Do you all know the difference between oil painting, acrylic and gouache?

Many people are always unclear to learn painting

The relationship between these three pigments


Because there are some different characteristics of pigment

There are nothing too much change

Today, the difference between the big painting king is here to analyze


Oil paints

Oil painting pigments must be used as a medium of harmonious oil


Because it is oily to do the medium, it is not easy to dry

Generally, it is necessary to dry a month to the surface to basically dry

It will not darkens after drying

Will keep the thickness and gloss of the pigment layer

Generally, you need to put the background on the canvas


The strokes of oil painting are extremely strong


Generally, the most colorful oil painting is that it is easy to be thin and thick.

The oil painting can save your strokes when you draw

Have a very strong three -dimensional sense

Suitable for long -term shaping and portrayal


What is like at the end of painting?

Color and object shape will not change

Many people have heard that oil painting is expensive


In fact, a large pigment of oil painting is like Mali 10 yuan


Can satisfy the usual practice painting

It can be used for a long time to buy 24 colors

If you draw more

You can buy a cloth for your own nail oil painting box


Will save money


It is mainly divided into a three -dimensional and knife painting form


Strong sense of shaping

The fusion between colors is very harmonious

Suitable for in -depth portrayal


And the preservation time is longer

If you want to save a picture

You can buy bright oil

Make the painting better and the color is more shiny


Very suitable for realism

Highlight the skills of the artist, etc.

Do not see a stroke change at all

Suitable for long -term painting requirements


Suitable for multiple materials


As an art candidate

I’m definitely familiar with the flour pigment


Because in the color, it is painted with a gouache

Its characteristics are very similar to watercolor

It’s not as good as the ductility is not as good as watercolor

It belongs to opaque watercolor

Mainly reconcile with water


The price is relatively low

Suitable for starting beginners to draw color

It’s easier to dry

Bad paint with water is more easy to dry on drawing paper

The painting is thick, and the paint is easy to crack on the drawing paper

Similar techniques and oil paintings and acrylic

When the smell of water is wet

The color saturation is very high and very bright

But it will become slightly gray and shallow after drying

If you encounter water after painting

Will dilute the color

This pigment is more common in China

Mainly painted pigments abroad

It can be painted on the flour paper and sketch paper


Not suitable for too much portrayal


Skills are more limited

A painting should not be painted for a long time

Usually about three hours

Draw from beginning to end

Don’t stay for a long time, don’t draw it for a long time


After drying, the transitional transition is not very good

Unless an object is all of the whole film color

There are many colors, high -grade gray and solid color

There are bottles and single -branches, and there are convenient jelly pigments now


Stay in the pigment box

The pigment should be preserved with sufficient water

Diversity of color


Buy according to your actual situation



Acrylic pigments can be reconciled with water or oil

Generally, the most commonly uses water to reconcile


Acrylic pigments are easier to clean

It has a strong coverage

It’s also easier to do


It is difficult to blend with wet pigments after the color is dry

The color is full, translucent


Compared with flat painting painting

If it is a three -dimensional, draw a few times and draw a few times

Even if you reconcile many times, you will not feel dirty or gray

The color of the color is very moist and bright

It will not be aslatic as a gouache


Painting wall painting generally use acrylic paint

Because the price is relatively low

The preservation is relatively intact

Whether it is indoor or outdoor

I don’t know how to expose it because of the sun

Black or fall off


But the wall painting outside the studio still needs to spray a layer of protective paint


This pigment will form a waterproof film

It’s similar to the technique of gouache

You can also use the color pairing knife to be described and shaped


General classroom painting and other often use acrylic paintings

Can be painted on a variety of materials


For example, wooden boards, cloths, walls, and paper can be painted

It can also be used to draw on shoes and clothes

But can’t wash

It can also be sold by bottle or single

The price is similar to the price of the gouache

Very suitable for beginners painting

Do you know these differences?

Hurry up and draw

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