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January 27th is the “International Holocaust Memorial Day” determined by the United Nations.

During the Second World War, Nazi Germany built more than 1,000 concentration camps in the country and occupied the Communist Party of China. Oswelin Concentration Camp is the largest concentration camp built during World War II in Nazi Germany. It is located near Oswelin, southern Poland, and is known as the “Death Factory”. The German Nazis imprisoned millions of people here and slaughtered more than 1.1 million of them. On January 27, 1945, the Soviet Red Army liberated the Oswelin concentration camp. At that time, there were only 7,650 survivors in the concentration camp.

Oswelin concentration camp

Those who have been detained in the Oschitin concentration camp, whether Jewish, innocent civilians, or prisoners of war, they have been looted in addition to the lag of the ultimate fate. The remains of the victims also make full use of it as the raw material for making daily necessities, even the teeth, hair and skin of the deceased’s body are not let go.


Fascist used the train to escort the Jews from European countries to Oswelin to concentrate.

Nazi uses the skin of the victims to make gloves and lampshades, melted the gold inlaid on the dental dental dentures and deposited them into the German Bank of Germany. As for the prisoners’ clothes, they were better worn for German soldiers, and they almost used the next group of prisoners. The same is true of other things. Even some prisoners’ fats were scraped off to make soap. After the corpse burned, they were used as fertilizers, and even their hair was pulled out of rugs and mattress pads. Various items obtained from the dead are listed as national strategic materials.


On January 27, 1945, when the Soviet Red Army liberated the Oswelin concentration camp, 14,000 people were found in the concentration camp and 7.7 tons of hair that had no time to transport the Nazi Germans. It is conceivable that how many people have been tortured here and have undergone misfortunes.


The shoes left by the victims accumulated like mountains.

In 1943, a alchemy workshop was established in the concentration camp, and gold jewelry and golden teeth were melted into gold ingots. The maximum output a day reached 22 pounds. The ambulance transported the gold ingots to Berlin. The Nazi is painted with the Red Cross logo on the ambulance to avoid bombing of Allied aircraft. The gold watches, necklaces, rings, and broocations of the box are sent to the pawnshop and converted into the party’s guard. In the end, this kind of stolen goods have been more than the degree of refusal to receive pawnshop. Himmlet deposited them into the German Central Bank of Germany in the name “Max Heiger”, full of three major insurance libraries. The remaining clothing is stored in a special giant warehouse of the concentration camp, code -named “Canada”. Watches and pens are used to reward the backbone and wounded of the SS. The clothes are used to help the victims.


The bones accumulated in the concentration camp


Nazi uses the largest and most efficient extinction method in the poisonous gas room of the Oswelin concentration camp. There are four poisonous gas rooms in Bikao, which once set a record of 6,000 poisonous deaths per day. Rudorf Geus, who once served as the chief of the concentration camp, confessed in the Nuremberg court that the poisonous gas he used was toxic hydrogen cyanide. It only costs 3 to 15 minutes after application. 2,000 people. In Oschidin, there are as many as 2 million people who were slaughtered by poisonous gas. To confuse the victims, the poisonous gas room was built like a bathroom. After the newcomer arrives at Bikao, he will learn that he will be sent to labor, but he must shower and disinfection first. They were taken to the poisonous gas room like the bathroom, and soon were poisoned by the toxic Qi Klong B toxic. The German fascist set up a special “ward” and laboratory for “medical trials” in the concentration camp. Cruel medical experiments regarded certain prisoners such as twins and dwarf as experiments. For example, to test endurance, they can withstand their appalling environments such as extremely heat and extremely cold, or sterilize them.

According to China News Service on November 9, 2008, quoted from Germany’s “Photo” reported on the 8th that after the end of World War II, 63 years, November 2008, Germany found another confession of Nazi races — the infamous Os The original blueprint for the design and construction blueprint of the Wicing Concentration Camp and other racial massacre concentration camps.

One of the original discovery of the original Oswing concentration camp drawing.


The red symbols are marked on the drawing ① The poisonous gas chamber used for Nazi murder, ② is the isolation room, and then below is the locker room.

According to the German “Photo” report, more than 150 party SS doctors used by the Oschitin concentration camps to torture prisoners’ appliances were exposed, and these items during World War II were called “the most darkest relics in history”.

According to reports, 28 blueprints from 1941 to 1943 left the seal of the Nazi SS and police construction management departments and the signature of the states of the party’s decisive figures. There is a green handwriting of Nazi leader, Heinrich Himmle, who signed a large -scale slaughter of Jewish activities on a document.

(Qilu Evening News · Qilu Yitian reporter Kang Peng comprehensively organized according to Baidu Encyclopedia, Xinhuanet, China News Network, etc. The pictures are from the Internet)


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