Who is the way to apply tea sets from covering bowls to tiny cups?

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During the Spring Festival, an old friend who hadn’t met for a long time mentioned his views on tea sets.

As Hu Jianren, he used to cover the bowl early in the morning.

But recently he was very distressed by the matching of tea sets.

Before, relatives came over to visit the New Year and gave him a set of tea sets for blue and white porcelain sets.

However, the cup he has been using at home is a single -layer glass.

He wants to know, will this blue and white porcelain bowl and glass tea cup be matched with it? It looks timid?

As soon as this topic was thrown, it caused everyone’s discussion.

Some people say that drinking tea is for self -cultivation. The appreciation is actually a great fun of the tea tasting process. If it is a glass tea cup, it is relatively less interesting than porcelain.

Some people say that the tea shop he saw outside basically use white porcelain tea sets, and few people use glass. However, the blue and white mix and match glass is not tasted, as long as you can accept it yourself.

Finally, some people say that the material is not important. As long as it does not suck incense, choose glass and white porcelain. In order to make tea, select the right shape for the right and practical.

After listening to these general views, a little summarizes:

In the selection of tea sets, there are a lot of door roads about covering bowls and pinoscopy cups!



Why is the material of the bowl with white porcelain?

To tell the truth, if you drink tea, it is only for the elegance of the mediocrity, for the sake of good attitude, and in order to display the style, then it does not matter what the material is selected.

But if you try tea, tea, drink tea and tea flavor, choose white porcelain tea sets, or glass materials.

Among them, the bowl of tea is mainly based on white porcelain.

The surface of the white porcelain has a glaze, and it feels smooth. Unlike the rough pottery, everyone can accept it.

The porcelain with a tight texture, does not absorb fragrance, does not attract taste, can truly restore good tea color.

Besides, white porcelain is both practical and versatile.

The plain color is the background color, elegant, simple and durable.

Most of its inner wall color is white.

White versatile can silently act as the background, set off the color of dry tea, and facilitate the observing the dry tea state in the bowl.

No matter which kind of tea can be put into the cover bowl, it is well matched with it.


Finally, in addition to the basic white of the bowl, there are very rich options.

Can write, hand -painted, painted flowers, birds, birds, birds, blue and white, can be colorful powder, can be burned, can be painted with landscapes …

The bowl with porcelain as the main material is simple and not simple, low -key and connotative. It is the best choice for Volkswagen tea sets.



Why is it not as common as a white porcelain cover bowl?

Compared with white porcelain cover bowls, the advantages of glass covering bowls are actually many.

It can be clear, intuitive, and clearly seeing the shades of tea in the bowl and the depth of the color of the tea soup.

Looking up, it is quite luminous and crystal transparent.

In addition, similar to the white porcelain cover bowl, the glass cover bowl does not adsorb tea aroma, smooth surface cleaning, and high cost performance.

But it is difficult to solve its hot problem.


I bought a glass covering bowl in order to shoot the video before.

After getting my hand, I found that this cover bowl was light, but it was very textured.

Pour the boiling water into the cover bowl, and then pick it up, which is slightly hot.

Yes, it is difficult to solve the tea bubble that is difficult to solve with a glass covering bowl.

After the glass material is processed into a bowl, everyone can focus on the width of the bowl.

Limited by the material of the glass itself, it makes it difficult for the bowl to be widen at will (easy to become thinner, crispy, and break).

When the bowl of the bowl is not wide enough, when the boiling water is brewed, the entire bowl of the bowl becomes “fire in the fire”.

When making tea, there was no need to start at all, and it was extremely hot.

The glass covering bowls on the market is either too thin, not inspired, no texture, or the feel is not light enough to use.

In short, there are very few glass covering bowls that can be light, practical, and hot.


Because of this, the glass covering bowl is relatively unpopular, niche, and rare!


What kind of device shape to cover the bowl is more practical?


When you go to the tea cities around the world, you will find that the shape of the bowl can not be counted.

On width.

There are wide bowls, narrow bowls, and moderate width.


From practical, it is definitely better to choose the right one.

