Don’t let the wrinkles on your clothes betray your life! South Korean Daewoo Hand Hand Hanging Machine, Double Wets and Wet, Small and Portable! Must -have good things at home and travel

Whether a person lives well or not depends on the details.

For example, some people seem to be decent, but a few wrinkles make thousands of clothes look worse than even the roadside stalls, and easily sell TA’s scribbled living conditions.

In fact, as long as you spend 2 minutes more and iron the clothes, you can immediately become exquisite.

Everyone understands the truth, but it is hindered to operate. After all, the traditional electric iron is troublesome to use.

The key is large and difficult to store, so even if many people have this electric iron, they rarely use it.


There are also people who often travel and travel. When ironing clothes, the hotel either does not have an electric iron or the quality is scalded. If it is not cost -effective to use the hotel’s ironing service, you can buy a hot machine for a few pieces of clothes.

Today we are going to recommend it to everyone from

The well -known Korean brand Daewoo’s handheld hanging hot machine


The South Korean Daewoo brand has a history of 31 years since its establishment in 1987. Daewoo’s home appliances are famous. The world’s first wall -mounted drum washing machine is its home.

This handheld hanging machine is more than just

High face value, the key is easy to use!

Small size, good storage, storage,


Wet and wet, can be steamed and can not be dried without steam,

Easy to use, the ironing effect is good,

With it, life happiness index has soared ~

And ironing is addictive. Once I find that the clothes after ironing are so flat and quality, I feel that there is no time to spend the hot machine before it is too rough …


Let me introduce this hot machine in detail.

The size is small, the storage does not occupy the position, and it is easy to carry.

On business trips, travel, there is no problem in putting one in the bag.

Solution is not that every hotel has an iron, and the service fee is high. And it is safer and sanitary with your own.




Operating spirit

Live, not subject to space restrictions

It can be scalded, and it can be hot on the table. (Pay attention to the pads below, don’t hot the desktop)

Wet and wet hot


It’s also ironing the hot machine



You can hang hot wrinkles

When steaming, the panel is heated synchronously to help the folding from top to bottom.

The steam is turned on and stopped instantly, it is more convenient and safe to use

You can also set it flat

Without steam drying, it is easy to stir up the shirt collar and wear it on the body.

Steaming force foot, delicate and not hurting clothes

In the comparison chart below, the above is the Hitter Hand Hand Hand Histing Machine, the following is the handheld -holding hot machine of other brands.

It is also a handheld -holding hot machine, but the steam of this Daewoo holding the hot machine is stronger, and the steam is fine, and the ironing effect is better.

Some comparison

The delicate fabric, such as the real silk

Ordinary electric iron is easily scalded.

However, using this low -temperature steam hot -mounted steaming hot machine with this Daewoo hand -holding machine can be well protected from damage.


The contrast before and after ironing is quite obvious. The original wrinkled silk returned to the original noble temperament after ironing.

In addition to daily hot clothes, in fact, it

There is also sterilization and division

Mites, remove odor

The role.

The quilt that is prone to mites can also be used for daily mites.


The plush toys that children are in close contact every day actually hide a lot of bacteria. But washing trouble, it was impossible to wash it every day.

You can use Daewoo Hand Hand Hand Historing Machine regularly




Patented panel, 120 ° C constant temperature

The steam panel is made of high -grade aluminum alloy materials. It does not corrode and does not stab. It is guaranteed to resist acid -resistant and alkali, anti -organic solvent quality, and more smooth and clean after ironing.


Built -in boost catheter


The release of the release of the steam rises, produce physical pressure, and heat it with panel synchronous heating, the ironing effect is better.

There are also brush accessories, which can be installed at the sprinkler, which is particularly easy to use when ironing suit, wool, sweater and other clothes.


This is Daewoo

Second generation

Handheld hanging hot machines, so there are many improvements on the first generation.

for example,

The water tank capacity is upgraded to 180ml

There is also a new voltage voltage steam technology. When the water tank is full,

You can blanch 6 shirts at a time


The disassembly and installation of the water tank is also very convenient.


2 -gear mode optional


Low -grade


, Suitable for ironing spring and summer



High -end position


, Suitable for ironing autumn and winter


Thick model

The blue light at the top of the fuselage represents the preheating. After stopping the flashing, it means that the preheating is completed and can start working.

Press this key, the steam comes out, and you can start ironing.

Note: There is no need to repeat the preheating, the interval is about 5 minutes, and the power cannot be disconnected during the period.

The price of TB is 499 yuan

JD is slightly discount, but it costs 399 yuan, and there is still no us this time

Flash purchase price 299 yuan



product detailed information:


2 color options, pink, white

Original price: 499 yuan

Flash purchase price: 299 yuan (the special number is only 40 units)

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