The 6 trees are the most prosperous house! Not only practical, but also the more blessed the more blessed

If you want to be rich, a variety of trees! Ten years of tree trees!

The Chinese have planted trees at home since ancient times, and the trees carry our longing and pursuit of a better life.

But not any tree can be planted at home! The so -called tree species are right, the family is booming, the tree species is wrong, and the family suffers!

Today, I recommend 6 kinds of fruit trees that are most suitable for planting houses at home. If you can raise one at home, it can be described as blessing!

1. Osmanthus tree -planted in front of the osmanthus door, noble people stand in the door


Planting in front of the osmanthus door, the noble person stands in the door, the osmanthus tree means

Auspicious and auspicious, the ancients believed that there were osmanthus trees at the door, who would have talents.


“Guizi fell in the middle of the moon, and the sky incense floats outside!”

Osmanthus fragrance makes people feel physically and mentally happy, and enhance family feelings. In addition, osmanthus trees are treasures, flowers can be eaten, osmanthus trees can be used as medicine, and coughing and spleen and stomach are not good.

2. Jujube Tree -Early Career

In China, jujube

“Early” homophonic,

It means that his career has achieved early, and he has a good child early, and his life is beautiful.

The fruits of jujube trees are particularly delicious and have high nutritional value. If you plant a tree at home, it is really beautiful when you want it. If you want to eat it, you can also send the neighborhood to the neighborhood to enhance your feelings.

3. Pomegranate tree -red and hot fire luck

The ancestor said,

“East Dalle Gold, Xiyin Silver”,


It means that a pomegranate tree is planted on the east side of the yard, and the persimmon tree is planted on the west side of the yard.

Look at the pomegranate, whether it is a flower or a fruit, it is red, not symbolizing our days



Intersection and

Pomegranate seed dense,

Represents many children and blessings, and the family is prosperous.

4. Orange Tree -Auspicious Ruyi

Orange tree represents

Auspicious Ruyi,

As a result, the lights of the cup were decorated with our lives.

Orange fruits and trees have a fragrant smell, which can not only beautify our homes, but also make us refreshing. The key is that the fruit is sweet and sweet, and is loved by people.

5. Apricot tree -happiness and happiness

Xing Xing “Xing” is a symbol of happiness.

In the medical community, allusions are recorded, famous doctors Dong Feng, happy and good, and medical care. He does not collect money for people. As long as others grow apricot trees, there will be the reputation of Xingyuan (Xinglin). In the education session, it is said that Confucius opened a class in Xingyuan, and later people called the school as Xingyuan.

6. Persimmon Tree -Everything Ruyi

Persimmon and “things” are homophonic, meaning


Red and fire, 10,000 persimmons (things) Ruyi, long -lived, fifth generations, happiness and happiness.


After the fruit of the persimmon tree matures, it is like a red lantern, which is particularly good -looking. In ancient times, there were happy events at home, and red lanterns would be hung at the door. And the mature persimmons, how sweet the juice, is one of my favorite fruits, and I recommend it to you by the way!


What fruit do you like to eat?

like! Arrange



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