Turtle pet lamps are used to replace sunlight. Is it really possible?

The backlight should be a device with a low frequency in our breeding pets. The sun played a significant role in the process of survival. And our turtle pet is just a member of the crawling animal, so the sun is naturally important for turtles. In fact, as long as the animals and plants living on the surface are basically related to the sun. We humans staying in the dark for a long time, and it is not adult. I believe that everyone has seen it in many movies.


Speaking of the topic, we know that the turtle is indispensable for the blessing of the sun. With the sun turtle, we have the feeling of protecting the escort.

But we know that everyone’s family environment is different, especially in the environment of high -rise urban high -rise buildings. Sometimes the sun is very luxurious for us. I believe that everyone has seen dense buildings, leaning against each other, blocking each other’s sunshine, and even looking at other window sills. Or is the orientation of the room that is not good, so that the sun is unable to illuminate home. The air will not circulate, so the situation is not very good for turtle.


Then the problem of the sun, many friends will naturally think that they will choose to take back lights. The sunburn lamp has also become the best choice for alternative natural light. However, there are several problems with the backlight: whether the sunburn light can really replace the sun; how long it takes to turn on the back light; ; If there is a scattered light at home, can there be no need to do with back lights.

First of all, I personally pursue natural light. After all, there are this condition, haha. Therefore, Xiaobian’s experience of using the backlight is not deep. Here you can communicate with everyone. If you have any wrong, please point out.


The lights of the back lights are definitely not as good as natural light. Naturally, we know that it is a composite light wave. There are various bands in it. It is difficult to fully imitate the backlights. Besides, not to mention its price is not high, can this simulate natural light, can you imagine it. But you say it is useless, and it won’t. Many big turtles -friendly friends actually take out a room to raise a turtle in the room, and they can only use the backlights, and they are very good. The alternative to the sun is definitely not as real as the deity, but it is useless to say it is useless. We can buy products dedicated to climbing pets, and do not buy products that are too cheap to ten yuan in the price, which is more guaranteed.

Do I need to dry back lights at home? The scattered light we said generally refers to the environment of bright environment and light, but it is not the kind of direct sunlight. It depends on the decision of the turtle species. In fact, it can be said that no turtle species really does not need sunlight, it is just dependent. The turtles and Brazilian faces like turtles are more dependent on the sun. To prevent corruption of corruption and rotten armor, help digestion and increase the accumulation of temperature in the body. But egg turtles, crocodile turtles, Mata turtles are not so dependent on the sun. At this time, your scattered light environment can be raised. It is okay not to go to the sun. However, although they do n’t mean that they do n’t need to have a sunny environment. Xiaobian has also seen helmets, razors, and musk. They often climb on the sun to enjoy the sun, and even the small crocodile has had such behavior. Many people say that nourishing turtles do not need to be sunbuned. In fact, individuals still think that it is possible to give one condition. This is not the time to go ashore when it is ashore.


As for how large the backlight power is, you must refer to your own breeding environment. Many parameters cannot be ignored before purchasing. If you can feel the heat yourself, just don’t get hot. The temperature of the sun is appropriate. It is not a fool when it is too hot.

How long does it take every day? This is also a problem that many friends care about. Some people open a few hours a day, and some turtles are closed in half an hour. There is actually no fixed time, but it is at least half an hour. It is not that we will go to the back when we turn on the lamp turtle. There is still time to delay. It is pretty good for 1-3 hours.

But to say which brand is good, which one is durable, and which one is closest to natural light, Xiaobian is really not spiritual. First of all, I have not tested the effects of each backlight. The test must have a long period of effect and compare with individuals under the natural light. Multiple brands must be selected. Then test the quality, time and attenuation. What a huge amount of engineering and economic consumption, forgive me. In addition, I usually rely on natural light, so I use the sunburn lights I don’t have much to you, haha.

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