Choose “Dress” for elegance! Several hottest skirts in Japanese magazines are fashionable and durable

Women in various countries have different opinions in dressing and matching. For countries such as Europe and the United States, they prefer more sexy and personalized dresss. Relatively speaking, Japanese wear is more suitable for Asians to learn from and learn. In Japanese magazines, the following skirts are often unveiled, and they can also be controlled by many people.

Dress is an indispensable item for summer. You can always see women of all ages on the streets, and the composition of color and the transformation of the version is the key to keeping them different appearances.



It uses dark blue as the background, full of cold and quiet charm. The small white wave dot fills in its appearance, which is more designed and brings a bit of elegant temperament.

Dress has ordinary designs and more recognizable types. It is entirely due to its color changes and whether there are many elements supplements in the appearance. You can adopt a type of basic color as the background, but there are other patterns stitching in the appearance.

This dress, the caring pattern formed in the appearance, is not too eye -catching, and the light color can just form a balance. It can create an intellectual style as a whole and can also be used as commuting.


If many women choose a dress that they usually use most often from the closet, the black skirt must be on the list. Its advantage is that the color gives it with outstanding thin performance, does not have a horizontal wide range, and naturally appears to be more beautiful and more beautiful.


However, the black dress is not quite thin. Like this suspender skirt, it will expose some small flaws through the nakedness of the arm, but it does not need to deliberately amplify the defects.

The black suspender skirt is actually between the two nodes of sexy and conservative, because the existence of the suspender can make a large neck and back skin and the skin of the arm. Many dead ends are exposed.

The design of this suspender skirt will be more sexy, because the width of the suspender can not be obvious, and it can create the role of outline curves and outline clavicle lines. Even if the lower hem is slightly longer, there will be no dullness.


There are many styles of dresses that often appear in the daily miscellaneous appearance, some are more mature and classic, and some are more intellectual and simple. Women can choose a single product that they prefer and make them look good.


Like this dress, it is suitable for girls who are not beautiful enough and are more conservative in dress.

Shirt skirt

The version of the version is smooth, the presence of the belt is directly optimized, and the coverage area of ​​the skirt surface is also wide, but it can help the ankle present, and the exposure scale is very accurate.

When the basic color dress is made of some bold and eye -catching design, it is easy to form a very contrast effect. For example, the first half looks flat and unpretentious, slightly simple and single, and the second half is adopted with a large area of ​​exposed skin design to in order Show a more obvious contrast effect.

Like this skirt, it also belongs to the type that can hide meat, but it will form

Deep V’s back cut


Many round girls can wear beauty.

Proper skin exposure, excellent lean performance, and suitable belt may not be presented in the same dress, but girls can choose the category that fits the most in accordance with their figure.

Like this skirt, it is suitable for girls with thick arms and lack of leg shape. At the same time, it did not forget to add obvious waist contour contraction to reflect the effect of narrow waist. The only shortcoming is that the coverage area is wide, and it is not cool enough to wear.

When women choose a dress, they do not have to use the tight waist or belt to make their waist curve clear and clear. Loose skirts can also create another charm and beauty, more comfortable to control.

Like this pure white dress, wearing more temperamental laziness and casualness in daily life. The color is refreshing and clean, no matter how long it takes, how many summer it has been, the same classic and durable.

Wearing a dress in summer can naturally maintain a very elegant image. You can choose the skirt from many angles. The length of the sleeve, the length of the skirt, and the scale of the skin are all factors that need to be considered.


The back of this dress is naked, and drawers can also be used for girls to automatically adjust their skin. Even if the skirt grows a little, it can reduce its heavy sense. In addition, the color is a very white khaki color, and most people can use it freely.


If you want to put on a dress in the workplace at the beginning of the workplace, then don’t be too bold and strange in the design of the skirt.



The most appropriate. Once close to the atmosphere of the workplace, it can also create a very capable temperament.


This suit skirt also specially added a black belt to beautify the proportion, which also broke the monotonous sense of the shape. The mature woman wearing it is elegant and neat.


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