Stretch out a hand with a thumb and middle finger at the edge of the bowl, which can be easily picked up, indicating that the width diameter of the bowl mouth is moderate.

If the bowl mouth is too wide, it can’t be taken at all.

It shows that the bowl cannot be controlled by itself. It does not take advantage of it at all, and it can only be idle when buying it.

On height.

High, low, high and low.

In principle, it is not recommended to choose a high -shaped bowl.

Especially the high -width and narrow vase -type bowl, it is easy to be crooked on the table, it is easy to bump and damage.

In short, this type of slender, finely covered bowl is difficult to drain at the bottom of the tea when making tea.

On the edge of the bowl.

There are width, narrow edges, or even bowls.

It is recommended that, the wider the width of the bowl of the bowl without affecting the overall coordination.

Use a wide bowl to make tea with a bowl of tea.

When you reach out and hold your hand on the edge of the bowl, you can effectively stay away from the hot bowl wall, better heat insulation and anti -hot hand!

Finally, combined with the bowl mouth, bowl edge, and overall height, the cover bowl of tea is better.

Like commonly used on weekdays, 110 ml standard capacity inverted bell -shaped white porcelain cover bowl.

In private, the aunt Chen Chen made a love name for it, calling the big belly to cover the bowl.

This basic style cover bowl is versatile and practical.


Whether it is a relatively thick old -fashioned narcissus, or the rough and fluffy autumn life eyebrow loose tea, it can be perfectly tolerant.

When choosing a tea set, choose such a versatile bowl, and the tea process will be more worry -free!


How to choose a cup of tea?

In terms of material, it is similar to a bowl. The tea cup is also mainly porcelain.


Of course, glass -made cups are also a good choice.

The glass tea cup is transparent to observe the soup color.


The white porcelain tea cup has a background color, which can set off the color of the tea soup more full.

In terms of classification, the tea cup is divided into the master cup and customer cup.

The selection of the Master Cup is relatively simple, as long as it meets the eye edge.

Regardless of size, pattern, or ware.

But if it is not for private use, then the cup can not be too large.

According to Miaoyu’s point of view, there is a way that one cup is a product, two cups are drinking, and three cups are cattle drinks.

It is good tea, there are more people drink, and the amount of tea soup is small.

At this time, use a large -scale tea cup to install tea, and it is not visually delicate enough.

Some tea guests like to drink tea with huge master cups.

When you drink tea on weekdays, the situation is okay.

If you take it out to drink tea, it is estimated that the person who is responsible for making tea will be embarrassing.

If you all give you this big cup, then other guests here will not have tea.

If it is allocated on average, then this large tea cup like the soup bowl, only pour some tea in lightly.

It looks like the entire cup is empty, and the owner is stingy and can’t give up tea.

In order to avoid such embarrassing embarrassment, it is best to prepare a small and supportable cup of puppets in advance when there are guests at the scene.

Besides, drinking tea with a small cup except for exquisiteness.

Another advantage is that it can maintain hot tea temperature and more fragrant.

If it is a big tea cup, its polyganic effect is too bad.

Before the first month, the temperature is very low.

The spacious tea cup is poured into the hot tea for a few minutes, and the aroma will be dispersed.

If it wasn’t for the entrance in time, put it for two or three minutes, and the hot tea would be cold.

When drinking tea, it is too sorry to taste the fragrance of water at all!



When I was chatting with friends before, my friend mentioned a question.

He asked, is the Master Cup larger than the customer?

He heard that he was wondering, and asked him why he thought so.

According to his observations, when he visited the client and friends, he found that the tea cup that the other party handed to him was generally small.

And the masterpiece who keeps your own dedicated is obviously a big circle.

This is indeed the case, but there is no obvious distinction between the capacity choice of the master cup and the guest cup.

If it is for office leisure, drink tea to quench thirst.

Then, choosing big cups to drink tea is fine.

However, in order to taste tea and learn tea, it is recommended to change from the details.

From the perspective of tea tasting, it is not recommended to drink tea with big tea cups, big tea bowls, and large tea cups.

Whether it is the Master Cup or a customer cup.

Choose a small selection capacity and is better, which can more reflect the exquisite fan!

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