Continuing legend worth 420,000 Sennheel second -generation Offez HE1 evaluation


If you want to buy a Honda 20,000 years ago, it may not be a dream, but if you want to buy a headset, it can be a dream. And now, you have 420,000 to buy Audi Mercedes -Benz, but if you want to buy the best headphones in the world, you can still be a dream.

How expensive can the headset be? Twenty years ago, Morcea Tel told the world’s top earphones in the world to reach 200,000 yuan. In August 2015, Sennheel officially updated the second -generation super flagship static headset Offez. The models of the new product did not follow the models of previous HE90 and HEV90, but renamed HE1. The price came to 428,000 yuan.

Mori Sel1

Seven years ago, the author once evaluated the first generation of OffFis. That evaluation can be said to be 20 years late, and not long ago, we borrowed the second generation of Offez HE1. For 4 years … In fact, we have listened to this product briefly at various exhibitions before, and also wrote some simple evaluations, but after all, the “listening” of the exhibition and the play in the evaluation room are still very large. difference.

In this evaluation, we will also change forms to introduce its functional appearance in detail. I believe that many friends have read pictures or have seen a lot of introduction videos. We only talk about some of its small details and sound performance.

再续传奇 价值42万森海塞尔第二代奥菲斯HE1评测

Sky price flagship is actually a functional set

First of all, for many ordinary consumers, it may not be clear what the big box of HE1 is used. In fact, Offez has been sold in form of a set since the first generation. Including the headset and amplifier equipment. But in the first generation, the headset is called HE90, and the ear is called HEV90. In the second -generation products, the two products have not been divided into models, and the unity is called HE1. And focusing on: Offeus has always been electrostatic headphones, not a moving or flat headphones.

Eight electronic tubes that can rise are the biggest feature of HE1

The rich interface on the back also illustrates the comprehensiveness of this amplifier

And from the beginning of Offez, the part of the ear is not just a amplifier, the function of the built -in description code. With the development of the times, the second -generation Offei HE1 also added USB’s digital input interface. If you are willing to even use it to connect to the computer directly, you can listen to music. Of course It is matched with better sound source equipment. However, the built -in decoding of HE1 is not bad. Using the 9018S decoding chip from ESS, although the chip has become 9038 in 2019, in the year of the release, 9018s is still the most top -level decoding chip.

再续传奇 价值42万森海塞尔第二代奥菲斯HE1评测

You can also see the all -round of this amplifier

In addition to the decoding, this amplifier actually contains the function of the front stage, which means that it can be used as a pure bile front or pre -level+decoding, so in addition to digital input, there is an analog input interface and analog, and analog behind it. Output Interface. However, compared with the previous level of 420,000, compared with the same price, it may not take too much cheap, but it can be seen that Sennheiser’s positioning for this super flagship is still more omnipotent.

HE1 remote control

再续传奇 价值42万森海塞尔第二代奥菲斯HE1评测

The new headphone interface used by HE1

再续传奇 价值42万森海塞尔第二代奥菲斯HE1评测

Another point worth mentioning

再续传奇 价值42万森海塞尔第二代奥菲斯HE1评测

HE1’s amp part has two headphones interfaces. In addition to the headset box, there is the same headset interface at the back of the fuselage, and the author tests that the two headset interfaces can work, but how can there be two HE1 headphones Woolen cloth? And the interface of this headset is the only in the industry. There is no electrostatic headset that uses the same interface. I wonder if the Senhai will open the authority if you buy this set.

There are a total of four knobs in front of the amp part. The maximum volume is. The far left of the three knobs on the left is input switching, which contains the switch of analog input interface and digital input interface. The right on the right is the output interface, which are headphones, mute and front -level simulation output. The function in the middle of the three small knobs is the feedback function of the left and right ears. It is similar to listening to the left and right channel effects of the speaker. It can be closed and neutralized. It also has a certain impact on the sense of hearing. The specific settings can be adjusted according to the user’s preference.

再续传奇 价值42万森海塞尔第二代奥菲斯HE1评测

The storage box of the headset is opened by default in the running state, but it can be automatically turned off if gently pressing it by hand, but it will clamp the line in the middle of the upper cover and the box. The switch is also turned on to open the switch to the volume knob when the total power supply at the back of the fuselage is turned on. And like a generation of Orfez, there is a short electronic tube warm -up process after booting. After the preheating, the volume knob will automatically rotate to the volume of the last listening, and the output option will also be switched from mute to the option used last time.

Evaluation reference equipment introduction

再续传奇 价值42万森海塞尔第二代奥菲斯HE1评测

As the best headphones in the world, we did not use its own decoder as the main reference sound source, but used better matching from equipment racks, power treatment to wire and sound sources. Thank you also for the reference equipment provided by the sound rhyme AURALIC and Beijing Gausso.

