Baby bed, bedbar evaluation, don’t pay attention to this, minutes of minutes will become killers!

Small red flower evaluation says:

Baby is born to be healthy, jumping in bed, roll back is a common thing, sometimes even if you fall asleep. Parents who have no sense of security, with the initiative to protect children, often do some “hands and feet” in bed, then install the bed, bedbar.

Small red flower evaluation first come to everyone to learn the difference between these two types of products ~


A protective pad is also known

, Installed in a crib, playing the role of preventing baby cards, hurting, falling and keeping.


▲ bed


Also known as portable bed guardrail

It is installed in an adult bed as a baffle, which prevents the baby’s pendant fracture.

▲ bedbar

Based on its wide range of usage and strong requirements of fans, small red flower evaluation is ready to make a comparative assessment of bed, bed.

Unexpectedly, when collecting relevant information, the small red flower evaluation found that such products had considerable security risks. Infant deaths occurred in domestic and foreign accidents.

▲ Japan’s 6-month-old baby is dead due to suffocation in bed

▲ China’s 5-month-old children in Taiwan turned over, and the head card suffocated in the guardrail and the mattress.

What are the safety risks in the bed?

01 suffocation risk

The suffocation risk of the bed is mainly


as well as

Matching problems with size and adult bed



1, material

Bed is usually used with cotton filled with cotton, and the material is relatively closed. If the baby has formed a sleeping posture during the sleep, it is easy to block the face of the face and even death.

And the bed, the material is much more breathable online eye cloth,

Some fences are in the upper half of the breathable mesh cloth, and the lower half of the mattress is close to the mattress, which is not breathable.

So when the baby’s face is blindd by this part of the non-breathable fabric, it is easy to suffocate.


2, size and bed matching

If the bed is incompatible with the size of the mattress, the size of the mat is not in conforms, and it will form a gap between the mattress. When the baby is playing in bed or when sleeping, it is very likely to be cardd to the gap, causing suffocation. die.

In addition, even if it is seamlessly bonded in the early first morning, because the bed is a soft, it will cause the baby to gradually produce a large gap between the guardrail and the mattress, the baby is inadvertent Entrance will trigger a risk of suffocation.

If the baby will stand or hold the guardrail, once the feet are empty between the guardrail and the mattress, it is easy to cause fractures.


In 2007, an authoritative academic publication “The Journal of Pediatrics” published a study, analyzed

27 cases of infants and young children caused by protective mats, the child’s age is from 1 month to 2 years old.

Among them, 11 deaths were suffocated because the child’s face was too close to the protective pad; 13 patients were caused by suffocation between the child was squeezed in the guard and the bed, such as mattresses.

The tragedy that happens due to the installation of a portable bed guard in recent years, and people are unfortunately!

In September 2017, netizen @ sells Meng Weibo issued a news that “the baby is suffocating asphyxia,” said that he purchased a bed guard in the online maternal boy, causing a 7-month-old daughter to be caught Being suffocated after the gap between the guardrail and the big bed.

In November 2018, 11 months of infants were suffocated in paramounts.

02 risks

Bed and bedbar, due to the need for structural needs, the belt is fixed.

Especially in the bed, all sides are tied in the baby bed, there is a lot of tapes that need to be used.

If there is no fastening or tape, if the baby is crazy about playing with your hand, you may go to yourself.

In the case mentioned above, 3 cases of children’s deaths were caused by the rope of the kid neck.

03 incidental risk

This risk is common in the bed.

Because the bed is often made of iron, aluminum or stainless steel, it is inevitable that the fence sheet and the film is installed during use.


In China, since the bed column belongs to a relatively emerging parental product, there is currently no targeted national standard.

The small red flower evaluation refers to the “American Materials and Test Association” ASTMF2085-2012 “Safety Requirements” (hereinafter referred to as “American Bid”), is prepared for the 2-5-year-old children aged 2-5 years old.

Standard in standard:

The rigid material of the product (i.e., a hard part) does not appear 5.33 mm <9.53mm and a hole having a depth of <9.53mm; the shutter opening (EnclosedOpenings) may be passed on the bed.

If there is the above situation in the product, there is a possibility of clamped fingers, limbs, head, and torso.

04 drop risk



Children’s bed, the bar is not enough


In the bed, children can turn out the guardrail during the bed.

The railings of the guardrail product, the strength of the surcharge is not enough

The guardrail is easy to generate a variation or even breakage, and in extreme cases, it is possible to cause children to fall from the bed and be injured.

▲ The picture is from a favorite circle of Bao Ma.

Tens of thousand products have been recalled, and the test rate is high.


After statistics, since the implementation of the “Defect Consumption Recall Management Measures”, China implemented children’s bed guardrail recalls 11 times, recalling defective products

480,000 pieces


The recalled products have problems such as the opening and gaps that are in the range of children can touch the safety risks of the limbs, the identification and instructions of use. Under extreme conditions, there is a possibility of consumer misuse products, and it is easy to endanger the child’s personal safety.

