Mother -in -law is embroidered for her son -in -law with cross stitch

◎ Guo Suzin

I and my mother -in -law and I have a photo


Word of blessings embroidered

It has been a year since her mother -in -law has embroidered since last year. The embroidery time is short, and there are four embroidered works, and it has been mounted on the wall of the new home. My mother -in -law has little vision. Since learning to embroidery, her eyes can be seen clearly. The first is a big red “blessing”. After embroidery, she bought another “Five Blessing Gate”. My younger sister and I persuaded her not to embroider, and pay attention to her eyes and cervical spine. There is a painting hanging in the living room. She listened to our opinions and said with a smile, “No embroidery.” After we left, she took it out quietly. After we knew, we were helpless, saying that she was acceptable and resolutely did not change. Husband said, “As long as her old man is happy, let’s follow her.” I really don’t know the old lady’s mind.

Five blessings embroidered by mother -in -law

She embroidered very seriously. She was familiar with the drawings first, then pondered the color matching, then mastered the needle, and finally selected the direction of the needle. When embroidered, condensed calm, meticulous. She starts with simple embroidery, and then embroidered complicated; first uses the kind of line, and then uses the second and third types after use; first use the same color line, then use another Essence I feel that her coordinated method is very good and well -organized. It avoids the chaos and saves time, so as not to waste time to find colors.


The flowers embroidered by the mother -in -law were very flat, the veins were clear, and the layers were very strong. As long as there is something wrong, she takes the scissors to remove the embroidered needle and one shot. She said: “Never let a picture of a painting mistake, it will be uncomfortable like that.”


The mind can be embroidered into flowers, and the attitude of her mother -in -law is like embroidery, very serious.

Next door said that as long as she didn’t see her a day, she was embroidered upstairs, which really became an embroidered woman! In fact, the embroidery of her mother -in -law is very regular. Embroidered from 6 o’clock in the morning to seven o’clock, and went out for a walk. After lunch at noon to three o’clock, go to the square to watch the show, eat dinner at night, walk back and embroider for a while. Seeing the embroidered peers, you will stop and observe, look at the embroidery of others, and then learn some new embroidery methods.


I went upstairs yesterday, and she pointed at the embroidered “struggle” and said, “This is for cleanliness; the word” blessing “is for Xiao break; “,”

The struggle of the mother -in -law embroidery


I finally understand my mother -in -law’s mind:

The mother -in -law is embroidered, and she is embroidered; she is embroidered her happiness, and she is also hoping for her children. The embroidery of her mother -in -law embroidered her longing for a better life, and also embroidered the never -changing human truth.

My mother -in -law



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