How to know traffic signal lights?

Two types of traffic signal lights are divided into two types, one is the red, yellow, and green signal lamps used to command the vehicle. It is set in a conspicuous place at the intersection, called the vehicle traffic command light;The red and green signal lights are set on both ends of the pedestrian horizontal trail, called the pedestrian horizontal lamp.

my country’s traffic regulations also stipulate the traffic command signal lights:

1. When the green light is on, the vehicle and pedestrians are allowed to pass, but the turning vehicles are not allowed to hinder the passing vehicles and the passing pedestrians.

2. When the yellow light is bright, the vehicles and pedestrians are not allowed to pass, but the vehicles that have crossed the stop line and the pedestrians who have entered the pedestrian can continue to pass.

3. When the red light is on, it is not allowed to pass by vehicles and pedestrians.

4. When the green arrow head lights are on, the vehicle allows the vehicle to pass in the direction shown in the arrow.

5. When the yellow light flashs, vehicles and pedestrians can pass under the principle of ensuring safety.

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