Tongren are lying in both seasons. Who is dealing with his physiological reactions?

The most popular animation in October, saying that Sword 3, no one should refute it! After all, there is a fan foundation for Sword 3. Second, every quarter is a new story. You can easily understand without looking back. However, in the third season, these settings are really brain burning. Although, understand the production team constantly interspersed these settings in animation fragments. It is to make the audience better understand and pave the way. In the clouds that I watched later, Muzi wanted to say. These settings are unreasonable, and the explanation is clear.


There is still no realistic basis, probably it is OK. Don’t take care of the details, after all, it is not a scientist. However, there was a question that Muzi was thinking from the first season of SAO. Grandpa Kirito, how did it exclude. The first season was lying for two years, although I woke up in the hospital. However, there are no things like ureteral tube on the body. Is it a bed once, did the nurse change the sheets once? Or did the nurse put the diapers for Grandpa Kirito. EMMMMMM, no matter which imagination is a bit in line with Kirito’s handsome appearance.


This season, Grandpa Kirito fell again and became a vegetative again. However, this time, Grandpa Kirito upgraded. Although, lying down to play games. However, the last time in the hospital, this time, in Jukang’s old nest. Moreover, this time Kikao was equipped with a special nurse to Grandpa Kirito. If Grandpa Kirito reacts, will a full -time nurse help Kirito take off his pants? Is it like coking children to boo? Or, universal diapers, but diapers have to be replaced manually. It is unlikely to be urinating. After all, as long as human beings absorb nutrients, they will automatically metabolize. If you do n’t absorb nutrition, Kirito ’s mind has n’t awakened, and his body will be GG first.


Although Muzi thought a little crooked. However, the animation seems to have never explained this detail. Could it be that fairy fairy men have abandoned human body. Do n’t you need a cycle! I do n’t know if there are any friends who know the answer?

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