Sweater + short skirt + cotton coat, short hair girl 16 sets of autumn and winter

The autumn and winter wearing is really not written. The baby in the South is still wearing sweater, and the legs are not afraid.


The baby in the north is ready to get a winter clothes, private letter asking me when I write?

Ok, in order to take care of the demand in different regions, this time I will adapt to autumn and winter in different regions.

Many people will change a short hair style in autumn and winter, wearing a heavy sweater cotton coat, also saving money, today is summarized.


16 short hair girls autumn and winter match

For reference.


△ These 2 sets are loose jackets + short skirts + high stockings combination. You can wear the temperature of the sweater or sweater, be sure to wear, this long one is a short match, it is very suitable for small children to control, high stockings not only have the visual effect of stovepipe, but also to pull the lower body ratio, already The chilly deep autumn, with high-packed sneakers with colored sneakers, revealing a small feet.


△ Bright sweater, white stockings, full of students’ age, also in autumn and winter, the bright look, there is a small skill, this loose sweater, the best sleeves are close, the lantern sleeve is More profile choices, otherwise the excessive sleeve will give people a feeling.

△ This group is basically on the top 2 groups, add a winter cotton coat, because the cotton coat itself is already very heavy, so the inside can wear a relaxed point, the cold place is not suitable for large-scale dew , We can wear thick pantyhose, then match the stockings and the ball shoes, match the pleated skirt, and a small A-a-a-a-white skirt is more likely.

△ This group is a must-have for health girls. It will be replaced into a high waist jeans. The upper body is still in the upper body, keep warm and comfortable, the whole body can use a light color, such as the left rice gray trousers and the right card Color coat, this is not dull.


△ Loose coat coat can almost tolerate everything, the wind is warm and profitable, it is very suitable for small children in autumn and winter, this long jacket, usually to the lower leg belly position, with trousers and boots One of the love of the Korean girl’s favorite.

△ Like this wide-legged jeans, winter is used to do match, can join the leggings unlimited? The color is in turn, the blue is relatively fat, with a black top or coat jacket, the left is the college wind, the right side is the cool girl.


△ 就 就 破 女 女 女 女 女 女 像 强 像 强 强 强 有 强 强 强 强 强 强 强 强 强 强 强 强 强 强 强 强 强 强 强 强 强 都 强 强 强 都 强 都 都 都 都 都 都 都 都 都 都 都 都 都 都 都 都 都 都It is a bit awkward, it is best not to exceed half of the hips.


△ This group of black and white matches also have a borrowed place, and the large area of ​​the right is taken by the black down jacket and black sweatpants, so white blouse white baseball cap and white ball shoes, there is a balance and doctrine, immediately let the match make a lot of light . The white white is used to be more “province”, only in a cloth shoes and a t-shirt, but it is indispensable, no words are too bored.

Ok, today’s 16 short-haired small children are in autumn and winter to take the first step, next, I want to give you the double 11 will buy a list, haha, look forward to it!

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