How to evaluate software development costs?

Recently, many friends and customers are asking, why is software development so expensive now, isn’t there a lot of maturity? Put it directly? Why are others cheaper than you? Then I will analyze a few points, for your reference only

1. Development mode

1.1 Template development

Outsourcing company

During the development process, constantly accumulate your own technology and products. When the degree of matching with customer demand (such as 80%of the matching degree), it uses the product and technology that the company has accumulated The demand part is rectified, and the main business processes remain unchanged. Customers can complete customization with only 50%of the original development costs.

1.2 Customized development


Customer demand is relatively strong. The existing product matching is not high, so the company’s product manager needs to re -plan the details of the product according to the needs of the customer; when the product needs are completed, you must also consider the product interaction. Finally, after design, research and development, long -term stability testing, the entire product cycle becomes longer, so the price becomes higher.

Second, port development

Different port costs are different. For example, if the mobile terminal uses pure native development (iOS, Android, and applet), the development duration is longer, the test cycle is long, and the relative cost is large. However, the system stability is better; mixed development, saving time, realizing one end development, multi -terminal application, but the smoothness of the system is relatively pure and native development

Third, personnel configuration

Standard development process configuration, project manager-product manager-UI design-R & D personnel-testing.

The project manager will configure the specific number of participants in the project according to the project’s detailed requirements, such as APP developers, web developers, Java developers, testers, etc. According to the number of days of different personnel, the price is different. The main factors to determine the price are the amount of demand.

Fourth, software development billing mode

At present, the custom development of Suzhou Software Development Corporation is mainly quoted through the unit price of Ren Tian, ​​and the unit price composition of Rentian is mainly obtained through the results of customer demand evaluation. The total cost of the project is evaluated based on the total quotation of the relevant personnel.

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