The latest 12 high -heeled shoes, tall and sexy without hurting, dating work is not wrong

Polarized light mouth bright leather metal blades high heels


The pointed and light -mouth bright leather metal blade high heels, thin heels sexy patent leather pointed high heels, leather fabrics show the big -name temperament, elegant pointed, sexy and charming. Inner inside, the breathability is excellent and more comfortable to wear.

One word buckle rivet pointed high heel


One word buckle rivet pointed high heels, low -key double -layer T band color, shallow pointed pointed design classic versatile. The color of goose yellow is very suitable for summer. The double -layer buckle design is more individual and charming than a single -layer buckle. The design of fine heels is thinner.


Short and colorful stylish words buckle sandals

Short -colored and stylish words buckle sandals. The pointed style makes the feet look more slender and charming, elegant and finely and highlights the beautiful lines of women’s legs. Unique charm.

Shallow mouth fine heel high heels

Shallow and fine heels, this shallow mouth and fine heels, the production process is upgraded, making you a little more temperament, pointed design, comfortable upper foot, sexy and elegant, more casual and neutral. The light -colored color design, comfortable and versatile, and the upper feet are very beautiful, making you fall in love with the beautiful shoes that walk.


European and American black versatile rivet sexy single shoe women’s sandwood shoes

Sexy and fashionable, these three major elements, fine heel design, cross -linning strap design, wearing on the feet, pointed design, and charming version are mainly reflected, you think it is difficult to be sexy.

New fashion fine heel

The new fashion fine heels, the overall shape is more up, the comfortable design of the word buckle straps, the walking is not bothering and not tired, with a small sexy with hollow design, making you more fashionable and temperament.


The new pointed pointed and shallow mouth is thin -heeled heels high heels

The new pointed mouth is shallow and thin heels, and the pointed and hollow design reveals a large area of ​​the instep to make the legs longer. The embellishment of the shining rhinestone highlights the elegance of a woman.


Fashionable high -heeled shoes


Fashionable high -heeled shoes, with a pair of beautiful legs, do not quickly show out. This high -heeled shoe color matching design and frosted leather are undoubtedly a combination of heaven. Not only do you have both beauty and handsomeness, but also your legs can also wear a super strong field.


Shallow mouth fine heel high heels single shoes ring buckle sandals

Shallow mouth, fine heels, single shoes, ring buckle sandals, pointed high heels are very suitable for girls with thinner legs. The bright colors are lined with your legs are more tender and elegant and charming.

Fashion rivet with a buckle with sandals

The fashion rivet with a sloppy sandals with a very fashionable, very dazzling yellow design, the cross with metal decoration, interpreting the gentle and intellectual urban fashion beauty.


Korean version of OL ladies hollowed out one word, fine heels, single shoes

This one is really good -looking, and the word of the ankle makes this shoe better wear and heel, and the gospel of the small feet MMs.


High -noodles high -heeled shoes

Bright high -heeled high -heeled shoes, shallow design, refreshing and comfortable. High -heeled shoes are the fashion items that best reflect women’s temperament. The design of this high -heeled shoes is very bright, very design, and uses black and red gradient coloring, which is bright. The elegant pointed design outlines the beautiful curve of gracefulness, sexy and seductive.

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