There are three major cheats in the back leather seat sleeve

It is best to find a professional to complete the seat.


Extra 161 text/Tu Guangzhou Daily All -Media reporter Zhou Weili is not all models that have leather seats. For example, Fit, all models use fabric seats in all models. Similarly, it is not enough for everyone to budget. You can buy medium and high models with leather seats. Insufficient, the day after tomorrow to make up. The OEM does not provide leather seats. Buy one by yourself and install it. Isn’t it beautiful? Buying leather by yourself, not only has many styles, but also to be frugal. If there is a budget, you can buy it, such as upgrading to NAPPA; do not want to spend too much money, and there are ordinary leather. However, if you install leather seats yourself, you still have little concern, and there are still many concerns: First, adding seat sleeves yourself may reduce the friction coefficient and reduce safety. The second is to buy a seat cover by yourself. The material is poor and will volatilize a toxic gas. These concerns are not unreasonable. Is this the case? The reporter conducted some tests. Test method: Add a seat cover to Fit, the reporter chose the top matching of GAC Toyota Fit -a tide version of Cross. Even the top matches, the Fit is not provided with leather seats. Fit is the entry -level model of GAC Honda. It enters the market at a very competitive price, and it is naturally difficult to configure it. The reporter searched on a certain e -commerce platform and chose two businesses with high volume and high -ranking ranking for consultation. Merchants will ask for the specific model of the vehicle. Because the same series of models and models will be different. Taking Fit as an example, in terms of rear seat folding, seat armrests, and number of headrests, the tide version is different from the supercar version. Once you buy it wrong, you will not be installed. In the end, the reporter chose the red and black NAPPA leather. The three major cheats obtained by the test: Do not install it yourself due to the large seat volume, during the transportation process, it is easy to damage. When receiving express, check in front of the courier. The seat sleeve is usually composed of cushion cover, back cover, headhole and headrest. The reporter tried to install it by itself, but the installation effect was very unsatisfactory: not only loose, but also easy to deform. Generally, e -commerce merchants have arranged offline stores for installation. The reporter went according to the appointment time. The whole installation process was performed by only one master, which took about an hour. During the installation process, the master will continue to move, turn, and remove the seats as needed to achieve the effect of tightness. After the installation is completed, the seats are renewed, the face value and style are roughly consistent with expectations, and the entire carriage also adds a lot to it. Cheat 2: Pay attention to the installation of the seam leather seats between the seats and the seats, the reporter noticed that there is a large gap between the seat and the seat. Pressing with your palms can be clearly felt. This gap is not only on the seat cushion, but also on the back of the chair. In actual use, to a certain extent, these gaps will reduce ride comfort, and the ride feel is a bit “weird”. But it is just “weird”. The leather seat itself also has a small friction, which can make passengers offset the brake power during the brake to a certain extent. So, will this gap decrease with the increase and repeated load of use? After the reporter used it for a month, it was found that the gap was reduced, but it still existed obviously. In other words, if you pay attention to details and have high requirements for ride comfort, it is best to choose the original leather seat. Cheats 3: Pay attention to the air and airbags in the car. We found instruments that specifically measure indoor air indicators, and tested the air quality of the carriage before and after the installation of the seat cover. No obvious difference was found. This means that as long as you choose a mid -to -high -end seat cover, it is still acceptable in environmental protection. The rear seat sleeve can save a lot of expenses, and at the same time, you can also choose your favorite design solution. In addition to the above shortcomings, you should also pay attention: First, pay attention to whether there is a airbag before installing the seat cover. The seats of some models are equipped with airbags. Once put on the seat, it will affect the normal pop -up of the airbag. The second is to test several times after installation to see if the functions such as movement, turning, and height adjustment of the seats are not damaged. Because the installation of seats may leave “dark injuries” to the seat, which leads to subsequent disputes, this case is not a minority.

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