Four wheel baby hand push car 3D model drawing download

What can UG software do? Look at the following cart, do you also want to design one, you can draw it in the UG. A reasonable industrial product design model requires multiple knowledge;


Industrial design must not only be able to draw software, but also understand the processing technology of each component, the processing of materials, etc.;


Infant cart is a baby’s “transportation”, and someone needs to assist the car that can take or pull. Infant carts are generally composed of shading pings, seat cushions, sleeping baskets, and haze -resistant hoods. The useful life is generally three to five years. When buying, the baby’s age should be considered, and now the function of baby strollers has been upgraded to sleep, eating, playing and playing.

There is a wind -proof and rain -blocking canopy, which is one of the conditions of a cart. The size of the shading canopy is related to the scope of the shading and the role of windproof.


In addition, there is a specially designed parasol that can be fixed on the frame and has the function of the whole direction and height. The advantage is that it can master the sunshine direction and ventilated. To choose reference.

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