommended to buy a pair of white super high waterproof platforms), toasting clothes (if there is a FISRTDANCE session, you should choose well), wedding shoes, and hanger.


Brother group: Chinese garage clothes, belts, tie clamps, cufflinks, French shirts, straps (pay attention to length), bow tie, gift boxes, camera props (except roses and sunglasses, push a money spray gun, the effect is very good) Essence

Sister group: beauty eggs, lollipop, morning robe, slippers, Chinese bridesmaid clothing (there are many options for searching for Guzheng performances), Western bridesmaid clothing, bridesmaid shoes (with straps will not fall), gift boxes


6. Booking a banquet (half a year in advance or even a year)


I was looking for a hotel call directly at the time, and then transferred to the banquet service department for time, otherwise it would not be possible to see the venue without reception.

In short, one must go to the field, because the lobby decoration style, light brightness, and area of ​​area (see if you can accept the partition, which door is related to the table when the bride enters the venue) is an important factor that affects the overall effect. Seeing a few people have contrast and experience.

There is also a need to try the dishes. Before the dishes, the first dishes are stopped to bewasting and tea. Showing “Wing” and so on, to indicate the content, whether the suckling pig is the whole body or part, and the fish and lobster are multiple, and they must be columns one by one. At that time, we took the opportunity to try the dishes and let the parents of both parties watch the next venue together.

To determine how to place the table in advance with the hotel, choose a tablet chair fabric in the evening, whether the table is used in Arabic numerals or English letters, and whether the countertop needs to write the name of the guests.

In terms of choosing hotels, the following issues are mainly concerned: service fees, bottle opening fees, before seats, built -in wine, makeup room, audio and LED screen, wedding company entry fee, arrangement time, electricity fee, garbage treatment fee, parking voucher, parking vouchers Whether the deposit can be refunded, the number of seats can be increased or decreased, and the treatment method of the remaining banquets.

7. Find a wedding


Before determining the wedding, you can go online to see the cases of various companies, find your favorite style and acceptable price. I saw the wedding company I chose on the Internet and then contacted directly on Weibo.

(Our wedding logo)

Express your own thoughts with the wedding and talk more about your story. For example, I must use the elements of red, I don’t like balloons, dream catcher, and line curtains. One day I sent a recording that Dr. He gave me seven years ago to the wedding, and I suddenly determined the very good design theme, so I must keep the records of daily life and share it with the wedding.

If it wasn’t for a person like me, I could let it go and hand it over to the coordinated plan. I have listed countless Excels and responsible for everyone to people. The coordination will recommend the four major teams according to the budget, and be responsible for making production and responsible for making production. Wedding invitations and floral light desserts are the four major overall meetings.


Before signing the contract, be sure to confirm the time and end of the venue. We only communicated with us at 3 pm at that time. There was a plan. At 5 pm, the guests had not been able to get the venue. This cost of supper.

8. Dessert table


Most of the dessert tables on the Internet are very luxurious and expensive, but we believe that the dessert table is not only a decoration, so it cooperates with the display area, and the adventure invites us to go to a small shop of DIY every year. They recovered the dessert we made in the past seven years, and of course they made appropriate sublimation. Remember to sign the food outsourcing agreement with the dessert shop. You can ask the hotel to get the template.

9. Exhibition area

The wedding design is to show our wedding photos. Later, what we want to do is more meaningful, and we picked 73 photos in 7 years according to the year. Dr. He wrote the text one by one.

10. Sign -in area

In addition to the hotel’s traditional sign -in scroll, I refer to many cases on the Internet. I want to make the sign -in area more interactive. I can also put it at home in the future. The printing is used for sign -in, and the love sign -in props are customized

11. Pleasant candy


For each table before the table, the number of tables and the weight of each table of sugar is calculated, because it is bought by a pound (Wangfujing).

At that time, the main consideration was customized M bean or handmade sliced ​​sugar. Later, because the boxes of M beans were unified, there was a letter and gave up. This sliced ​​sugar could have five patterns. sticker

12. Bride gift

Those who come to the wedding are all good friends. I want everyone to feel cherished and respectful. I deliberately find a photo with everyone, and accompanied by “I Found My Man But Isstill Need My Friends. – A Gift from the “BRIDE”, placed on the seat with the candy.

13. Team

Although it is easy for brothers and cars to drive, it is recommended to ask professional teams and drivers, because the car will be good -looking, and professional drivers are relatively stable. In addition, everyone drinks after the dinner. Before renting Count the number of people (including all siblings, four teams, and big sisters).


