The 13 most worthy Japanese men’s clothing brands

Anyone who has strolled in the center of Tokyo knows the unique charm in Japanese culture:


Practical but dreamy, traditional but endless innovation, exquisite but weird.

This crazy has also become the core of this country’s dress style.

The Japanese men’s clothing brand is characterized by its strong technical expertise and the design of the rock. It has both fun and unlimited tolerance.

There are 15 brands and reasons worth buying here.

One: Undercover

Reason for purchase: the most attitude brand

In 1993, it was founded by the then college student Takahashi. With the foundation of punk and international vision, the brand has long combined the street clothing of the United States and the United Kingdom with the Japanese popular cultural image to create a bold and design avant -garde clothing.

Today, it is known for its lush cooperation with the big stars in the American sports clothing industry.




The joint name with Nike is often sold in a few minutes.

Two: Uniqlo


Reason for purchase: the most reliable basic model

As far as the necessities you wear every day, no one is better than Uniqlo.

The strength of this commercial street is that the more changes, the more they seem to remain unchanged -you can walk into any shop in Uniqlo, find the same clean classic works you first purchased ten years ago, next to you There is also a new cooperation or popular color matching scheme.

The brand’s shirt is a very attractive one in its products, and oblique cotton pants are also the foundation of many SmartCAUSL -style.


3: Neighborhood


Reason for purchase: Personalized street wind

Japanese street clothing collectors like Neighborhood so much so that it is difficult to see the brand’s figure outside Tokyo. The luxury and rarity of the brand can be imagined, but this does not mean that you should not try.

Neighborhood, founded by design idol Takizawa in 1994, has developed into a symbol of self -confidence and luxury. Its iconic monochrome sentences are often imitated, but rarely surpass.

Four: Onitsuka Tiger

Reason for purchase: Retro sneakers


The Izuka Tiger is often known as the first invented sneakers in history. Founded in 1949, Nike founder Phil Knight first introduced these clever icons into the United States in the 1970s. In the future, the soles of each sneakers of Nike have a little DNA of Onitsuka.


The Ghost Tiger sneakers can still be recognized by the arc of the side wing, which is a retro and low -key sport.

Five: Beams Plus

Reason for purchase: clothing inspired by work clothes


Born in a small shop in Harajuku, Tokyo in 1976, Beams now becomes the cornerstone of Japan and international fashion. It was launched in 1999 with the first men’s clothing series, inspired by classic workwear and rough fabrics.

Today, the brand is influenced by the Ivy League in the 1960s. Nowadays, men’s clothing fans flocked and purchased their Madras shirts and buttons Oxford shirts.

Six: Comme des Garçons


Reason for purchase: indulgence leather products

As the name suggests, the influence of Comme des Garçons from Paris Fashion is as big as its hometown of Tokyo -its result is true internationalization. The brand owned by Kawaku Pauling and her husband Aderian Joev is widely loved by his naughty spirit, interesting tailoring and enduring loyal supporters.


For example, CDG’s leather products are smooth and practical, and its Converse Gang is a modern classic.


Seven: Visvim

Reason for purchase: nostalgic craftsmanship

With love for the Japanese Edo period, Visvim has a very nostalgic feeling. This brand has used natural dyes since 2001, and traditional manufacturing methods have been used on many products.


As a result, each piece of clothes will change mild over time. This feature gives the uniqueness of the Visvim series and meets the traditional Japanese Wabi Sabi concept -the defects in art works, adding additional beauty to the finished product to the finished product Essence


Eight: tabio

Reason for purchase: Super comfortable socks

For Tabio’s socks, comfort is everything. But comfort does not need to be at the cost of quality or design -as this very popular brand is shown.

Naomasi Ochi began to produce fashionable shoes at the age of 15. His product showed his lifelong pursuit of quality. This is also a return -Tabio is now the most popular sock brand in Japan, and the price is quite reasonable.

Nine: Y-3

Reason for purchase: avant -garde sportswear

As a fusion of sportswear and luxury design, Y-3 marks the profound cooperative relationship between Adidas and designer Yamamoto Yamamoto.

The brand is sought after by collectors from all over the world. It is both fashionable and practical, with unique Japanese style and futuristic style.


Ten: White Mountain

Reason for purchase: luxury outbound functional style

Inspired by the diverse climate and terrain of Japan, designer Ozawa Yosuke established an outdoor luxury cross -border brand in 2006


White Mountain


The brand’s mission is simple and complicated: combining functional, sporty, outlines with rich fabrics and elegant details (or, in other words, to create artworks that can be hike).

Eleven: ORSLOW


Reason for purchase: The essential tannin brand

Nakada Ichiro’s obsession with Cowboy began with a set of work pants he gave him when he was a child.


In the past few years, the designer and entrepreneur have become one of the most focused Tennisians in the world.

Affected by the US, Japanese military and European work clothes in the 1960s,


Each piece of clothing is woven on the traditional woven machine, and then washed and aging, forming a unique retro style.


Twelve: Seiko


Reason for purchase: ultra -cost -effective watch


Seiko’s name comes from Seikosha and is generally translated as “Seiko House”. Since 1892, the Japanese watch brand has risen with real Japanese professional ethics and the attention of details.


The brand began to be popular in the 1960s. At that time, a generation was not interested in tradition and was more interested in items that were reliable in daily life.

Thirteen: Bape

Reason for purchase: Playful camouflage printing

BAPE was established in 1993. The crystallization of NIGO is the mainstay of Japanese street clothing, and it is also the early pioneer of the Harajuku fashion zone in Tokyo.

The brand is deeply influenced by computer games, toy villains and cartoons, and has firmly integrated hip -hop culture. The collaborators include Kanye West, $ AP Rocky, Pusha T and The Weeknd.


The brand’s most famous is its colorful camouflage printing, from sneakers to bow, these prints are decorated with everything.

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