再续传奇 价值42万森海塞尔第二代奥菲斯HE1评测

In the sound source, we use the G2 series sound source from the sound rhyme AURALIC as the reference. Use ARIES G2 network broadcast, VEGA G2 decoder, and Leo GX Premium flagship independent clock to bless the clock of the sound source and the decoder. The link line uses the clock line that is recommended by the sound rhyme AURALIC, and the L-Link wire broadcast and decoding use the AQ diamond series HDMI cable from the American AQ.

The part of the attachment first uses a four -layer equipment frame from Sound Rhyme AUralic and Germany’s Thixar. The power processor selects the S-60A filter power supply from the sine. There are four systems in terms of wires, and there are four systems in terms of wires, namely the Tachernov Cable Classic XS, Music Farmers Enlightenment, Music Ribbon FREY, and Berlin. The signal line also chose the enlightenment series from the music farmer.

The total price of the three-piece set of sound sources is about 120,000 yuan, and all attachments are about 40,000-50,000 yuan. The total price of the whole system is about 600,000 yuan. Of course After all, the proportion of sound sources and accessories is still low in the entire system, but for the product itself, we think that such sound sources are enough to show the quality and style of HE1.

Close to the perfect headset sound performance

First of all, it is also a summary of the author’s point of view. HE1 does have a very good sound performance, which can be said to be the best headphones in the world at present. However, after all, the headset is still the headset, and it is inevitable that the top speaker system is not fair. The second is that the sound of HE1 is just close to the author. There is no perfect sound in the world. Speaker. So it is very powerful to be close to perfection. Let’s talk about the sound of this HE1.

再续传奇 价值42万森海塞尔第二代奥菲斯HE1评测

In terms of audition tracks, the author mainly chose some of his own non -destructive music files and the streaming music music of his Tidal Music platform account. The main type of music is the classical music song that I often hear more familiar recently, as well as some popular and human sound music.

For the performance of the sound, its excellent and regrets actually have a premise, that is, HE1 is a static headset. For the category of electrostatic headphones, we know that STAX and Hifiman have static headphones products, and electrostatic headset products Relatively speaking, most of the disadvantages of a significant disadvantage compared to the dynamic and tablet headphones are insufficient dynamic, or the low frequency volume and lack of dive. The advantage of static headphones is the performance of the details and the sense of music and music of the overall medium and high -frequency. The dynamic problem actually exists in the already expensive OffFis generation, but it makes this relative disadvantage less obvious through its gorgeous sound style. For this new set of HE1, you basically don’t feel the shortcomings of electrostatic headphones in the low frequency part. It is a very balanced and comprehensive sound performance.

再续传奇 价值42万森海塞尔第二代奥菲斯HE1评测

First of all, the HE1 has the looseness of the advanced speakers system, and this style is also a major feature of electrostatic headphones. It has excellent expression for medium and high frequencies. The author wants to say more about it. Personally, this is the most different part of HE1 compared to other static headphones on the market. It is well known that static headphones have a very thin and light vibration film, making the response speed faster. After the low -frequency performance of HE1 is complementary, it brings the overall dynamic expression of the low and low frequency dynamics and full details.

再续传奇 价值42万森海塞尔第二代奥菲斯HE1评测

In fact, for this headset, how to describe its sound performance is pale, I can only say that it is the headset system that I have closest to the perfect speaker at this stage, but it is in terms of quality. In terms of style, in terms of personal preference, the author still prefers the golden and splendid sound style of Offez. Although the quality of HE1 has significantly higher than the performance of the first generation, it is more or less. Brand style expression. But this is not a kind of deficiencies. After all, the sound style of modern speakers is developing in this way, and Sennheiser is the leader of this style. It’s just that nostalgia or enthusiasts who have entered middle -aged fever will still miss the warmth and brilliant equipment of the old generation of equipment but not so pay attention to the detail expression. But this is just like the appearance design style of the first and second generations. The appearance of the first generation represents the artistic sense of the opera house; HE1 uses the marble of art materials as a settled, expressing the electronic tube, the remote control, and the automatic lift -up headset. Modern mechanical beauty of electron and modern elements such as boxes.

Sennheiser HE1 final score


For scores, first of all, there are no perfect speakers in this world. The second is that our score has always been combined with the price of the product to score, but it seems that at the price section of HE1. Essence However, because I said the reasons mentioned earlier, I don’t think it is perfect. It is just close to perfection, so it is not possible to have the first product after the emergence of our scoring mechanism.

再续传奇 价值42万森海塞尔第二代奥菲斯HE1评测

But for 428,000 yuan, the author finally wants to say, just like Offez, maybe 428,000 yuan you can match a better speaker system, or similar quality dynamic and flat headphones systems. But the sound performance that HE1 brings you and combined with its comprehensive style, maybe you have no choice, at least if you have this budget.

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