At that time, we rented a Rolls -Royce as the main car, five red Tesla as the auxiliary car, and then the loved ones drove a car. The hotel’s car was used as a motor photography car.

Each car is best to be responsible for the same brother, build a team in advance to contact WeChat groups, and arrange seats, because there are too many traffic lights in the city, and real -time communication is very important.

14. Choose the four major major


(Military, photography, camera, makeup)

It is recommended that if you do n’t have a team you like or your acquaintances, the four major teams are still more time -saving and appropriate to recommend by wedding coordination, because there are too many options on the Internet. Basically they have worked in cooperation and will be smoother.

15. invitation

We have issued two rounds of invitations. The first round is a poster designed with wedding design three months in advance. The two people hand -painted cartoon patterns hand -painted by Dr. He used to invite everyone to preliminary statistics to arrange seats;

In the second round, H5 was used two weeks in advance, and wedding photos were used to eventually determine the number of people to print the seat table. We try to arrange seats in the class as the unit, so that everyone can gather with familiar friends.


16. Emergency package

Straw lines, needle wires, needle, paper towels, wet towels, grinding creams, wound stickers, brasplanes, hair clips, oil -absorbing paper, sweat -proof exposure, Baoji pills, sanitary napkins, charging treasures, small fans, sugar or chocolate ,small scissors. Be sure to take care of hair, hair removal, nails in advance (it is best not to be big red, it is not matched with the wedding dress)

It is best to install a small bag in advance and give it to the bridesmaid that day.

17. Pick up relatives


– It is good to prepare red envelopes and game props.


We designed five links at the time:

(1) Four brothers play words on the toe pressure plate (prepare the words in advance), and you can’t guess to punish push -ups;

(2) The four brothers broke through the plastic wrap, and the four brothers drank beer with a bottle, and the two slows were used as a push -ups;

(3) Douyin dance together -Seago Dance (prepare iPad in advance);

(4) The groom guess lip seal;

(5) Find shoes.

18. Gong tea

Putting a good place in advance, it is best to take a group photo of the family. Please prepare the order and lines, and arrange people in advance to cook Babao tea to prepare for the tea set. The newcomer should discuss whether the two are handed in tea or take turns.

19. Go out

As long as you go out, no matter who shouted, don’t look back (some local customs will throw some peanut lily lotus seeds on the umbrella, communicate in advance, don’t be frightened), the bridesmaid will immediately open the red umbrella until the bride gets on the car, when you go out, you will go out, and when you go out, you will get on the car. You can arrange brothers to set up ceremony. At that time, we were afraid that the hygiene of the community was difficult to take care of, so we only put the left and right on one side, and the effect was very good.

20. Wrack

If you are familiar with it in advance, you must design the route to calculate the time.

21. Lunch

22. Welcome

The Yingbin District is best set up at the door.

In addition to Yingbin to facilitate activities, there must be a reliable friend or relative to prepare the red envelopes received by the newcomers received by the newcomers in advance. As for the return, it depends on the arrangements of each family. It is recommended not to wear gold ornaments. It is unconvinced with wedding photos, and it is easy to lose.



Even if you take a wedding photo, the wedding dress on the day is different. You can still perform the FIRST LOOK session, and you don’t have to find a very quiet environment. In fact, when the father holds the bride’s hand to enter the field, it is the first look like the groom. Essence

24. Gate

Most of the weddings were entered the field with the father’s hand, and then had a handover ceremony with the groom, but I wanted to allow my mother to participate, so I set up the mother cover.

25. Send a ring

We combine the link between our friends to send blessings with the section of the ring. If the newcomer is worried about the loss, he can prepare the Taobao fake ring in advance.

26. Newcomer surprise

If you have the power to prepare for marriage, you can prepare a surprise for the other party. Of course, Dr. He did not stop in the night shift, or went to recording the song of the first proposal at the time. It was really moved.

27. speech

In the speech, we arranged the vowing of the newcomer, the speech of the newcomer, and the father of both parties. You must write a manuscript. Even if you are proficient, you must hold the manuscript.

28. Blossom

You can use the small branch of the small branch in advance to practice the posture and strength of the small branch, so that some people can receive it.

29. Toasting and paying tea

It is important to communicate with the hotel in advance whether to communicate in advance with real wine or fake wine.


30. Getting bed

After the wedding, there are different customs. We must go back and forth three times before entering the new house.

31. Back to the door

Generally, the three dynasties go back to the door, mention some tea and wine gifts, etc.



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