In addition, in the past sampling, the unqualified rate of the bed guard field is also high.

For example, in September 2018, the Shanghai Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau has carried out risk monitoring of the quality and safety of the portable bed guardrail for children aged 2-5 for 45 batches.


Unqualified rate is 100%! ! !

The unqualified item is unqualified for the rope strip, the folding lock mechanism is unreasonable, and the mattress thickness requirements used to support the bed and the beds are not identified, and there is a “hazard gap”.

This risk monitoring is the Safety Requirements of “Household Children’s Bed” (18 months – 5 years old) based on the British Standard Society in China. ), And the American standard mentioned above.

From this point of view, because children’s bed guards lack unified product standards in China, plus safety warnings are not enough, leading to different levels of production, product quality is uneven, and it is easy to trigger security risks during use.

Bed, bedbar should I use? How to use it?


Shouldn’t you use?

The death of suffocation is, but the baby falls into the bed, the cause of death is also pushing up, shouldn’t you use a bed, bedbar?

According to the guidance recommendation issued by the United States Legis,

Bed should not be installed in the baby bed!

Parents are concerned that the baby is not loaded, it is easy to drop the bed, caught the head, or hurt.

In fact, in the current crib safety standards, the specified crib is compliant, the height is in line with safety standards, and the spacing between the bed rails will not let the baby put the head card in. Moreover, if the strength of the baby, even if it hits it, it will not cause much damage.


According to the United States, the United States said:

There is no evidence that the baby’s bed can protect the baby.


. When the baby is involved in some objects that may hinder their breathing, they may not be able to get rid of the lack of activity techniques or lack of power, and there is a potential danger that is pulled and oppressed.


, The US bed raft standard emphasizes that

Children under 2 years of age is forbidden to use

The British bed column standard is emphasized.


Children under 18 months prohibit use

Therefore, the small red flower evaluation suggests to use a more stringent US standard, the baby under the age of 2 is best not to use the bed! If the family has a small moon old baby to use the bed of the bed, it must be cautious, pay attention to see Gu, to avoid the above risks! after all,

No protective tools, can not replace the character of adult care!

▲ Age requirement for warning labels in the US standard

▲ Age requirement for warning labels in British standard


So parents who want to buy or are using the bed guards, the small red flower evaluation listed some precautions here, hoping to help you better circumvent the above security risks.

How to use the bed?

Buying considerations


1, choose the products produced by regular manufacturers


Check whether the product information is complete, including security warning identifiers, instruction manuals, etc. The standards currently available include ASTMF2085 and BS7972 or business implementation standards.

2. Send a child to touch the well, open and gaps in the region, diameter and depth.

Pay attention to the holes of the product, whether the gap size is suitable, thereby avoiding the injection of baby fingers, limbs, heads, necks and body. The gap between the two flaks should have anti-pinch design.

3, buy products for breathable fabrics.

The gas permeability of the bed can avoid the difficulty of breathing after the blossoms of the blossoms.


4, choose the product with firm locking mechanism.

A good locking mechanism can avoid the bedbar suddenly generate fold or loose during being affected, causing the baby to be injured or poured into the bed.

Use precautions

1, read the product description in detail.

Including information such as age, warning and precautions, usage methods, and strictly in accordance with the manufacturer’s manual or the recommended mattress specification, size and thickness.

2. Ensure the correctness and strongness of the installation.

Be sure to assemble according to the installation instructions, for the bottom of the bed, fixed anchor points, and beam rope, etc., must be properly installed according to the product description, to ensure that it is connected to the bed.

3. Check when continued.

After assembly, it is necessary to check whether the gap between the mattress and the guardrail will expand, the mesh will fall off, damaged or frame bending; pay attention to check the adhesion and stability of the guardrail and bed, so as not to cause the child’s hands and feet, The head or even the body is clamped and harm.

4, pay attention to watch!

Even if you install the bed guard, you should take care of your child in your time, don’t let your child rest or play alone in the guardrail. Education children should not climb the guardrail to avoid harm.

5, pay attention to recall notice!

Be sure to check the safety status of the bed guardrail in real time, pay attention to the manufacturer’s recall notice, contact the manufacturer to provide safety technical services.

Little Red Flower Evaluation Profile:

We are the first batch of people engaged in commodity comparison assessments in China, and we have established a “small red flower evaluation” to recommend more secure and cost-effective children and household items to their parents through independent, objective, professional comparative evaluation.

“Small Red Flower Evaluation” adheres to three principles: do not accept the test samples provided by the company, do not accept advertisements and sponsorship attempting to affect the test results, independent payment entrust the national certification testing mechanism for testing.

stay tuned”


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