How to change the sound and light control light

Recently, the unit purchased a batch of LED sound light control lights used in the E27 light mouth in the corridor. When it was actually installed at the scene, sometimes it was not necessary to meet the requirements of the owner.The owner’s response was not sensitive, so I disassembled an LED light, as shown below


The pink label position in the figure is the original light -sensitive resistance. When the light is not seen, the resistance is infinitely large. The internal circuit of the driving chip is connected to make the internal circuit of the driving chip in the standby state. When the sound control resistance control unit is connected, the chip output voltage makes the LEDThe power supply is lit, so I demolished the light -sensitive resistance so that the LED light was controlled by sound and finally solved the needs of the owner.In fact, the design concept of this sound light -controlled LED light is good, but this LED light is not suitable for a slightly dark place, or the quality of the original optics is not good. The sensitivity is very important for LED lights.Use effect requirements, no matter how good the design concept is.So quality is the fundamental and cornerstone for enterprises!

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