Yutu No. 2 found mysterious glass balls on the back of the moon, which really exists. What is going on?

Yutu No. 2 found mysterious glass balls on the back of the moon

Yutu No. 2 is the Chang’e -4 mission lunar car.

It completed the separation with Chang’e -4 lander at 22:22 on January 3, 2019. For the first time, it realized its landing on the back of the moon, which is of great significance to our China. You should know that the back of the moon is much longer than the front history, and there are more secrets hidden here.

The Feng Carmen impact pit on the back of the moon is located in the middle of the Antken Basin of the Antarctic Antarctica of the moon. It is the oldest impact pit in the entire solar system. All kinds of mysteries, including material components and geological age, etc. It has great significance. And here can block radio signal interference, which leads to the blank of the radio astronomical field in the low -frequency observation section, so it is really a big step to come to the back of the moon.


Because of the mystery here, the so -called mysterious huts of the moon at the end of 2021 seemed to attract much attention. Although I don’t need to guess, I know what big stones will end up, but this does not prevent humans from continuing to pay attention.

During the New Year’s Lunar Exploration, Yutu No. 2 was magical, and its panoramic camera found two translucent glass balls on the back of the moon. Their average size is about 1.5 cm. From the recorded lens, these glass balls are basically regular balls and can reflect light, which shows that they may be translucent.


But this time it will be revealed soon, because it is not the first time that the glass ball is found in the moon, and the number is a lot, but it is generally not so large, although

Apollo 16 was discovered on the 16th.

So why does glass ball appear on the moon? Although it is not uncommon, is it possible to be the product of aliens?

The formation of natural glass


Although the glass we see in daily life is all artificially, this does not prove that the glass can only be artificially made, and artificial technology is only efficient, and the procedural process improves the process of naturally generated.

Glass is actually a material state, not a single material we may think. When the melting material is cooled very quickly, the solid structure does not have time to form, and glass will produce. The so -called solid is a material that its atoms are arranged into a perfect and orderly lattice structure; liquid is a material that atoms and molecules can move freely in a random way. The glass is neither solid nor a liquid. It is called “rigid liquid” because in the glass, the atom is firmly fixed in the appropriate position, so it cannot flow, but they have no time to arrange themselves into a perfection. Order grid.

In nature, when the substances with high silica content, such as sand and various rocks are heated to high temperature and then quickly cooled, glass will form. For example, obsidian or volcanic glass is a melting rock that is quickly cooled and turns into glass rocks; Libya desert glass is other forms of glass rocks, which are generated by the strong heat and force of the earth by millions of years ago. The light razing formed in the sand is also a kind of glass; even some marine creatures, such as miniature algae and sponge, have silicon (silica) skeleton, which is also a form of natural glass.

Glass in the moon

Although there are many secrets in the moon, this glass ball is really mysterious.

The moon has a wide range of volcanic activities in the past, which can quickly warm the substances containing silicon dioxide and cool down to form glass; including frequent meteorites impact

When a large meteorite hit the moon, the surface rocks and meteorites are sprayed into the air, the fall and cooling, and the glass may be formed.

The reason for translucent is because the oblique long rock that constitutes the lunar highland contains iron content. Although the content is very low, when the critical cooling rate is less than 5 degrees Celsius per second, transparent glass beads will be formed. Common things.

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